5 thoughts on “OUAT – Wishing Well Plaque from “What Happened to Frederick”

  1. Supyro

    Wishing well
    For centuries, local legend has claimed that mystical waters run beneath this great land. It is said that these waters posses the power to return that which is lost to it’s rightful place. If you have lost something precious to you, drink from this well and bear witness to this miracle as what is missing shall be returned.

  2. Sarah

    I find it interesting that they use the word “precious” here, and that Rumplestiltskin used it back in That Still Small Voice. Just an observation.

    1. Manny

      Could this have been the very water that Rumple’ used to conjure the potion that caused MM to lose her memory?
      The very water that if when she was to drink, would “return that which is lost, to it’s rightful place”..”?” Hmm……


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