Poor Unfortunate Soul Analysis – Main Show – 270


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Poor Unfortunate Soul Analysis

Main Show

Episode Number: 270

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Poseidon, not Triton

Thanks Joanne


Hook learns from the savior

Hook and Poseidon parallels

Email points:

From Chris Tipton

Wow what a spectacular episode. The show is getting better and better each week. Im Lovin’ it!!
Before I begin I wanted to throw my hat in the ring as it were about the “plot holes and inconsistencies.” I feel like people need to calm down about this. There hasn’t been anything major in my opinion. This show is 4 seasons deep. Its, bound to happen. I say just let it be and enjoy the show for what it is. Now, off the soapbox and on to my points

Regina speaking through snow was so good!! I laughed so hard at that!!!

Belle continues to dissapoint. They practically spelled it out for her and she still couldn’t connect the dots!! Shes a far cry from s1 Belle.

They continue to cheapen portals. In s1 we were led to believe all there was was Magic beans. Not so now. I cant even count all the ways they’ve revealed since!

I like the turn they took with Emma. Saying Gold wants to turn her completely dark for good makes a lot more sense sense then just saying she has the potential for great darkness or light.

August was so good in this episode. I loved getting a reference to the dragon from s2. Hopefully he’ll play into this somehow. I loved the inclusion of August’s built in lie detector. The effects were great! Cruelly face when Rump turned August into wood was priceless. It was questioned if they would go full torture mode on a family show and they did. Rump threatening to burn his face off was super dark! I love that were getting more about the author. The sorcerer trapping him in the book makes sense, but why? I still say the door is in Jefferson hat. The hat is in Story broke after all. Spencer did burn it so that’s a problem but I’m sure they can find a solution.

Ursulas Backstory / Redemption
It was cool getting to see Killian working for Pan again. I think they referenced every major arc in this episode. Poseidon was a great character, and im glad they didn’t just call him Triton. The Disney force was already strong enough with this episode. Speaking of disney, i loved how Ursulas story paralleled Ariels from the movie. Its amazing how they managed to make me go from not giving a crap about Ursula to loving her the next episode. Everything that happened to her was truly cruel and made me sympathize with her whole heartedly. I wonder who the Pirate was that killed her mom. Blackbeard perhaps? It was nice to get the correlation between the ursula Goddess we saw in s3 and this one. Im so glad they redeemed her without killing her, although im surprised it was done so early. Her reconciling with her father was one of my all time favorite moments and brought me to tears. Well done!! I wonder if well see her again.

This was a phenomenal episode. 9.9/10 leather pants

My fb says cruelly, i meant Cruella’ lol


From Trace

Hi Colleen and Jeff, another fun and enjoyable episode.

Loved the Ursula/Little Mermaid/Greek Mythology mash up. I’ve been humming the mermaid song all week. Poseidon being her father was very cool, and using parts of the original story like the mermaids summoning sailors with their singing. Do you think we’ll see Ursula again? We didn’t see her be evil at all, yet she was banished from the sea. Her mother was killed by a pirate…Blackbeard? Maybe the same will happen with Cruella? Back story, happy ending, then adios muchacha. Then the focus will be getting Maleficent’s baby back. All 3 Villainesses getting their happy endings this arc. Which hopefully means they will be back and join the good guys against Rumple. He doesn’t deserve a happy ending…YET. He has a lot of work to do to deserve it first.

Side note: I am so torn. The reason I fell in love with this show was Belle and Rumple. My nickname for my husband is “beast” before this show even started because no one sees the real him but me, and many wonder why I have stayed with him so long, but he loves me and I love him and I get to see the man no one else does. When this story arc was established and he was her “beast”, it really did hit home for me. I have hope they will work this all out, but she has a lot of forgiveness to accept. And I understood why she did what she did and how she’s trying to find some inner peace with Will.

Back to it: I believe that her and Will are rebounding and will end up helping each other and becoming close friends like Alice was to him. I am so intrigued on how Will fits into this whole story. Ok, So…Belle is worse at keeping secrets than Snow, but nice that they didn’t drag this plot out, and they all know Rumple is back. I really hope Hook was Hook when Ursula was she was spilling his plan. All the scenes with August were great, I was so hoping we’d see the nose come in to play and was not disappointed. It seemed like Regina was protecting him and I liked seeing her remain strong. The scene in the cabin with Ursula was awesome, the Scooby gang showed up and did good- nothing better than a frying pan K.O. delivered so well by Bandit Snow. All we needed was flying little puppies over Cruella’s head after she got knocked out. And, Oh My…that scene with Hook and Emma when she finally realized she was his happy ending and they kissed with that single tear on her cheek…(insert a bit of boo-hooing here). I am not convinced that Hook was ever really a villain to be honest, well evil anyway. He did some piratey things but all in all-he’s always had a good heart. What do you think of Regina’s dream? Why was evil Queen trying to protect Robin from Regina?

Things that made me go hmmmm…what’s up with Henry? Where’s he been? Maybe he’ll jump in Blue’s clues style to the book and they’ll all have to go get him, or the door will appear and only certain people can go through? And the whole Jolly Roger thing was a bit rushed. They must need that ship back for an upcoming plot is all I can think of, very convenient even though I loved seeing Ariel and that cute little ship in the bottle. Elsa can shrink ships? Nice. She does have other powers-she can bring inanimate objects to life like snowmen and can create things like ice skates so why not! Loved the reference anyway. Holy long email Batman! Sorry! Big love Oncers!! Trace


From Katie

Hi, Jeff and Colleen!

I liked Ursula’s story! It was a nice twist on the sirens and The Little Mermaid. Young Ursula had a nice voice. Although I am glad Ursula got a happy ending, I thought it would take longer.
It was nice to see Ariel again, especially since she saved Hook. Hopefully, something can be done to save her kingdom.
I wasn’t expecting the author to be trapped behind the door in the book. The main question is who trapped him in there and why.
I hope August stays for awhile. I have a feeling that if Emma turns evil or is about to turn evil he would be the main one to get her to join the good side again. Though Hook and Henry might be helpful as well.
Have a great day!



From Brad

Hello Jeff and Colleen, I sure hope you and the listeners are having a relaxing weekend just stretching out your tentacles. Now unto the things I learned this week on the episode, Poor Unfortunate Soul.

#1. Winston went from chasing
ghost to killing pirates.

#2. Regina is an excellent

#3. When planning a surprise
party, keep Belle in the dark.
She’s terrible at keeping

#4. It’s not polite to insult the size
of a man’s ship.

#5. August is now perfect for the
remake of Roxanne.

#6. When Ursula finally has
children, those 8 hands will be
a godsend.

#7. No timber for Cruella, she’s
into the scruffy looking nerf

#8. ALWAYS lock the back door
when planning a villainous

#9. Threatening a deity is not the
smartest of plans.

#10. Don’t put Mr. Smee in charge
of keeping tabs on the food
cargo, no matter how much
he begs.



After hearing Ursula sing Fathoms Below, it makes me think that a singing episode could be amazing if it was done right (Jeff, you can begin your sighs and moaning now). I’m not sure how they could do this, maybe a filler episode that’s really a dream? I would even take it as an extra on the bluray that is not tied to the main storyline.


Ursula tells Hook she is saving money to travel to Glowerhaven. In The Little Mermaid, there is mention of the Princess of Glowerhaven. She is an unseen character and is only mentioned once as a woman brought to Prince Eric to be considered for marriage.



What if the door is actually keeping the author locked outside of the book, while at the same time keeping the whole world of Once Upon A Time inside? If this is true, a representation of who the author is, may already be in Storybrooke. The two most likely candidates could be Emma, the savior or Henry, the truest believer. This would explain the extra pages as well, which are illustrations that were scraped and didn’t make it into the story but are somehow bleeding through. The characters have now become self aware, leading everyone to search for the same thing, the author. A somewhat similar idea is seen with Bastian from the Neverending Story. As he reads the book, the characters become aware of his existence. Could this be a glimpse into the final conclusion of the entire series?



Was squid ink used to write and paint the illustrations in the book?


If Poseidon could zap the squid ink out of Ursala’s hand, why not do the same with the shell? I totally did not understand why a deity would be helpless to a pirate with one hand. Did I miss something?


Ursula said that she was named after the sea goddess of old. Was the gold statue that threatened Regina the real Ursula?

– Brad


Big Love. Take what you need and pass it on.

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