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OUAT – Response to BullyBrat

Hi BullyBrat (very interesting name, by the way), I wish I could have communicated with you about your issues with the podcast, but when you post a 3 star review on Itunes it makes it difficult, so I’ll post my response here.

“They started out good really podcast…”

First of all, thank you for listening to the podcast initially. I know there are lots of podcasts out there (even for Once Upon a Time), and a new listener is always cool. I’m also glad you enjoyed the show, even for a little while.

“…now they miss things like hansel and gretel could not leave town in her car ast hey are storybrook people.”

Well, we did discuss Emma’s car not being able to leave Storybrooke in our 002 First Thoughts – True North episode we released last night: http://www.onceuponatimepodcast.com/002-ouat-first-thoughts-true-north/. We also pointed out that the car may have actually stalled, or maybe Emma faked that the car stalling to have a reason to contact Eva and Nicholas’ father to come to start the car, and Emma may have used the situation to bring the family together. So, in this instance we didn’t “miss” it, but we may not have articulated it in the same way you would have. Okay.

That’s why we welcome feedback, to give the listeners opportunity to help us out on things we may miss, misspeak, etc. Actually to be honest, there are things we purposely don’t bring up because we want the listeners to have the opportunity to add their take on something to the conversation. If we brought up every plot point, fact and Easter Egg in our podcasts, the podcasts would be multiple hours longs and no listener would ever send in an email or call in, because we would have brought out everything.

I have said this many times, this podcast is made up of 3 parts; Us, the listeners and the cast and crew of Once Upon a Time. All three working together, not just the hosts bringing out all the facts about the show.

“they do not read e mails on podcast at end or listen to fan feed back, it seems like they only like call-ins, very, very disappointing…”

I am at a loss of how you could have thought this. We do one show every week specifically for reading and discussing emails, these shows are called, “Feedback and More”.

The last FAM episode we read and discussed around 30 emails. We do like Call-ins, but not any more than emails. We like them the same, because they different ways that listeners can communicate with us.

Now, it is true that we don’t read emails and play voicemails on the same podcast episode, because especially this week, it would have been a four hour show. For the sake of the listener, I break up the Email and Voicemail episodes, because I don’t think most people have 4 hours to devote to listen to a podcast.

I’m sorry you were disappointed, but my question is, Did you send in an email that we didn’t read, and this is why you are disappointed? I’m curious about that. Please let me know.

“…they started great now they changed their format and I am unsubscribing,”

I don’t know how we changed our format. I was always up front about what each show was for. The only thing that has changed is we have gotten more voicemails and emails than we used to.

“they don’t know that if people do not like their changes, they opt not to come back”

Believe me, I know this. I am fully aware that if people don’t like our show, they un-subscribe, don’t listen and move on. There are other Once Upon a Time podcasts available, and I’m quite sure some have listened to us for a while, but chose to stay with the another OUAT podcast. I’m wondering if you listened to all the episodes, and heard me say, “I don’t want the people who send in emails to feel left out, so we will devote one whole show a week to them..,” anyway, it sounds like you’ve made up your mind, and that’s fine. It’s a podcast, not a contract. You are free to move on and listen to any other podcast at any time, but I wish you would have let me know something, anything before the Itunes review. I am available on Twitter, Facebook and email. I would have listened to you. I’m not perfect, and I know there are many things that can be better with the podcast, but if I don’t know prior to a 3 star Itunes review as you are unsubscribing, it’s hard to change anything to try to meet your satisfaction, because I would never know if you liked my changes based on your review.

BullyBrat, if you are reading this, I wanted to let you know that I received an email from someone who mentioned that we were releasing too much content, too often, and the shows were too long. I am working on resolving once I post this. I would ask that in the future, if you don’t like a podcast for any reason, please let them know, so they can have a chance to make a modification to a show that might keep you listening. Just a thought.