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OUAT – Are you a part of our ReTweeter Club? You’re invited. :)

Twitter is now the biggest, fastest way to spread a message. In our recent Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast survey, one of the top two ways that people are discovery this podcast is that is was Retweeted by one of their followers. Retweeting is the cheapest and fastest way to help us grow our podcast listener audience.

Growing our audience isn’t just an ego thing, it will open doors for awesome offerings for the podcast in the future.

We know that ABC Publicity is watching, and the more we grow our audience, the easier it will be for us to acquire Media Passes and access to cast interviews, etc. So, you can help us get what you, the OUAT Fans want – more access to the show we all love.

So, this is what we ask of you – be an active part of our ReTweeter Club. If you are following is on Twitter (and if not, you really should be), whenever you see a Tweet from the @ouatpodcast or the @OUATPCDeputies accounts, please ReTweet them. This will help us so much spread the word about our (all of us) podcast.

If you want to be a part of our OUAT Fan Podcast, please leave your name in the comments and let us know you will be ReTweeting.

From all of us – Thank you!!