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008 OUAT First Thoughts – Red Handed

Welcome to the a Special Episode (008) of the Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast First Thoughts about “Red Handed”. This is a podcast dedicated to the hit ABC TV show, Once Upon a Time.



The podcast is hosted by Jeff and Colleen Roney, a married couple from Orange County, CA.

The goal of the episode is for us to give our first thoughts, warts and all, so here it is.

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OUAT – Are you a part of our ReTweeter Club? You’re invited. :)

Twitter is now the biggest, fastest way to spread a message. In our recent Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast survey, one of the top two ways that people are discovery this podcast is that is was Retweeted by one of their followers. Retweeting is the cheapest and fastest way to help us grow our podcast listener audience.

Growing our audience isn’t just an ego thing, it will open doors for awesome offerings for the podcast in the future.

We know that ABC Publicity is watching, and the more we grow our audience, the easier it will be for us to acquire Media Passes and access to cast interviews, etc. So, you can help us get what you, the OUAT Fans want – more access to the show we all love.

So, this is what we ask of you – be an active part of our ReTweeter Club. If you are following is on Twitter (and if not, you really should be), whenever you see a Tweet from the @ouatpodcast or the @OUATPCDeputies accounts, please ReTweet them. This will help us so much spread the word about our (all of us) podcast.

If you want to be a part of our OUAT Fan Podcast, please leave your name in the comments and let us know you will be ReTweeting.

From all of us – Thank you!!

OUAT – Big Love going out to – Weatherman Most Awesome, Mitch English

So, I used to travel alot to Texas and I remember a syndicated morning news show with a very funny weather guy, Mitch English:

Note: He’s the guy on the left.

Mitch is very funny. I think I said that already. Here is a promo the made for him:

Anyway, Mitch is a Once Upon a Time fan, and has has included links to our Storybrooke Street page in his paper.li Tweets, and this week he linked to a number of our blog posts (Thanks again to the Deputy Desk for being awesome!):

Mitch, I am humbled (and incredibly stoked!) that you would link to our posts. You are are very funny, first class and kind dude. Thanks so much for being you. Myself and the Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast send big love to you and wish you the best of luck to all you do!

Now, readers of this post, please make yourself aware of the Daily Buzz News show (http://dailybuzznation.com/) and please follow Mitch English (@mitchenglish) and let him know the @ouatpodcast sent ya!

The Daily Buzz on Wikipedia

Wow, this has already been an incredible day, and I haven’t even had breakfast yet.

Just added: Follow @MitchsWeather to get – wait for it – Mitch’s Weather.

Oh, one more thing. This Daily Buzz blooper video I must have watched a million times (The were thinking about forcing me into Daily Buzz video anonymous, anyways):

OUAT Fan Podcast – Major milestone; 20,000+ Total DLs – Wow!

We started podcasting the Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast on 11/13/11, and as of yesterday, we have been downloaded… Well, see for yourself:

Amazing! and the other milestone (for me) is almost here. On 1/16 we were downloaded 908 times. We almost hit 1,000 dls in a day.

The big one is 1,000 website hits in a day. We haven’t hit that yet, but on 1/17/12 we hit 985. Almost there.

Thanks for everyone’s support, cheer leading and involvement of this incredible podcast/site/forum. The best is yet to come!

OUAT – How I Got My Podcast in the Top 10 of Itunes

Sorry, OUAT fans but I’m going to use one blog post to get geeky. Here are my proven ways to get your podcast in the Top 10 of Itunes. Now, I’m not selling a book, but I am open to be interviewed about it (Just sayin’).

Now, how to get your podcast in the Itunes Top 10 (This is not any type of guarantee for everyone. However, this worked for me).

10. Podcast. Just do it. You can read, listen, go to expos (paying lots of money to listen), etc, but until you get into the fray, you will never learn. Failures are just paths you know don’t work for you.

9. Find a niche subject that you are passionate about. Notice I said “Niche” subject. I used to podcast about “Whatever I wanted to talk about,” and though it was great for me, there weren’t thousands of people that waited with baited breath to hear every word out of my mouth. Heck, my wife doesn’t want to hear everything I want to talk about.

Like I said, find a niche subject. Not “all TV shows,” but pick a TV show to focus completely on. Not “all movies,” but pick one movie or saga/trilogy and focus on that.

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