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OUAT – David Anders talk about his different shows


The identity of the mysterious Dr. Whale will soon be revealed in the upcoming season of Once Upon A Time. But for now David Ander talks about a few of his projects, including Once Upon A Time, and his dream project.

David Anders Talks THE REVENANT and ONCE UPON A TIME; Says “GAME OF THRONES Is My Wet Dream”

The hilarious horror comedy The Revenant, from writer/director Kerry Prior, tells the story of fallen solider Bart Gregory (David Anders), who not long after being laid to rest has seemingly joined the ranks of the living dead. Part zombie and part vampire (known in the film as a revenant), he decides to do law enforcement a favor by cleaning up the streets, while he and best friend/sidekick Joey (Chris Wylde) do whatever they can to find a constant supply of fresh blood, in order to keep from diminishing to dust.

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