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OUAT – The Strange Man in the Cap at Granny’s Diner.

So, there was this man in a cap at the counter at Granny’s in “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree”:

Oh, and Mary Margaret was there, too. 😉

Anyway, so this strange man in the cap was at the counter eating or drinking something (I’m not sure what), and he was talking to the person next to him. I mean, that’s cool, right? Sure.

Then, I saw something – a payphone. Yup, a payphone. You remember kids, that was before iphones, Blackberries, pagers and smoke signals. Okay, I’m kidding about the smoke signals. Anyway, the capped man did something old school, he checked the change slot for change left by the last person using the payphone. Check it out:

I don’t think he found anything, he just got out of there:

I feel kinda bad for this guy. I mean if you gotta stoop to checking payphone change slots for change, life must be pretty tough for ya. I wonder if maybe he could get a second job sweeping sidewalks.

Hey, maybe he could buy a broom and start sweeping next to the mysterious Sweeper Woman outisde the boarded up Library and maybe hit her up for a date. Go for it, Man in the Cap! You bought could find love and keep Storybrooke’s sidewalks cleaner at the same time.

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