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Heart of Gold Analysis – Main Show – 275



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Heart of Gold Analysis

Main Show


Episode Number: 275

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Email points:

From Chris Tipton

WOW I’m so impressed! Once upon a time has really stepped it up! I thinks this half season has probably been the best stretch the show has ever had! On to my thoughts

Emma…she had ALOT of wisdom in the little bit she was in. It was a relief to hear that she was mad at what snowing did to Lily, because I kind of thought she was only mad at them lying to her. The only thing I hated is that she forgave Hook so easily but yet she’s crucifying her parents in pretty much the same situation.Jennifer Morrison is acting the heck out of this… Also, those eyes! Yesterday was her birthday, so it was unfortunate that she wasn’t in the episode much but what she was in was awesome!

Rumple….it was nice to see rumple go back to Neal’s apartment. I liked the twist that rumples evil is slowly killing him In a world without magic. I loved his quip about the doctors having small minds. It was nice to see the elixir make an appearance in our world and get a mention of Walsh and see where he worked. Rumple is so caniving, the way he pushed robin to be with “Marian” even his own mortality can’t sway him. I really feel he will never be redeemed. Also I found it hilarious his heart is literally hollow lol. Still waiting to see what his happy ending is. I think it may be finding away to get rid of his dark one powers.

Robin….so good to finally get his backstory. It was cool that they went way back to even before he was Robin Hood. I liked the twist that he already was married to Marian and she worked with him. Before this episode I didn’t really care for them as a couple and after this episode, I really would ship them, so it’s a shame she’s dead. I loved when the show sort of poked fun at itself when robin mentioned the self explanatory name of the elixir. It was cool to see Will in Oz, but I’m tired of the show trolling us. They keep teasing us like they’re going to finally tell us what happened to Ana, but no,it was just about his sister. I’m starting to think we may never find out. I don’t even understand why they brought him in. He still has no purpose. One thing that confused me….why did Regina need Emma to look robin up for her if he had a phone with her number? Maybe he had her number but she didn’t have his? I was very impressed with the actress who plays Marian. I had never liked her at all before, even found her annoying, but she did great this episode, especially the part where she comes in rumples room, she played that amazingly. I loved their explanation of why Robin looked different in s2….very clever, as was the explanation of how he got his name. I have issues with Robin saying stealing for someone else makes you a hero. Stealing is wrong no matter what

Zelena….hooooly cow!! Rebecca madder put on one of the best performances I’ve ever seen in this show! I was completely enraptured in her villainry. I’m so glad she’s back and I hope she sticks around! It was a relief to finally get an explanation of what happens to her when rumps “killed” her. I was always against the theory that zelena was Marian because I wondered how she could have stayed cloaked when they left SB so it was nice to have that addressed. I can’t believe she managed to turn Robin away from Regina. It makes me feel better about when Marian just conveniently came down with the frozen heart thing again, it was zelenas doing to get robin out of SB. I still can’t get over how amazing zelena was in this episode. She was far better then she ever was in s3. If she keeps this up she’ll become my best villain. Speaking of villains, I’m so disappointed cruella has take such a back seat. I CANT WAIT for next week as it will be all about her. I love zelenas plan. Her happy ending is to destroy Regina. I’m not sure how the author could write that, maybe force him to love zelena. Who knows, but I can’t wait to see what it is.

What an episode!!! For the second week In a row…10/10 coal hearts


From Deborah

Few thoughts.

Not sure Regina has made up her mind.

Why was Gold having chest pain when talking with sleeping Belle?

Why did Gold say I will come back for you if I can? (To Belle)

How come Emma is so ready to forgive and give others second chance but not her parents?

Looking forward to main show, Love you guys


From Andrea


Just some random Heart of Gold thoughts.

1. You guys and I think the General Audience forget that Rumple as the Dark Curse in him, unlike Regina and Hook whose villain behavior is all them, Rumple actually has something evil inside influencing/corrupting him, so I give him a pass than the other two.

2. If doing evil deeds causes one to get sick, then Regina and Hook should be in ICU. Hook is a pirate, did thievery, sold out boys to Pan, while Regina killed hundreds of villagers, burnt hundreds of villages, killed husband and father, etc..

3. The two Mills sisters have something in common. They both engage in sex with men not fully in their control Regina with Graham minus his heart, and Zelena disguising herself as Marian without Robin’s knowledge. Stay classy sisters.

4.This episode was also a reminder that Zelena kept Rumple a prisoner over a year and he is still traumatized by it. Loved Robert Carlyle playing PTSD in the hospital scene with Zelena. Proof yet again why he is the best actor on the show.

5. This episode seemed like a retcon to bring respectablility to Outlaw Queen. I think the audience was okay with ship until Marian was brought back and Robin making the commitment to her at the beginning of 4A. Only when Robin broke the commitment by the vault screwing in Smash the Mirror did the audience flip out, as seen by the negative feedback on twitter and facebook and media. So decided to make Marian not really Marian but the problem is Robin believed it to be Marian at the time and he still cheated on her with Regina. Not cool.

6. Favorite moment was when Emma called out her parents for using the ‘i was manipulated, its not my fault’ defense. Finally! Emma was absolutely right that just because you were manipulated does not absolve you from your actions. Regina has not learned this lesson by her statement at the end of the episode where she accused Rumple of making her a monster and not accepting that yes, he manipulated her but she still chose that path of darkness when she could have walked away.

7. Actually felt bad for Regina during one point of this episode.(i’m not a Regina fan). She genuinely looked hurt when Rumple told her that his affections for her were limited. I think on some level she sees him as a mentor/possibly father figure and she really did look hurt at his admission.

Have a good day!



From Trace

Hi Colleen, Jeff and all the Oncers,

Ok…WOW! I think was a great episode. It reminded me so much of season one, and even though I was one that had theorized Marion was really “Marzelena”, the reveal was still soooo awesome! Can we all give some kudos to Rebecca Mader who just killed it? She was so deliciously wicked! “She’s as dead as well……your son”. Now, that’s how you be evil ladies of darkness! Colleen, do you also still think Rumple has secret plans for goodness? He now has a purpose again, to avenge his sons death-and that’s when Rumple is at his “rumpley” best. Why does he need Emma to go dark? Maybe because she is the only one who can truly defeat Zelena per season 3B. But then I got confused, because I thought Zelena could only be defeated by the strongest “Light magic”, and if she’s dark, then how does that work? The look on Rumples’ face when he realized it was Zelena…priceless! Ok, a quick awwwwwww…for Marion. At least getting poofed away was better than execution per the evil Queen I’m sure, but sad-and poor Roland. He thought he had his mom back. When Regina was on the phone with Zelena-her face, her reactions…fantastic. What decision do you think she’ll make? I think she’s either going to tell Rumple to screw off, or ACT like she chosen Robin and try this undercover thing again. Oh…wait. What if she tells Emma, then Emma fakes going dark and that is what we’ve been seeing in the promos-is actually her acting dark? Shout out to Will! So nice to have him in the story-and this is the second time we’ve heard about his sister. (Once in Wonderland). OUAT does not do that without a reason. Ok, The author. “You may be the biggest pain in the ass I have ever had the displeasure of writing for.” Best line of the season so far!! All the oncers yelled a hell ya to that quote Sunday I’m sure. The reason this half season is so great, is that we can theorize again…there is so much going on and that could or could not happen. Does anyone else think that its possible someone else has part of the 6 leaf clover? How did she get it from Robin? Who knows who else is not truly themselves??? Do you think this season will wrap up this year like in the past? I feel there is so much going on that it must be a cliffhanger into next season. We have the Author, Cruella’s story, Emma going dark, Charming’s redemption, Zelena, Robin and Regina, the apprentice still in the hat, where and who is the sorcerer, Cora coming, Lilly and Maleficent, Will’s back story………..and only 4 episodes to go??? Lions and Tigers and Bears-OH MY!!

CAN’T WAIT till Sunday. This has been the best season since season 1. I do love the Frozen gang-but have to say-I’m glad we’re back!!!! Big Love to both of you and all the Oncers. Looking forward to all the feedback! Talk to all of ya next week!! Trace


From Rose

Hi Jeff and Colleen,

I hope you guys enjoyed “The Heart of Gold” episode as much as I did. Loved it! There were so many awesome moments. I just wanted to send you a couple of Easter Eggs in case you missed them. The first one is the Hidden Mickey in the drawer Robin Hood is looking through in the Wizard of Oak Shop! (See attached photo)



The other one is in the scene with Robin Hood and Will as they are saying goodbye at the OZ doorway Curtain. If you look at the very bottom of the edge of the screen shot there is a broken Tin Man lying on the ground. In the original story he chopped himself into pieces and they were each replaced by tin. I thought it was really cool that they put that in there. so glad I caught it on a rewatch this week. Just thought I’s share with you. Have a great weekend and Big Love right back to you guys!



From Brad

Pay no attention to the tax notice on the door dearies because it’s time for the Things I Learned in the episode, Heart of Gold.

#1. Altering the entire state of
your daughters being at the
expense of someone else’s
soul, is a simple mistake that
could happen to anybody.

#2. If Roland thinks New York is
loud, just wait until he has
kids someday.

#3. It’s difficult even on paper to
get Rumple to do what you

#4. There are times when
whittling your own quill is
the only option.

#5. If you’re going to rob people
in New York, step one is, find
a horse.

#6. We’ve always been told there
is not some magic pill that
takes the place of diet and
exercise. It turns out they were
right, it’s actually an elixir.

#7. Zelena pulls off a great
Rumple impression.

#8. The deathly pale one doesn’t
sound as menacing.

#9. Granny may have some
competition in the future if
Robin’s Bar and Grill ever

#10. Mr Gold would be downright
scary as the host of Who
Wants To Be A Millionaire when
asking for that finale answer.


I have had lots of theories in the past that usually never pan out so when we found out that Zelena was really Marian, it was like winning the lottery! I was so excited! Now I understand other listeners may have predicted the same thing when they saw the preview for Heart of Gold but how many of them on this podcast called it before season 4 ever began? I have included 3 sound files from previous podcast that prove this fact. I don’t mean to make it all about me, it’s just that I was super hyped that I FINALLY GOT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First – Main show for There’s No Place Like Home – 3×22
Second – Main show for Breaking Glass – 4×5
Third – Main show for Best laid Plans – 4×17


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