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OUAT – Do we see Queen Regina’s Apple Tree spot in Storybrooke? Updated 2/2

(See Updated info below) This is Henry’s playground Castle. Spotted on the left  there is a round structure that has a flag pole sticking out.

Do you think it could be the structure of Queen Regina’s Tree in Storybrooke as it was in the garden of Leopold’s castle?

Listener Ken sent in information on the location in Steveston:

“I noticed your post re: pole structure and here’s the backstory on it. It’s really a memorial structure dedicated to fishermen who were lost at sea over the long, historical fishing period in this area.

The ‘pole’ is really a 26 ft. aluminum fishing net mending needle in the middle of a circular compass rose. See below link to an article for more details …. note the article picture of the needle more from a front view. Also note view of Mt. Baker (in Washington State) in the background which we saw glimpses of when the Prince’s twin brother was herding sheep in Ep. 6 – The Shepherd.

As a side note, Mt. Baker is part of a volcanic mountain range called the Cascade Volcanic Arc, of which nearby Mt. St. Helen’s is also part of.”

Ken also included a link to an article about the site in Steveston, as well: http://www.infolynk.ca/bcfishing/StevestonMemorial-TimLynch.pdf

Thanks again, Ken.

From the OUAT Fan Podcast Deputy Desk:

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