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OUAT – Jennifer Morrison teases future episodes

After Sunday’s episode, the final scene between Emma, David and Mary Margaret has been wildly talked about. The Huffington Post interviewed Jennifer Morrison about what is to come after that suspense filled scene.

Once Upon A Time’: Jennifer Morrison Teases What’s To Come For Emma

As “Once Upon a Time” nears its first season finale, it seems like Evil is kind of kicking Good’s ass in the fairytale drama. The final moments of this week’s episode, “Red Handed,” saw Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) implicated in Kathryn’s apparent murder, leaving Emma (Jennifer Morrison) in the unenviable position of having to arrest hemother roommate.
Times are tough for Storybrooke’s new sheriff, so HuffPost TV caught up with Jennifer Morrison for an exclusive phone interview to find out how her character is handling her sudden lack of allies, her ongoing rivalry with Regina and the growing proof that all isn’t quite as normal as it appears in the tiny town.
Proceed with caution, there are spoilers ahead.

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