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OUAT – It appears Katie Sackhoff upset some folks by not becoming Emma. Be nice, people.

We posted a link (HERE) and discussed it (nicely, I would add) on the podcast (HERE) to an interview that Katie Sackhoff had with Collider.com – well, it seems some people didn’t like the fact that she walked away from the role now made famous by Jennifer Morrison:

Here is an excerpt from 411mania.com

“Al Norton: You set off a firestorm on the internet this week talking about walking away from the potential of a role on Once Upon a Time.

Katee Sackhoff: I didn’t realize it was going to be that big of a deal. It’s so funny how people take something that you’ve said and run with it. I told the person who was interviewing me that I had read two pilots that I loved, that Once Upon a Time had come before Longmire, that I’d gone in for Once Upon a Time five times and absolutely loved it but I could tell there was something that they didn’t like about me. We kept pushing it and they kept seeing me because they had respected the work I had done prior. We kept pushing it and they kept allowing me to push it, and when Longmire came along, I gave up.

They kept saying I wasn’t vulnerable enough and I kept saying, “really?” and trying to show them vulnerable. You got to the point where you can tell someone is just reaching, where they’re looking for a reason for you to give up. They’re looking for that one thing they can say to you where you go, “you’re right, ok.” Instead I said, “I’ll be vulnerable. You want vulnerable, I’ll do vulnerable.” I read the script and new it was going to be a huge success. They ended up hiring Jennifer, and I said to that interviewer that she and I go up for a lot of the same things. They asked me if I was upset and I said, “absolutely not, her job’s a lot harder than mine.” I work three months out of the year and, in hind-sight, this is what I was looking for; 10 strong, hard episodes and then nine months off to do film, which is what I was looking for. I got distracted from what I wanted by a phenomenal script, but I wouldn’t have been happy. Everything happens for a reason.”

Read the entire interview HERE