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Once Upon a Time Secret – It almost was more Battlestar Galactica-ish

We are very used to the incredible Jennifer Morrison filling the role of Emma Swan on ABC TV’s ‘Once Upon a Time’.



However, the role almost went to someone who was more used to warring in space, instead of breaking curses. According to Hypeable, Katie Sackhoff (Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica) talked about reading for the role of Emma in ‘Once Upon a Time’;

There were two that I loved. One was Once Upon A Time, and one was Longmire. I went in five times on Once Upon A Time. I took one meeting on Longmire, and I met Greer Shephard and I said, “I want this job because of that woman. I love this woman.” So, I walked away from Once Upon A Time and focused on Longmire. It was just those two jobs. Those were the only two pilots I loved that year. From http://www.hypable.com/2012/05/28/battlestar-galactica-katee-sackoff-emma-once-upon-a-time/

What would have thought of Emma being played by Katie Sackhoff?



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OUAT – It appears Katie Sackhoff upset some folks by not becoming Emma. Be nice, people.

We posted a link (HERE) and discussed it (nicely, I would add) on the podcast (HERE) to an interview that Katie Sackhoff had with Collider.com – well, it seems some people didn’t like the fact that she walked away from the role now made famous by Jennifer Morrison:

Here is an excerpt from 411mania.com

“Al Norton: You set off a firestorm on the internet this week talking about walking away from the potential of a role on Once Upon a Time.

Katee Sackhoff: I didn’t realize it was going to be that big of a deal. It’s so funny how people take something that you’ve said and run with it. I told the person who was interviewing me that I had read two pilots that I loved, that Once Upon a Time had come before Longmire, that I’d gone in for Once Upon a Time five times and absolutely loved it but I could tell there was something that they didn’t like about me. We kept pushing it and they kept seeing me because they had respected the work I had done prior. We kept pushing it and they kept allowing me to push it, and when Longmire came along, I gave up.

They kept saying I wasn’t vulnerable enough and I kept saying, “really?” and trying to show them vulnerable. You got to the point where you can tell someone is just reaching, where they’re looking for a reason for you to give up. They’re looking for that one thing they can say to you where you go, “you’re right, ok.” Instead I said, “I’ll be vulnerable. You want vulnerable, I’ll do vulnerable.” I read the script and new it was going to be a huge success. They ended up hiring Jennifer, and I said to that interviewer that she and I go up for a lot of the same things. They asked me if I was upset and I said, “absolutely not, her job’s a lot harder than mine.” I work three months out of the year and, in hind-sight, this is what I was looking for; 10 strong, hard episodes and then nine months off to do film, which is what I was looking for. I got distracted from what I wanted by a phenomenal script, but I wouldn’t have been happy. Everything happens for a reason.”

Read the entire interview HERE