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OUAT – OUAT Name top-ranking with Baby names

Shakespeare once asked what’s in a name, and, according the 2011 list of top baby names, the answer is a splash of pop culture, a dash of reality television, and just a hint of conservatism.

The good news is neither “Snooki” nor “The Situation” made the list for popular names, but “Mason,” which leaped to the first-place name in the state of Maine and second nationally, is also the name of Kourtney Kardashian’s firstborn son — and some argue that the reality star played a role in upping the name’s popularity.

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OUAT – See the Location of David and Mary Margaret’s Kiss

Listener Ken in Steveston sent us a great way to see exactly where David and Mary Margaret kissed at the end of “7:15AM”:

To remind you of the location again;

It was to the right of Granny’s. Notice the green sign (which is blue in real life) and the stairs.

it is directly across the street from the Sotorybrooke bakery:

and there is that green dumpster there:

So, if you type in this address: 3711 Moncton Street Richmond BC into Google Maps: http://maps.google.com/, and you will get a view of the place they kissed with the ability to zoom in and move the view around to see other places, as well.

Ken added: “PS I was on the other side of the street watching when they were filming the scene where David took the coffee he bought at Granny’s out to the car for Katherine in last night’s episode.

One more thing …… “The Kiss’ happened right next to Granny’s Cafe. If you go to Google maps and type in 3711 Moncton Street Richmond BC and go to street view you can see the spot right behind the blue flowerbed boat.

The real lawyers’ sign had been replaced by the “Storybrooke Real Estate” sign. The lawyers office is upstairs to Granny’s building. You can see the ‘Law Office’ signage on the pillar leading to the stairs behind David’s left shoulder in the swirling kiss shot.”

Thanks again, Ken.

OUAT S1E5 – Comparisons of Snow White’s glass coffin pieces

Here is the piece that Henry found:

Here is the piece that Regina found:

Here are two shots of the coffin from the pilot. It seemed that there was controversy about what the pieces were from. Note: The reflection in both shots.