OUAT – See the Location of David and Mary Margaret’s Kiss

Listener Ken in Steveston sent us a great way to see exactly where David and Mary Margaret kissed at the end of “7:15AM”:

To remind you of the location again;

It was to the right of Granny’s. Notice the green sign (which is blue in real life) and the stairs.

it is directly across the street from the Sotorybrooke bakery:

and there is that green dumpster there:

So, if you type in this address: 3711 Moncton Street Richmond BC into Google Maps: http://maps.google.com/, and you will get a view of the place they kissed with the ability to zoom in and move the view around to see other places, as well.

Ken added: “PS I was on the other side of the street watching when they were filming the scene where David took the coffee he bought at Granny’s out to the car for Katherine in last night’s episode.

One more thing …… “The Kiss’ happened right next to Granny’s Cafe. If you go to Google maps and type in 3711 Moncton Street Richmond BC and go to street view you can see the spot right behind the blue flowerbed boat.

The real lawyers’ sign had been replaced by the “Storybrooke Real Estate” sign. The lawyers office is upstairs to Granny’s building. You can see the ‘Law Office’ signage on the pillar leading to the stairs behind David’s left shoulder in the swirling kiss shot.”

Thanks again, Ken.

11 thoughts on “OUAT – See the Location of David and Mary Margaret’s Kiss

  1. David


    I wonder if Ken could tell us the location of a) the house Ava and Nicholas (Gretel and Hansel) pretended to live in, and b) the abandoned house where the kids were actually living (entered via the basement)

    1. Ken

      Hi David. They are buildings around here, They are private residencies so out of respect for their privacy, I perfer not to point out where they are exactly.

      1. Ken

        To add further, I happened to walk by the house that the kids pretended to live in when they were setting up for the shot. Lots of crew around setting up the lights and real police around making sure traffic was moving along. It really made me appreciate what it takes just to get a few seconds of footage.

  2. David

    Keep in mind when filming in Steveston, the location of where they film a scene may not always be exactly what the producers want you to perceive as the location in Storybrooke.

    That said, I noticed Mary Margaret, in walking from her house to Granny’s Diner to be there by 7:15 a.m, turned the corner from 2nd Ave onto Moncton Street. I thought Mary Margaret’s house was located _on_ Moncton Street!

    1. Ken

      Some parts of the Storybrooke street scenes are filmed in another small community (Fort Langley BC) about an hour’s drive east of Steveston. For example, Storybrooke Town Hall is really Fort Langley Community Hall.

    2. Manny

      Hey David!… I noticed that very thing happens in Ep.3. MM has the horrible 1st date with Dr. Whale at Granny’s Diner, then while leaving Granny’s Diner she walks up on Emma sitting in her VW… but she appears to be walking Eastbound on Moncton to get to Emma (with the clocktower/library) behind her..”?” If she was leaving Granny’s she would have to walk Westbound on Moncton to get to Emma who was parked in front of Steveston Drugstore…. but, I guess the director wanted a front shot of MM walking down the street…”?” I know…. who cares?…..

      WE DO!!! LOL!

    1. Ken

      You do bring up a good point David. They haven’t really shown the house or building that Mary Margaret lives in or at least I haven’t seen it. In Ep 6 where Mary M is putting up the birdhouse in the tree with David’s help is really just a park next to the Storybrooke Post Office. There is no building there. I assumed they we depicting her front yard … I guess we’ll see if they ever show her front yard and house together in one shot.

  3. Manny

    One more thing on that…. MM and Emma live in the same apartment, yet MM always seems to enter Granny’s through the front door…. and Emma, more often, through the backroom door, where the washing machines are and where she met Ashley/Ella. Suggesting that maybe their apartment is closer to Granny’s backdoor than the front door?In Ep.3 Emma uses that entrance wearing Regina’s Grey shirt (whether she changed in the back room or her apartment??) Ep.7 At night, Emma uses the back door and walks into a drunk Sheriff Graham and immediately heads for the front door as he throws a dart at her…. And now, Ep.10 “Same Morning”! MM enters through the front of Granny’s and gets busted (not even 5 mins. later) stalking David, by Emma entering from the backdoor!?? Reason must be just shot angles! because, Emma does come through the front to meet the “Stranger” (back of his head shot) and then when they’re done….HE GOES OUT THE BACKDOOR! LOL!
    Never been to Granny’s and he’s already going out the backdoor? Dramatic effects – shot angles! ok… I’ll let it go..

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