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Snow White, Statue of What? There are new flavors at Any Given Sundae! 4X03 Rocky Road – Main Show – 246


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Main Show – Rocky Road

Episode Number: 246

Show notes can be found at:


Email points:

From Jeff about blackouts and power lines

There was a lot of talk in a short time period about the power lines. Why didn’t Marshmellow knocking out lines in the city cause a blackout, why did turning a pump on restore power without fixing the lines broken by the wall, etc.

Marshmellow attacked during the day, so while some places did lose power there wouldn’t be a noticeable blackout.

The power line that was knocked down by the ice wall was the main supply line coming from the power plant that the town gets it’s power from

Snow turned on a backup generator (which is why fuel was needed and wasn’t already loaded into the system) which supplied emergency backup power to the town while they’re unable to get power from the main power station outside town.

This might be something people who have the experience I do would think about (I’ve worked in a building where I needed to know how the generators functioned in case of power loss.) but I found it completely logical and made sense in the show.


(We met at Friends of the Magic this year.)


From Aleana

This was a great episode love the scenes with Elsa and Kristoff they are growing on me like Henry and Regina scene and they teaming up to find author of the book like the advice Dr.Hopper gave Snow basically like every scenes expect Emma and Hook in my opinion I will never like this pairing have to say I’m going to like Will Scarlet aka Kanve on here I knew my theory was right that the Snow Queen is connected to Emma past and Rumple know it’s can’t wait to see how this storyline plays out I do think the Snow Queen is the reason why Snow was born in the hardest of winter look forward to listening


From Catie

Colleen and Jeff,
I’m a relatively new listener (within the last year) and I’ve always wanted to write in, but never really got around to it. Well, here are my thoughts!
Again with the lost memories??? This is literally the problem with every curse. Which is maybe the point, but also kind of repetitive.
I was re-watching the episode where Belle and Neal bring Rumple back from the dead and I noticed that the way he rises from black goo (whatever that is) looks the same as the way Elsa rises from blue goo and how the Snow Queen rises from gold goo after being in the urn. It makes sense that the Snow Queen and Elsa come out of the urn similarly, but I wonder if there is a connection to Rumple’s “rebirth”. Also, I wonder if the colors of the goo mean something…
When Snow is holding the town meeting, she reminded me of the Statue of Liberty. She was holding a baby instead of a tablet and a meeting agenda instead of a torch, but I still saw a resemblance. I did some research, and the torch is supposed to symbolize peace and progress and the tablet is supposed to represent law. I feel like the baby and the meeting agenda, along with Snow’s personality, cover these areas as well: peace, law, and progress.
It’s interesting that Rumple and Belle are together; Belle is the most incorruptible person ever, whereas Rumple strays down the wrong path constantly. I guess they complete each other, but personally, I think Belle deserves SO much better. (Not to say that I don’t love their relationship.)
What will Hook have to give up for his hand? Magic always comes with a price…
Gold tried to take the high road and be good, and his son died. So, I wonder if, subconsciously, he regrets choosing good because, in the end, being good couldn’t save his son. And maybe that is why he is reverting back to his old ways.
Why are they so mad about the ice wall? It’s not like they can leave anyway!
When David told the story about his father, his father said that “he needed to be better for the boy” (or something along those lines). And he failed. As a kid, I suspect he would have felt like he wasn’t important enough or meaningful enough to his father to get him to change. I want to understand more of David’s childhood and how he became the way he is, despite his father’s impact on him.
Favorite line: “Hey, dairy queen!”
I thinking Emma pulling out her powers when she needed them to save Hook is like when a mother suddenly summons tremendous strength to lift a car off of her baby. When one of the things we love most is in danger, we can accomplish superhuman feats to save them.
Like Colleen, I’m also skeptical about whether the Snow Queen is actually Elsa’s aunt. Maybe she is the one who cursed Elsa in the first place? If she is Elsa’s aunt, maybe she, while she was angry with her sister for treating her like a monster, cursed her sister’s baby. Maybe the Snow Queen herself has a frozen heart? I predict that we’ll get a nice juicy serving of her past, just like we did with Zelena. And maybe we’ll even feel some sympathy for her.
I like that the act of taking someone’s heart has transformed so much. It used to be a purely evil act and usually ended with someone being manipulated or killed. However, more recently, it has taken on a different air. When Snow has Regina take her heart out so that she can split it and share it with David, it is an act of love, not just on Snow’s part, but on Regina’s too, because she cares about Snow. And when Regina pulls out Marian’s heart, she does it out of her love for Robin (and I think even a love for Roland, too). Now it is about love and survival, not death and destruction.
I love that, of all of the fairytales, Hook is the one that ends up with Emma, just because, if you had told me in season 1 that that would even be a remote possibility, I would have thought that was ridiculous. If you go back to the first episode that they interact in, he tells her that she needs him alive to survive, and now, in season 4, we have actually gotten to the point where she does need him alive to survive, just not in the same way. I love how their relationship has evolved and I tip my hat off to Adam and Eddy for making all of that happen.
I think that’s all I have for now! Thank you so much if you’ve made it this far!

With Big Love,


From Maii

Hey guys! Hope you’ve had a lovely week!

First of all I agree with Colleen I’m not a nuts in my food kind of girl so Rocky Road has never been my fav I’m more of a chocolate chip cookie dough, coffee or cookies and cream for my ice cream..


They are coming off a bit *crabby? Like they are becoming a one-trick pony with all their *crabbing and mob mentality.. I mean Snow is carrying a baby at the meeting when everyone is biting her head off..

And Archie? I like you but why not instead of trying to psychoanalyze her you just help her with the stroller? I mean he just stands there looking at her..

Regina (+ Henry/Robin):

I commend her for her maturity in the Robin situation, that is very well handled actually.. She’s being very mature about it..

Bribing your son and telling him half-truths is what got you in trouble in the first place just saying..

It’s completely self-serving, and she got mad at Emma screwing with things and now she wants to completely change things to fit her own gain? Also I’m seriously getting mad at all her little jibes at Emma they aren’t snarky they are just *crabby and annoying

You know what Moongose do right? They EAT Cobras! Operation Cobra was to break the curse.. Like seriously of all the names you choose the one that means you destroy Emma? I have a bad feeling about this

“Actually Emma DOES defend Regina back 3B..She acts like she doesn’t with the townspeople but that was to throw them off the case remember, and she’s always defending Regina when really? The last memory she has is of the woman gleefully murdering her mother…”

I did love Emma’s “I think you’re bitter and taking it out on the wrong person”

bc that’s practically Regina’s character.

Afterthought: Couldn’t they have Roland kiss Marian? I mean Robin knew it wasn’t TLK so why not have Roland try it..

(Jeff I think you mean dreamshade = P )

Putting Marian on ice made me made bc of the trope of putting a woman on ice to further manpain and in this case Marian is LITERALLY frozen…

Frozen Reindeer

This is probably my Scott Michael Foster love but damn he is a perfect Kristoff and I love him.. The reporte Scott and Jack the reindeer have is great..

“That idiot from the southern isles”

“Fine, okay, I’m disobeying her, but she’ll be glad Sven you’ll see..”

“Technically she wouldn’t be a widow because we’re not married…yet”

“Well I never tried to kill her.”

“Dangerous Urn, Keep Away”

“No one thought to check if it was empty?”

The relationship between him and Elsa is great.. It’s the typical we don’t really know each other but we have a person we both truly care about in the middle so we brejudgingly get along.

“He is my friend.” This moment just gave me all the feels because she’s finally realizing she’s got someone on her side other than Anna.. (Did you notice during these scenes Georgina is actually crying? I swear she’s incredible as Elsa)

Gold vs Hook

I think one of my favorite scenes is the blackmail scene actually.. I mean it paints their dynamic perfectly and reminds you just how well these 2 know each other..

No but seriously, he could have asked for anything, anything at all because he knows Gold will never fess up, he won’t lose the power not even with Belle..

and yet he asked for Gold’s help to find out who cursed Marian..Help to clear Elsa’s name..

Honestly this is something that could be easily fixed by just telling Belle the truth

It’s that super awkward moment when the ex-lover of your dead wife, who has tried to kill you for 300 years, and vice versa, knows you better than your current wife


I don’t normally talk about Belle bc I go back and forth with her..but come on you were so likable in 3B… I just want to scream at her to wake up, I know love blinds you but there’s a difference between blindness and stupidity.. And you’re toeing the line a bit.. You have to open your eyes and see that your husband? Yeah his heart might have love for you but it’s also pretty rotten..

I love Rumple for his complexity I love to hate the guy, I love that he’s still pretty much 70% selfish.. but Belle? For someone who claims to see what’s truly in a person you’re completely on another track…The fact that his web of lies keeps spinning and spinning.. When Belle finds out about this I want her to be mad, and not a quick fix

(Like when she found out his wife was brutally murdered by him bc she dared to leave him and was like it’s ok bb I love you)

I know it’s fairytales but I just hope it can be a bit realistic..

Will Scarlet

“Two Sheriffs that’s just not fair!” I love that honestly because it’s so in character.. And I love how Emma showed him up when breaking into the ice cream shop (David’s face was a mix of pride and what?)

Also I want a comment about Ana, I want to know what happened to my precious queen. (Plus they’ve had a true love’s kiss in OUATIW)

Snow Queen

I’m confused as to what she is exactly… There’s a theory that she was Emma’s foster mother because the look she gave Emma meant she cared about Emma. The moment Rumple talks about her not remember it’s like she regrets it but knows it’s for the best… I’m just really intrigued

With Elsa I think that maybe she was telling the truth in a few things, like maybe her family did trap her but it was because she was completely out of control?

I will say this if by any chance Anna was the one that put her in the urn, she didn’t know about it.. I mean she wasn’t doing it on purpose

Also really happy Elizabeth Mitchell is back on my tv…and she makes a fantastic villain because she’ll all soft spoken and after basically all the villains have been flashy…It’s a good change

Frozen Swan/ Frozen Hook

“With Emma running into danger not a chance in hell, the sheriff’s station is that way.” I just love this and al their moments because it’s like well duh.. Of course we’re not doing that..

Wing-man Elsa giving Hook some Emma advice.. This is one of the reasons I love their friendship because this is someone who knows what Emma is going through..It’s glorious and perfect because although Killian understands pretty much everything about Emma he doesn’t understand everything with the magic, but Elsa does.

She speaks from experience and gives him hope that he’s on the right track.

“I press the Emma Button and she answers usually” This is perfect especially because I am headcanoning that he calls her a lot or is always leaving her voicemails.

“Why should I carry around this ridiculous thing if you’re never there when I use it.” Killian speaking the words we all said once in our lives…

Emma and her magic

That is the most powerful display of magic we’ve seen on the show.. Proof once again that Emma is the most powerful person on the show..Or well that when she reaches her full potential she can be as powerful or even more powerful than the dark one.. We’ve always heard that Love is the most powerful magic of all.. And Emma’s magic? Pure Love Magic

(Can we also talk about Charming immediately running to Hook and desperately trying to free him by chopping at the ice with his lil knife?)

When it comes to saving herself she can’t summon the magic, but saving Killian? Saving Killian and her father? She summons the most powerful magic we’ve seen from her. Because Magic is Emotion.. And Killian is the man she loves, Charming is her father.. Nothing is more emotional than saving their lives..

Captain Swan

(First of all LADIES AND GENTLEMAN WE FINALLY GOT A GRAHAM MENTION…It just took 3 seasons but we got it!)

She’s pissed at him because he got into trouble because she cannot loose him..I mean she has gone from being afraid of taking a chance on him to being afraid of LOSING HIM like she was willing to leave him behind but now she can’t even imagine her life without him.. Their relationship development is amazing

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how Emma is willing to talk and open up about her past? Because the Emma Swan we are used to wouldn’t, a few seasons ago, a few episodes ago, stay to talk with him and tell him what was wrong. She wouldn’t have let her walls down.

She did let them down.

To let him in.

It is such a beautiful episode we got, we saw Emma wanting desperately to put Killian in safety, she needed him to be safe. And we saw how mad she was that he didn’t listen to her – she was furious and her magic was so strong tonight. I do not remember her magic being this strong before – aside with Henry and Zelena maybe? – the point is, Killian’s life was on the line and Emma didn’t think twice, she didn’t hesitate, she saved him, she had to save him.

And the moment that broke me, not just the kiss but the talk before it, is Emma opening up to him. Letting him in, telling him why she is mad – that would never have happened before. But she told him.

She can’t lose him too.

She was on the edge of crying, she was vulnerable she let herself be vulnerable with him.

She let her walls down and let him in, she let him see her, fully, her fears, her worries, and she let him see: she does love him and she can’t lose him.

The duckling is definitely turning into a Swan. Emma is opening up to love, she is opening up to Killian in the most beautiful way

And there’s the fact that if you get the opposite of each word in “I’ll always find you”, you’ll get “You’ll never lose me”. And that just breaks my heart into pieces really..

“Well love you don’t have to worry about me…One thing I’m good at, it’s surviving.” And I died…

Did you guys notice the wedding dress in the background? Right in the middle of them there’s a wedding dress behind Emma..There’s also a rainbow in the scene.. This could mean some serious foreshadowing or it could be just one-off (But I had friends who went to this particular day of shooting and said they filmed this scene like 20 times at least so they wanted it to be there..)

(Images are attached to the email)

We all know what wedding dresses mean, and last season we saw and Emma who was ready to get married to Walsh (the only thing she doubted was the groom) and while I think the next step for them is TLK before Marriage (And I do have a theory that it will happen this season..the TLK I mean) I think the wedding dress symbolism is interesting to say the least. It doesn’t have to mean a wedding just a relationship that is at a level of commitment that a marriage should be..

I am not against Rumbelle and their wedding was adorable but I don’t think as a couple they were at that point you know? You get the impression that though they deeply love each other they don’t know each other..CS is growing together with each coming episode and I do think they will (at least by midseason) be at that point of the relationship where they know each other better than anyone else does..

Rainbows: Again this could mean nothing but I’m taking a chance..

Rainbows come out when the sun is out after a storm.. Emma’s life has basically been one huge storm, it’s been some heavy rain for 28 years and now this relationship could be the rainbow after it. Something beautiful that comes out of the storm when the sun comes out.

Honestly I think this is the best season yet.. because it’s about EMMA (It’s not a million Regina flashbacks or Snowing vs Regina flashbacks) but EMMA who is the main character..and the frozen parts are really great! The characters fit in perfectly!

I’m going to stop talking now bc this is really long already… Love you guys can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this ep!! (AND IT’S ALMOST SUNDAY AND CS DATE!!)

PS: I’m still torn on the deleted scenes thing I think the one they released this wk made no sense while the ones they released last wk did..

Love, Maii


From Brad

Hello Jeff and Colleen, I hope the snow is calm up there on top of the frozen hills. Here are the things I learned this week on the episode, Rocky Road.

1). Don’t order the sprinkles at Any
Given Sundae.

2). Telling a man, “Can you for once
just do what I say”, is a sure way
to get him to do the opposite.

3). There’s no need to schedule an
appointment with Dr Hopper
because he’ll schedule it for you.

4). A court jester’s job is never fully
appreciated until their gone.

5). It turns out taking back a
kingdom is easier than a Mayor’s
fireside chat.

6). The Enchanted Forest has
terrible ice cream flavors.

7). Hot coca sales are up at

8). Every phone needs an Emma

9). The vault needs a good summer

10). If you’re going to be a thief, at
least have some morals and be
an honest one.



I realize that Will is a thief and that’s probably why he doesn’t like sheriff’s but we also have to remember he came from Sherwood Forest. From what I remember, the Sheriff of Nottingham wasn’t known for his pleasant demeanor.


In this episode Hans said to Elsa, “Enough witch, unless you want your sister to be a widow”. It’s the first time we have heard this word used towards a person with ice power. Also, the Snow Queen’s outfit (I’m sure you noticed Jeff) was white.


I absolutely loved Regina in this episode more than I ever have. She was down to earth, out of those stiff mayor clothes, showing vulnerability again to Robin and relating with Henry. After everything that has happened, I wasn’t sure what direction she was headed. Having her tell Henry the honest truth about what she’s feeling and giving them a mission, was phenomenal! Henry needs a better storyline and what better way to do it than put them both on a path to find the author. Some people say they are not into this season, I say, what are you crazy!!! REGINA AND HENRY ARE TEAMING UP TO FIND THE BOOKS AUTHOR!!!!! Enough said.


Grumpy likes to rile the town up by shooting first and asking questions later. Maybe if he was ever wrongfully accused and somebody rescued him he would understand and sympathize but what are the odds of that happening………….


Does Elsa’s magic take time to recharge because she wasted a lot of time before Hans took a sword to Kristoff’s neck. I felt like I was watching it in slow motion. She could have taken them all out in no time! This was a very frustrating scene but then Hans got turned to ice so I’ll take that.


I love that they didn’t drag her identity out for a few more weeks. We just met this Dairy Queen last week and the town already knows who she is. I guess having two
sheriff’s pays off. Now let’s get to the good stuff.


Was anybody else screaming “have Roland kiss Marian!!!!!”. It’s worked when Emma and Regina kissed Henry. Going right to ripping Marian’s heart out was pretty drastic as Regina said.


Mr. Gold without his magic may have been able to be blackmailed but this is the all powerful Dark One, come on! Here are 10 ways he could have easily taken care of Hook.
Poof him away like he did with Hook and Emma.
Turn him into a bug or rat.
Put him in Pandora’s box.
Erase his memory with a potion.
Freeze him in place like Belle.
Rip his heart out.
Turn him into glass like Henry and
Make him explode like Cinderella’s
Turn him into a marionette puppet.
Threatened to send a wraith after him.


I know you brought this up in first thoughts but this was a great name seeing as how operation Cobra was all about breaking the curse and revealing to everyone that Regina was the evil queen. An animal that kills cobras was very fitting and well earned.



If the Snow Queen was trying to teach Elsa a lesson in Storybrooke by showing her people would turn on her when given the chance maybe she did the same thing to her in the past. She was just like Elsa and probably loved her sister just as much until she married a man and became pregnant. By some accident she froze the babies heart and her sister turned against her. With Anna soon to be married, the Snow Queen tells Elsa that history could repeat itself. They both live in the ice castle until Anna, fearing the her sister may hurt people under the influence of the Snow Queen, traps her in the urn.


The way the Snow Queen said Emma’s name seemed to be out of fondness for her, not fear. I feel their relationship was a good one or least used to be. The Snow Queen appeared to have feelings for Emma when she saw her. My theory is she came to our world and adopted Emma. After accidentally freezing her sisters unborn child, she is put in a urn to keep her from hurting anybody else. Once Elsa releases her from the urn she feels all alone and seeks out Rumpelstiltskin. She wants a child who will love her unconditionally but feels she will never be able to have one of her own. Rumpel makes a deal with her that would allow her to have a daughter but would require her to travel to another land.
The only downside would be is that when she became of a certain age, in order to break the curse, Emma’s memory would have be erased from ever knowing her and new ones would take their place. This is what Rumpel was referring to when he asked her if Emma remembered her. When Emma’s memories are restored she will feel angry and hurt for being abandoned. We know from the deleted scene that Henry asked Rumple to do this exact thing, was this scene giving us a hint as to what happened in the past? In the end,
Emma will come to see her as Henry sees Regina. An adoptive mother who has done evil but a bond and love that can never be broken. This would also bring Emma closer to Henry and Regina, as she will fully understand their relationship.


I like the idea that this castle may have neutralized Elsa’s magic. I think it’s also a memorial to remember the time she lived with Elsa in the ice castle.


This episode had us asking what happened to Fredrick…..again.

If Emma is the anti-savior wouldn’t that make her an antichrist? Maybe she should rethink that, just saying.



Hi Jeff, Colleen & Lady,
I had a bet with myself as to which Storybrooke character would be the first to utter the line “Let it go!” this season. My money was on Grumpy or possibly Hook since I figured that Adam and Eddie would write it into the show in a joking manner. So I was rather surprised that it was said in all earnestness by Archie Hopper to Snow about her anxious feelings towards literally letting go of her new baby. So I guessed wrong on that one.

I was thrilled Will Scarlet finally made his appearance on the show and I look forward to his witty repartee with characters such as Rumple and Hook. We already got off to a great start with some of his lines to Emma and Charming. I especially liked the one about his past dealings with Sheriffs which I am sure was a nod to the Sheriff of Nottingham in the Robin Hood story.

Finally, I am glad that Hook finally confronted Emma about her constantly pushing him away and got her to admit her fears in losing him. I do so look forward to Sunday’s episode where we get Hook’s sartorial and physical makeover and their “first date”. I am sure Colin O’Donoghue is glad to be trading that long leather coat for a more modern version as I heard him mention in one of his interviews that the costume was extremely heavy.

Take care,

Voicemail points:
Dave from Michigan

Comedy Bit:

Any Given Sundae parody ad – Written, voiced and produced by Brad Pogras

Podcast plugs:

Jeremy from the Neverland Podcast
I was tweeting about Walking Dead fans might like Once Upon a Time
And Jeremy replied “with ice cream zombies, you really do have to eat them before they eat you. That should be a t-shirt.”

Skywalking Through Neverland – Star Wars and Disney
Richard and Sarah

Next Episode: The Apprentice

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4X03 Rocky Road – First Thoughts – 245


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First Thoughts

Prerec Intro:


Episode Name: Rocky Road

Episode Number: 245

Show notes can be found at:



Grumpy’s van finally got towed into the Marine Garage. I wonder if Brad Tillman picked it up?

Roland loves ice cream, there’s one right down Main Street where that strange lady works. Uh oh.

“Regina let me…” Uh oh, again

Rocky Road is Roland’s favorite, and mine too.

There is no problem that can’t be solved with a bit of ice cream.

Uh oh, Snow Queen special sprinkles. She’s a female Norman Bates at the Bates Hotel

Seeing a happy family, like your in here, really warms my heart.

Elsa can’t remember how she got in the Urn, and Rumpel “doesn’t know” how either.

Belle use the dagger. Storybrooke Lie Detector test. Was that the real dagger?

Kristoff is funny.

“You’re a softie” Ice Cream humor

Prince Hanz and the Army

French Press coffee?

Fireside chat. Rupert, the Court Jester.

Meeting Agenda. Even in Storybrooke, they can’t stick to a meeting agenda.

That sound when Marion fainted sort of reminded me of when Elsa and Emma and Charming and Hook fell to the ground in White Out.

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