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2014 Hiatus Minisode 3 – Stalk the OUAT Stars, Brightest Star for Tink, Maleficent, 10 Reasons its good to be Mayor Mills


Podcast episode #202


In this episode we will have;
A way to stalk all your favorite stars of Once Upon a Time, without getting into trouble,
A way to search all streaming platforms to watch a movie or TV show,
A Brightest Star for Tinkerbell,
A Mad Hatter gets really Cool,
ABC is giving non cable subscribers an unwanted hiatus,
A dream that’s Once Upon a Nightmare, actually
A Mini Meetup with a very awesome athlete

Locatetv.com – type in an actor or actress you want to see TV shows or movies they are in to watch during the hiatus.

How would you like to search Netflix, Huluplus, Redbox instant, Crackle and more for a particular Movie or TV show in one place? You can with CanIStream.It

Rose McIver, Tinkerbell was in Los Angeles on Tuesday January 28th for the Premiere of her new film, “Brightest Star” held at the Sundance Sunset Cinema. From IMDB.com, Brightest Star is “After the heartbreaking end of his first love, a recent college graduate sets out to win back the girl of his dreams only to discover a greater journey awaits him.”


Sebastian Stan stars as Bucky in Captain America: Winter Soldier. The reported release date is April 4th, 2014. The film also stars Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson and Robert Redford. We some rough footage at D23.

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLWsK1ZFunA

ABC has removed the opportunity for those who are NOT TV cable subscribers to watch Once Upon a Time episodes the next day. Unless, you are a subscriber of;
AT&T U-verse
Cablevision Optimum
Cox Communications
Google Fiber
Verizon FiOS

You will have to wait a week to watch new OUAT episodes.

Here is a link to the post about the changes on ABC.go.com http://abc.go.com/faq#c-c1_t-t1

The new Maleficent trailer (that debuted during the Grammy’s) has been released. Once Upon a Dream is sung eerily by Lana Del Rey.

Maleficent Trailer 1


Maleficent Trailer 2



Scary Mary Poppins – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2T5_0AGdFic

Listener Eric – a quadruple threat;
Obstacle Course Racing fan,
Disney fan,
Once Upon a Time fan, and a
Star Wars fan.
It was a Geekapalooza!

We met Thor! I was looking for Jane Foster, but couldn’t find her. Heck, I would have settled for Darcy Lewis, but anyways…

Speaking of Obstacle Course Racing – Colleen and I ran our first Obstacle Course Race – The Hunger Runs in Fountain Valley a few weeks back with Daniel and Laurie Hale, the hosts of the Getting Dirty Podcast, a podcast for newbies and fans Obstacle Course Racing. Go check them out!



Thanks so much, first of all, for doing an awesome podcast! I enjoy listening! Anyways, I have a theory about the Wicked Witch. You may notice that, in the promos, she has blonde hair. in every Oz story I’ve seen, Glinda, not the wicked witch, has blonde hair. so, my theory is that Glinda is the wicked witch, and Elphaba/ Theadora/ whatever her name is on Once is the good witch… just a random thing I thought up, but I could see them doing it! What do you guys think? Thanks again!! 🙂

10 Reasons its good to be Madam Mayor Mills

Top 10 reasons why it’s good to be   Madam Mayor

#1. You have a designated seat just for you at Granny’s.
#2. There’s no such thing as a locked door.
#3. You don’t have to worry about your friends letting you down because you don’t have any.
#4. No annoying long lines at the adoption agency. 
#5. All your enemies have either forgotten who they are or are locked up in the library basement.
#6. You have the sheriff’s heart in the palm of your hand.
#7. Re-election is stress free. 
#8. The perfect lasagna recipe. 
#9. Even the ravens announce your presence.
#10. Your own personal genie fulfills your every wish. 

Thanks to Brad Pogras for another great list.

OUAT – Sebastian Stan gets supernatural in ‘The Apparition’.

While we mentally wrestle over what happened in Storybrooke at the end of the finale, we can now creep into a supernatural thriller to see Sebastian Stan (OUAT, Jefferson). It’s called The Apparition, and it creeps into theaters on August 24th.

Read more here, and watch the spooky trailer (It will make you jump here and there): HERE

OUAT – Jefferson’s Question “What’s A Story”?

The Mad Hatter, he was simply mad from trying to make that one Hat that would help him go home back to his daughter Grace for the last 28 years stuck in that house, alone.

Surely, solitude would make you go, well mad. But Jefferson had a reason, he only wants to go back to Grace. He is late for tea.

  When he sat Emma down to make his Hat because he was convinced that Emma has magic, they had a conversation that made Emma think. eventually she ‘woke up’, and looked at Henry’s book.

Here is the conversation they had.

Emma: “The hats, the tea, your psychotic behavior. You think you’re the Mad Hatter.”

Jefferson: “My name is Jefferson”

Emma : “Okay, you clearly globbed onto my kid Henry thing. There just stories; The Mad Hatter is in Alice in wonderland a book, a book I actually read. “

Jefferson: “Stories, stories what’s a story? When you were in high school did you learn about the Civil War?”

Emma: “Yeah, of course. “

Jefferson: “How? Did you read about it, per chance in a book? How is that any less real than any other book? “

Emma: “History books are based on history.”

Jefferson: “…and storybooks are based on what? Imagination? Where does that come from? It has to come from somewhere.

You know what the issue is with this world, everyone wants some magical solution for their problem, and everyone refuses to believe in magic. “

Emma : “Here’s the thing, Jefferson this is it. This is the real world”

Jefferson: “The real world. How arrogant are you to think that yours is the only one?  There are infinite more we have to open your mind they touch one another, pressing up in a long line of lands. Each Just as real like the last, each having their own rules. Some have magic, some don’t and some need magic. Like this one. And that’s where you come in. “

Storybooks are based on what? Imagination? Where does that come from? It has to come from somewhere.

That’s a good question. Where do you think they come from?

Also take a look at where did Jefferson go Blog post. We wonder where he went too.

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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