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10 Ways that YOU can help keep Once Upon a Time on TV!

Here are 10 Ways the YOU can help Once Upon a Time on TV!


1. Watch Once Upon a Time. Whether you watch Once Upon a Time live, DVR it and watch it later, watch it on ABC.com, Hulu, etc, all of these legal ways to count views are being incorporated into the Neilson ratings. So however you legally watch Once Upon a Time, know that it matters to ABC and it will help when shows are reviewed for cancellation or extension.


2. Purchase Once Upon a Time in some form. Whether it’s on DVDs, BluRays, on iTunes, etc, money still speaks volumes to keep a show around for years to come.


3. Show that you are watching Once Upon a Time on Social Media. Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, etc) is being watched by more and more people everyday. Tweet or Update your Facebook status that you are watching Once Upon a Time. You should even include friends on your Tweet and Status to make watching a group event. Also, don’t forget that ABC is watching Social Media, too. As much as you enjoy Once Upon a Time, let it show on Social Media.


4. Listen to a Once Upon a Time podcast (or two). Podcasts have been around for many years, but some people are finally discovering them. Podcasts are a great way to get more info about Once Upon a Time than just watching it yourself. We recommend the Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast (OnceisFrozen.com), but there are many other OUAT podcasts to be found on iTunes. As you listen to a OUAT podcast, be a great listener and interact with the hosts, spread the word and invite others to listen, too. You can even leave reviews on iTunes which will help advance their ranking and make it easier for others to find the podcast, as well.


5. Join a Once Upon a Time group on Facebook (Ours is here, btw). Facebook groups are becoming a new place to learn about and interact about TV shows like Once Upon a Time. Join and participate in the discussions about the show.


6. Interact with the Once Upon a Time Producers and actors on Twitter. We are very lucky to have the ability now to interact with those who you rarely could in days past. Please be respectful and understand that discussing and asking about spoilers is discouraged, but the OUAT crew and actors always enjoy your positive encouragement about the show that they work very hard to bring to the fans.


7. Wear your Once Upon a Time fandom. Whether it’s a button from a podcast, a shirt, or a cosplay costume of your own invention, wear your love for Once Upon a Time. When people ask why you bought a red leather jacket, you can tell them all about Emma and her adventures in Once Upon a Time.


8. Meet the cast or Producers of Once Upon a Time. More and more, the cast and producers are attending more and more conventions all over the world. You can attend one of these conventions or expos and have the opportunity to meet, get a picture and/or autograph with someone associated with Once Upon a Time. If you are able, you can travel to Steveston, B.C. to hopefully watch OUAT being filmed and maybe get a chance to meet one of the stars for a picture or autograph. Note: With much of the filming happening on studio stages or in remote forested areas in Vancouver, it is a very rare that you will get to see filming, but if you do, it is a magical thing.


9. Introduce others to Once Upon a Time. Whether it’s family or friends, you can always share your love of Once Upon a Time with someone new. Once of the fun things about adopting a new #Oncer is to re-experience the twists and turns of the OUAT story through someone’s new eyes. You may even learn something new from their perspective.


10. Let Once Upon a Time inspire you. Art should not only be something you admire, but it can expose art or new talents in you. Does OUAT inspire you to do something creative? Do you write, draw, act, do makeup, create costumes? However long OUAT lasts on TV, let it be a jumping off point for you and your creativeness. Try you creative ventures, stick with what you excel at, practice, practice, practice, and how knows, one day you may work with or for one of the crew or cast of Once Upon a Time. That’s a dream worth working toward.

If you love Once Upon a Time, you will love the Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast at http://OnceisFrozen.com


Once Upon a Time “Good Form” episode and Magical Water on Neverland

In the “Good Form” episode of “Once Upon a Time” there were many connections to Star Wars, Lost and other stories.

We learn that on the magical island of Neverland, there is a deadly plant, known as Dream Shade, and if a person comes in contact with it, or its sap, they will slowly die. Hook acquired some of it to put on his Hook to try and kill Rumpel in Season 2 (You will recall that the double-sided candle was used to remove the deadly affects of the Dream Shade from Rumpel and kill Cora), but now we learn more about this plant in “Good Form”.

A side note, Pan mentions to Hook, after his brother Liam scratched himself with the plant to prove that he trusted the King’s order of their quest for this magical plant that could heal all ills. Liam began to quickly fall under the effects of the poison, and Killian remembered earlier that Pan told them that the plant they were seeking was deadly. Killian begged Pan for help to save his brother’s life and Pan told Killian, “There is a way to stop him (Liam, his brother) from dying”.

killian and liam with Pan on Neverland Once Upon a Time "Good Form"

That phrase was a shout out to the Star Wars trilogy and a point The Emperor used Anakin’s fear of the ones around him dying to lure him into the Dark Side.

” Palpatine … tells Anakin Skywalker that Plagueis was killed by his apprentice in his sleep and was obsessed with finding the key to immortality…” Source

Back to Killian and Pan. Pan revealed a spring with water that is “rich with the power of Neverland”.

Peter Pan and the Magical Water

Magical Water is found in many stories, but notably in Lost. The Protector of the Island is transferred in a religiousy, communionish ceremony in which the previous Protector fills a cup with water and hands it to the new Protector to drink.

cup ritual lost the end

Pan also mentioned that the magical water also keeps all on Neverland so young. The Fountain of Youth is another part of many stories, including Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

On Neverland, the Magical Water from the spring will heal and revive (in this case) those who have been infected with the Dream Shade poison, but Magic (including the spring of water) always comes with a price…

The Magical Water revives Liam on Neverland

Before we get to the Price, I wanted to mention a variation of the Magical, Healing Water and add a Cup that infuses the water in it with Healing power. In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Father and Son Jones search for the Cup of Christ which, we are told has the power to give someone eternal life. Toward the end of the film, Papa Jones is shot, thus pushing Indy to go through the traps, find the correct cup and return with healing water to save his dying father.


Now, back to the price of Magic on Neverland. The price is that if you leave the island, you will pay the penalty. We have seen some penalties paid by using Magic on Once Upon a Time, but this situation involved Liam’s death once their Pegasus-sailed flying boat touched the water away from Neverland. Lost had sort of similar “rules” of not leaving the island, as well. Those on the “Lost” island could leave, but their lives would go to ruin and they would be lured back. This also reminded me of the discussion that Pan had with Neal when Neal declared that he got off the island (without Pan’s permission), to which Pan replied “Look where you are now”. Checkmate by Pan, the Master manipulator.

Pand and Neal on Neverland

That’s all for now. What do you think? Anything I missed? What other connections to the water do you know of?

If you love Once Upon a Time like we do, then we know you will love our podcast, Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast that can be found at: http://onceuponatimepodcast.com