4 thoughts on “Take our poll about OUAT dropping viewer numbers

  1. youranon

    it started off great, good premice and good cast with good chemistry but at the beginning of season 2, it started to fall short. the writing is not good, they kept adding characters like some soap opera. the storyline, as it played out, just failed. I hope they turn it around though because they may need a magic bean to get to season 4/5. And I don’t know why they are hoping to try their luck on a spinoff.

  2. Amy

    Just wanted to add, if you look at the viewing numbers yes they are lower, BUT it is still the #2 show on Sunday nights for it’s time slot. That is pretty good. All the numbers seem to be down this year, so hopefully when they use the ‘new’ ways to judge viewing next year it will help out. The system they have now is outdated and not very accurate.

  3. tanita_mors

    simply put, you don’t cancel a show that you are planing a spin off for. what is going to launch that spin off if it gets picked up but OUAT. if i understood correctly, the show will split into 2 halfs next year if the spin off happens – first part will air in the fall, then during the winter hiatus they will air the 10-13 episode wonderland spin off, and again in march or april OUAT would resume, to get rid of the huge hiatus problems we had this year.

    the writing is a different matter all together. i felt that this season hasn’t been as cohesive as the last one. there is no overall plotline but several smaller ones that keep interchanging or got completely dropped so you really can’t get some honest momentum. also, i found basically every single plotline resolution very obvious and predictable. usually, the first and most logical thing that came to mind came to pass, and that is just sloppy. when you audience can guess everything that’s coming, you got serious problems. also, characterization of certain characters hasn’t been consistent.

    also, killing cora before the finale was a mistake. unless they do something extraordinary for the two par finale, i doubt any episode is going to pass the greatness of “the millers daughter”. unless greg/owen and tamara are a part of a secret government anti-magical organization and we see the army surrounding storybrooke in the last shot of the finale, those two are just not compelling enough as the bad guys.

    season 3 is more or less secure IMO. if the show does get canceled, it could happen next year. now, there is just too much buzz and outside projects and the interest is still high that it’s rather safe.

  4. Marlene

    Listening to your podcast right now. There are a lot of people that don’t have cable so they can’t be counted. I wonder if they count the people that watch on ABC.com and Hulu and are they counting the number of people that download the show from iTunes as well? I don’t have cable but have a digital antenna and I do download the show from iTunes. You are right, they need a better way to count the numbers.


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