The Magical Pay Phone – Well, when Regina needs a phone…

In Welcome to Storybrooke, Regina uses this Pay Phone in front of Storybrooke Hardware.


The only problem is it wasn’t there before. Check this screengrab from The Thing You Love Most


Now, if you need a Pay Phone, there’s one across the street in front of the Library


same one again


and here. A moment of silence for Johanna.


Like I said, when Regina needs a Pay Phone – “Poof” it appears. 🙂

One thought on “The Magical Pay Phone – Well, when Regina needs a phone…

  1. Manny

    Isn’t there also a payphone in Granny’s Diner? The one that our famous “Capman” is always checking for loose change? Ha!….

    It’s also always been proof of Regina’s lie about how she claims she found David by the side of the road. In her story she claims she was on her way home when she discovered that she had forgotten her cell phone back at the office….. We didn’t have cellular phones 1983,…. Just pagers, and Doctors were the only ones who carried those. So if Regina needed to make a call, it was coming from a landline for the next 10 or 15 years.
    Which also confirms that David came to straight to Storybrooke when the Dark Curse hit, from the floor of their castle, unconsious, straight to that hospital bed, and had never stepped foot in Storybrooke til Mary Margret read the Book to him and he wandered out the side door and into the forest, where they found him in the creek under the T(r)oll Bridge.

    Agreed, they should have just used the payphone that has usually been in front of the library. Nice catch.


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