RubyWatch (Again) during the first 3 days of the curse (via Welcome to Storybrooke)

One of the earliest negative posts about the podcast was my “RubyWatch” section. I’m a guy, and Meghan is pretty. My wife knows I feel this way, cause she co-hosts with me. So, we revisit RubyWatch to show you here early clothing choices. Ready? Let the RubyWatch begin!

Day 1


High heels, check. Ankle socks, check. Short shorts, check. :Jeff faints: :Jeff stands up again: Coat cut to the waist, check.


Blouse that looks like a classic Italian restaurant table cloth, but she still rocks it, check.

Day 2


Pat Benatar spandex body suit, check. 80’s belt with chains, check. Michael Jackson-ish jacket and gloves, check.


Red knee high boots, check. :Jeff faints again:

Day 3


:Jeff is still fainted (Is that a word?):


:Jeff is missing so much while he is fainted. Wow:

Sending #BigLove to @MeghanROry

One thought on “RubyWatch (Again) during the first 3 days of the curse (via Welcome to Storybrooke)

  1. Manny

    Yeah!,…Damn Right!! Jeff,
    I got tired of hearing about that stupid Sheriff!, the dreamy Prince Charming, the hot mysterious Stranger on the motorcycle, and now this guyliner freak with the Hook!,……. and “they” get upset about just ONE smokin Hot Ruby! (smh) lol!

    From all of us guys!…Thank You Jeff! 8^)


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