What do you think about the Mary/David/Kathryn Love Triangle?

In Storybrooke, David is apparently married to Kathryn but, he is also meeting secretly with Mary.

Do you think he is doing the right thing by following his heart (and feelings for Mary Margaret)?

Do you think he should have told Kathryn the truth when they were discussing the pregnancy test?

Should he be stringing Mary Margaret or Kathryn along while heโ€™s trying to figure out what/who he wants?

Do you think he is handling the situation in the right way? How would you like to see it handled?

We would like to hear your thoughts on this Love Triangle.

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4 thoughts on “What do you think about the Mary/David/Kathryn Love Triangle?

  1. Maid Maleen

    I think the marriage between Kathryn and David is cooked up by the Mayor. Because it is part of her plan. Actually, when the curse hit Snow and Charming were married by a Bishop and had had their baby. But when the curse hit..Charming appeared dead and Snow was holding his head on her lap and they went through to Storybrooke together and the EQ was standing there as well. So did they end up in different parts of Storybrooke. The Mayor/EQ said in the episode about David waking up that she was the one that found him in Storybrooke and if so where did Snow/ MM land?

  2. Manny

    HA! HA! LMAO!! WOW! We’re certainly trying to stir a POT here aren’t we!?? A Pot that doesn’t EVEN exist!… You guys know that PC and Snow are married and share a child……. OK!…… They had Emma in FairyTale Land……… does that make her any less of their daughter now that we’re all here in Storybrooke? Actually, I think poor Kathryn is the one getting the shaft here! Ha! AGAIN!… Kathryn never got to meet her true Prince Charming, through which I believe she would have married and lived happily ever after!…………ok,…… maybe, just a regular ol’ marriage……..that Biatch!, but, still, she never got that shot. Simply because Prince James didn’t follow his own advice and didn’t check to see if that big duffus was really dead before he spiked the football in the endzone!, and then Kathryn ends up losing PC#2 to Snow White in the end anyway! Kathryn has no counter part, either in FairyTale Land or Storybrooke. She’s stuck in Storybrooke fighting with false memories, courtesy of the Dark Curse and a past with David that never happened!! And you know what the Evil Queen does with those who are no longer of any use to her………….poor kathryn….lol


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