OUAT – Did Snow White drink Rumpel’s potion?

So, we see two times how Snow White was interrupted from drinking Rumpelstiltskin’s potion. 1 was by Charming’s Dove:

the second time was Grumpy:

at the end of “7:15AM” we see an empty bottle next to Snow White’s bed and she appears to have forgotten who Prince Charming was:

but did she really drink the potion? We discussed this question on this episode of the Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast: http://www.onceuponatimepodcast.com/007-fam-ouat-live-show-more-mysterious-stranger-cool-theories-and-more/

3 thoughts on “OUAT – Did Snow White drink Rumpel’s potion?


    Well an empty bottle would indicate she drank the liquid. But having worked with many patients I know they do not always take their medications but dump it or hide it. She might be a really good actress and decided to not react to new P. C. is not getting married for her own reasons.

    Not reacting would throw E.Q and her magic mirror off base.

    I however think she actually did drink the potion as she found living with the pain of loosing P.C. was more than she could bear.

    Next episode(s) we should see Snow and the apple with the EQ thus ending up in the coffin.

    As for the previous question about infidelity….. David should end it with his first wife before he starts cavorting with MM….. If he can not sustain fidelity/ act honorably with his first wife he will not sustain it or be honorable with SNOW. I DO NOT BUY the theory that he is actually married to Snow in a previous life and therefor does not have to behave in the HERE and NOW. It is real easy to get a divorce in today’s society ….. no kids are involved now so he needs to MAN UP and divorce his wife if he has no feelings for her.



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