3X16 It’s Not Easy Being Green – First Thoughts – Envy, Vader and Sibling Rivalry, Oh my!


Date: 4/6/14

Episode Title: It’s Not Easy Being Green

Podcast Number: 215

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Cyclone dropped a baby.

Some similarities, but differences to Emma.

Baby blanket. Basket (Like Moses?). Green ribbon instead of purple. Zelena’s blanket is purple.

Where did she drop?

The couple that found her mentioned wolves. Is that important? Is it a shout out to American Werewolf in London? Stay out of the Moors.

Magical as a baby.

Mother covered for her. Is she in on it? What does she know?

We’re going to Oz, Baby!

Another funeral scene. 2nd outside.

Who’s the blonde kid? Lost boy?

Nice cut to Rumpel. Rumpel can feel the funeral and the dirt tossing?

Lots of new boys. Lost boys?

Each person tossing dirt upon Neal’s casket. Nice shot of Emma’s final toss.

Rumpel confirms that even the trouble about Neal was worth it, “Every bit if it” because he was family.

Rumpel isn’t Zelena’s father. Zelena’s mother died previously.

Zelena had no family. Who sent her to near Oz.

“Put on a good face” spoken by her father. Alluding to the Wizard of Oz? Zelena’s skin color?

Wicked, Magical Zelena. She was going to heal her father’s cut.

Her father said he became a drunk because of her. Because of her magic?

Dropped out of a Tornado.

Emma playing darts, like Graham was in Season 1.

Emma is afraid to tell Henry the truth, because he will think she’s lying or making it up to make him feel better.

Hook trying to help Emma and Henry, and himself make peace with Neal’s passing. Tell Henry what Bae was like when he was Henry’s age.

Leather Conditioner and eyeliner.


Lion tattoo. Prophesized?

Gossip about boys. Classic.

Clue trial? Come on, girl.

Robin – green scarf. Ozian much?

Whoa, back up Tink! Didn’t you learn anything from the last time you screwed this up?

Turned out so…

Camera swings are like a tornado spinning around. Many dutch angles, too. Everyone wants to kill the witch, but she is control of the Dark One.

Is that the Cap Man in the background when Zelena says “Little Sister”?

Cora lied to you.

Similar lines from the Pilot

Evil Queen: Oh, I haven’t come here to ruin anything. On the contrary, dear, I’ve come to give you a gift.

Snow White: We want nothing from you.

Evil Queen: But you shall have it! My gift to you is this happy, happy day. But tomorrow, my real work begins. You’ve made your vows, now I make mine. Soon, everything you love, everything all of you love, will be taken from you. Forever. And out of your suffering, will rise my victory. I shall destroy your happiness, if it is the last thing I do.


Zelena: Which is why I’ve brought a gift to help
Regina: I don’t want a gift from you.
Zelna: But you shall have it. See, My gift to you is this sad, sad day. Use it to dig into our past, Regina.

Meet me on Main Street tonight, say sundown…and then I’ll destroy you.

I don’t lose, like Peter Pan.

Bullies and fights after school.

Regina looks a bit flustered.

Hook and Henry boat ride.

Love child with a Scarecrow.

Everyone was ganging up on Regina.

Stick to the Lasagna, lady.

Classic Oz look.

To find out exactly what this Wicked Witch thinks I did to her.

Green liquid? Anti Freeze?

Great and Terrible. Oz.

Cora gave her up, because she could not be Queen. Is the Wizard Lying?

Magic is a gift.

Silver Slippers. Clicking them 3 times is a portal.

It is one thing to wonder about your past, it is another to be envious of things you cannot have. Sibling rivalry.

Zelena going into little sister’s room (or Castle if you want to get technical about it).

Zelena is the first born. The true heir.

Who is Zelena’s father?

Rumpelstiltskin’s drug test.

A letter proves that Regina isn’t an only child.

Charming is Mulan-ing the situation with assigning positions around the intersection.

Belle will try to get through to Rumpel without the dagger.

Regina can’t do this alone.

Great coat, Regina. Here comes Robin, again.

Robin’s a pickpocket, and a smooth operator.

Rumpel’s letter. I always thought it was about me. He thinks she is more powerful than Regina.

Why do you care what that Imp think?

Blindfolding lesson, like a gunfighter.

Magic is all about feelings. Who began to teach Zelena’s magical training?

Ding Dong… the witch is dead?

Rumpel connects with Zelena over their pasts.

Breaking Rumpel out.

Rumpel is controlled. Belle can’t step into the cage.

The next time you try to stop here, I will kill you.

Henry tying knots, like Hook and Bae.

Sextant. Navigating with it.

Henry questions the age issue.

Hook and Henry bond about losing their fathers.

Zelena getting suited up for battle.

Rumpel chooses Regina over Zelena.

You’re insides are starting to show. Green = Envy. Did it happen naturally, or did Rumpel cause it?

God’s Eye view angle.

Dwarf vs Munchkin

If my sister isn’t her in 5 minutes. Let the Dark One off his leash.

Classic sociopath movie moment. Who should I kill first?

The Savior. Will Emma give her a smack down?

Regina arrives.

Black is my color.

So you finally excepted me into the family?

Return of the Jedi connection:

Luke: I know, father.
Darth Vader: So, you have accepted the truth?
Luke: I have accepted that you were once Anakin Skywalker, my father.

Nice right hook, Regina.

Rumpel is a shapeshifter.

Jealousy drives people to do crazy things.

I have that affect on women.

You might want to get that checked out.

There is a Wiazrd more powerful than Rumpel? Who is the Wizard of Oz?

The only way Rumpel can get the slippers (mentioned in ‘The Doctor’ episode) is to kill her. Write that down.

You shouldn’t have taught me all your tricks, Rumpel.

The Dark One dagger and Zelena’s control reminds me of the Emperor and Vader on the Death Star when Vader and Luke were fighting.

Great camera work.

Uh oh. My Miyata. Tiny – The Giant stepped on it once before.

She threw Regina into the Clock Tower.

No heart. I thought she put it back in. Regina is the heart.

Zelena flew off on her broom, like riding of on a horse.

Memories = Brain(s)?

Robin guarded her heart. How cool.

Trusted to a common thief. You can steal something that’s been given to you.

Regina giving her heart to Robin. Truly and figuratively.

Hook pushing Emma to tell the truth, like he did to Charming.

Rumpel is showing that he is breaking her hold on him.

We are doing it all over again.

Zelena wants to cast a new curse as a second chance.

Zelena pushed away the guards, like Regina did in the Pilot.

She tells the Wizard to take her back to when her Mother abandoned her.

You can’t change the past. The fire.

Even my power has it’s limits.

Walsh is the Wizard of Oz. He’s a huckster, showman, collector. He’s like Rumpel.

What you seek – No Magic is that strong.

Trained circus animal.

She wants to erase Regina being born. Can the past be changed? How far back do you have to go to change things?

Hidden Mickey moment from Al, the host of Tales from the Mouse House podcast



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