3X16 It’s Not Easy Being Green – Main Show – Emma Saving Walsh Could Throw a Monkey Wrench in it for Hook

Date: 4/12/14

Episode Name: It’s Not Easy Being Green

Episode Number: 216

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Wizard of Oz’s reveal of Zelena’s sister was a bit like Vader revealing a sister to Luke.

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i’m glad that you were wrong about rumple being the wizard of oz.i’m not sure how i feel about walsh being the wizard of oz and if he can be redeemed.


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Hello Jeff and Colleen, here are the things I learned in the episode, It’s Not Easy Being Green.

#1. Geppetto has some major clock tower repair on his hands.

#2. Zelena may have silver slippers but Regina has the ruby red

#3. Doc needs to stop parking his Miata in the street.

#4. Never bet Emma in a game of darts.

#5. Kermit the frog still has a chance.

#6. The Wicked Witch of the Wild West is a version of OZ
I definitely want someone to make!

#7. Some conversations aren’t meant for the doorway.

#8. A Sleeping curse while you’re pregnant is never good for the

#9. Hook’s bringing the sextant back.

#10. Someone’s going to have to start directing traffic on Main
Street, pronto!

Here are some quick theories, observations and burning questions.


Lots of people are theorizing that Rumpel may be Zelena’s father but what if it’s Walsh? We know he was originally from Kansas. Could he have come through the same cyclone Zelena did? He would have been a much younger man at the time and maybe he wanted to give the baby her best chance by letting another family take care of her. He seemed to know a lot about Cora. Was this from memory or magic?

Zelena said that after her second chance, Regina will have never been born. If she takes Regina’s place, does Zelena then need Snow’s baby to take hers? There may not even be anything special about the Charming’s baby since Aurora and Philip were worried about their baby as well.

Regina’s line about Cora having a love child with a scarecrow could be a reference by the show writers that Rumpelstiltskin is Zelena’s father. It could also be just a clever red herring to throw us off the trail.


Blue has been absent since New York Serenade but she did attend the funeral for Neil. She can be seen standing to the right of the group when the camera is looking up from the casket.

I love Robin Hood but did anyone else think the scene of him peeking through the tree was kind of creepy?

Regina and Zelena fighting is exactly what I wished would have happened with Cora. Usually, Regina’s snappy insults are directed towards the heroes on the show so it was great to finally have her on the same side, laying the smack down on Zelena.

Now that we know Walsh is the Wizard, your question “Will Emma be Walsh’s savior too?” is a very good possibility Jeff.


Did Zelena take over the Emerald City after she transformed Walsh?

We learned that Walsh is being forced to serve Zelena. Could he actually have been in love with Emma? This could complicate matters down the line if it’s true.



Hey guys!
I finally have some time to send this email it’s been a long week, but I finally have two weeks off for easter break yey!

As a film student I thought the camera movements were extremely interesting.

Funeral: It was a really powerful scene that started with Hook throwing the dirt because he was the one that knew him best from the people there and ending with Emma who is finally closing that chapter of her life. Plus the cuts to Rumple feeling the dirt make it all the more painful.

Captain Cobra:
Before anything else, it’s necessary to say that their entire journey was threaded with honesty. From the moment they were about to get on the boat, Hook states that he offered to take him. This is the second time they’ve canonically interacted and it’s involved Hook telling Henry the truth, thus validating just how much he values nobility above all things. Additionally, he knows Emma so well, that he tells Henry things he knows Emma would not only approve of, but genuinely be thankful for. And from the moment Henry expressed not being interested in navigating the stars, he told him the truth about Bae’s father’s death. He made sure Henry knew why Emma was doing what she was doing. And he made sure Henry knew great things about Bae.

Earning Emma’s father’s respect is immensely vital in terms of story telling, and Hook was successful in doing so. He and Charming have found a real friendship in one another. And now, Hook and Henry have found a fatherly bond with one another. If that isn’t obvious as to who Emma’s true love is then I don’t know what to say. And the most beautiful part of the friendships Hook’s formed with Emma’s loved ones is that he’s saved both them in ways they needed at the time — his actions were selflessly inspired by his love for Emma. He literally saved Charming’s life, and he saved Henry’s heart by helping him be at ease even for a little while.

Plus I love the fact that he’s like “this one will do” meaning he “borrowed it” which I thought was hilarious

More on this scene: http://vickyvicarious.tumblr.com/post/81946571252/one-of-my-favorite-things-about-this-episode-was

Oz: Oz was wonderful and the GCI was pretty good..I did not expect it to be Walsh I knew he was in the ep but I didn’t realize he was the wizard, on my 2nd watch I noticed that it was his voice and I’m hitting myself for not noticing it heheh.

Emma slept with the wizard of oz turned monkey then turned human again hehehe.

Outlaw Queen: Let’s face it Tinkerbell is us with our OTPs the whole GO TALK TO HIM thing and getting frustrated plus I feel like she truly cares about Regina and her happiness and wants her to finally be happy. (plus her meeting Robin was perfect). When Zelena comes to threaten Regina you can see Robin stepping closer as if to protect her if something goes wrong.

It’s good for Regina to have someone to confide in. Plus it says a lot that she trusts him with her heart (literally). “You can’t steal something that’s been given to you.”

Rumple/Regina: I thought the letter was extremely interesting because while in that time it was about Zelena now it’s what Rumple thinks of Regina.

I think he used the events in his life to manipulate Zelena only it went incredibly sideways bc he didn’t realize Zelena would fixate on him so much.

Captain Swan:
Hook doesn’t have the Jolly Roger! You know what this means? It means he gave up his ship for a way to find a way to get to Emma. He gave up his home, where Liam died and where Milah died, the last trace of his home to get Emma back to her home.

CS At Grannu’s: Reference to Graham and the throwing of the darts..Notice how Emma has gotten much better at it.

Holy Character development Batman! For Hook to be the one to tell her not to get stuck in revenge it means a lot.

Emma tells Hook about the Jail thing (big thing bc only henry knows) http://vickyvicarious.tumblr.com/post/81952786622/emma-tells-hook

At this point it’s safe to state that if Emma didn’t want Hook around, she wouldn’t be as gracefully comfortable standing so close to him. But good lord, Colin O’Donoghue, try not to kill me and millions of others with your outstanding acting abilities.

The moment Emma mentions: as far as he knows, I haven’t seen Neal since he left me in jail. While Hook’s been to his fair share of prisons, he believes that the ones in our world are far worse. And the moment she says this, the expression in his eyes instantly saddens as he subtly tries to swallow because deep down, he’s breaking. He’s trying to hold it in but it undoubtedly shatters him that she’s been to one of those places. Also, “You’d really do that?” “Aye”

There’s one thing I found extremely impeccable about this scene and it’s the fact that Hook didn’t say something along the lines of “does that surprise you”. It pains him that she has very little faith in him sometimes, but he understands, he sees why she’s breaking. He knows her better than she knows herself and the fact that she can’t see what’s right in front of her is unbearable for him. He’s trying to show her that he’s not going anywhere, and he does that by demonstrating that Henry’s important to him as well.

Emma can’t control the fact that she’s afraid. While deep down she knows he’s not going anywhere, she’s still scared of giving her heart to him fully. And that’s completely normal. She essentially gave him an enormous part of her heart by trusting him with Henry.

I also feel the need to point out that the way her eyes fluttered after he said “nothing will happen to the boy while he’s in my charge” essentially has to mean that she knows it won’t. She trusts him. Jennifer Morrison does this gorgeous thing where she allows Emma’s heart to be reflected in her facial expressions even when her words say something else. It’s not that she was afraid of Henry being in Hook’s care, it’s that she’s afraid of the witch, but what she kept illuminating with her eyes and body language is that she knows she can completely trust Hook.

Doorway scene:

The fact that Emma kept replying with thanks again was because she already knew everything he was going to say. She knows that deep down, this is the best thing for her. Being around family, friends. This place is their home. And Hook knows that as well, he’s telling her she needs to stay because he knows that while New York may have been great, being around loved ones is even better. Though there may be trials and tribulations, it’s worth it because family, friends, and love are always worth it. He’s not pressuring her, he’s only telling her what he knows she already knows. A partner, a person, a soulmate, says what they know the other needs to hear and when.

Their body language is the number one sign that they’re incredibly comfortable with another, especially Emma. She holds nothing back from him. She knows he accepts her. She knows he loves her and that’s something that she’s intuitively drawn towards. He’s made it so she knows that everything she feels is welcomed with him and that’s why she’s able to be herself without hesitation.

The episode was about trust and second chances, she trusted Hook with Henry. And he had the second chance to be a fatherly figure to someone. It’s not coincidence that these moments all occurred in the same episode. At the end of the day, Hook’s part of the family – and it couldn’t be more obvious.


Rumple: Every bit of it. he was family.

Killian: Take it from me, vengeance is not the thing that’s going to make you feel better

Henry: What’s this?

Hook: That my boy is a sextant, it’s a tool used by sailors to navigate

Henry: Like a GPS?

Hook: ……

Hook: ……Aye

Doc: Mi meat

Emma: I’m not an amateur, I’m the savior

Can’t wait for Sunday’s ep it’s going to be incredible! Take Care! Love, Maii

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