3X19 A Curious Thing – Curses, Flying Monkeys and Fractions, Oh My – First Thoughts


Episode Name: A Curious Thing

Episode Number: 223

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Episode thoughts:

Charming and Snow’s pregnancy announcement. Phillip and Aurora there, too.

Charming “When you and Neal disappeared, we feared the worst”

When Princess Leia arrived on the fourth Moon of Yavin, Willard, a rebel commander gave her a hug and said “You’re safe! We had feared the worst.”

Snow “Neal’s dead”/Rumpel’s alive

Baby switch? Snow’s with Aurora’s?

More flying monkeys – through the O

Grumpy’s back!

Snow is giving birth again when an evil sorceress is threatening the future of her child.

Zelena is too powerful. No enchanted objects can stop her.

Granny is knitting Snow’s new baby a blanket.

Rumpel warned them before and now.

The past – Saving your Oss.

Present Storybrooke – A second chance.

Can Regina feel? Yes.

Use mine for the both of us.

The handless wonder.

What you love most, again.

The savior. Belief. Henry does have the heart of the truest believer.

The book will help Henry remember.

Henry has been through some Tough and good stuff.

Regina and Zelena love the word wasted.

Robin and Regina and the door.

Rumpel – 2 minds.

Glinda – Good witch banished to the North of the Dark Forest. Through the door.

Pure of heart – booby trap. Like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Henry’s book wasn’t in Gold’s shop.

We all need to believe again.

Henry’s voice is changing – like Peter Brady. When it’s time to change.

The Cap Man next to Grumpy at Granny’s.

Game of Thorns, again.

Women and shoe boxes. More powerful than true love is footwear. I thought it was chocolate.

Maybe Emma didn’t believe enough to see the book, like August’s leg.

Regina reads the book to find the secret about Zelena.

Snow referred David, as “your father”.

Snow bells – Johanna.

A door, like OUATIW.

Rumpel’s riddle.

Poor Regina.

Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe – banished, frozen.

Light Magic. Light side of the force.

She was born was great power in a pendant (Given by Glinda – To help focus it) – Brad was right!

The only way to get back to Emma is the Dark Curse.

No more portals. Divided the realms. Put a wall between them.

Use David’s heart?

GPS stronger (and faster) than a locater spell.

Did they kill the Flying Monkeys?

Do you trust me?

Believe in me. Believe in Magic.

Belief in a book.

Mom, Mom. I remember.


Emma outmagic-ed Zelena

David’s heart crushing. Their baby will know him through Snow.

Don’t say goodbye.

Zelena added a forgetting spell to the Dark Curse reboot.

Regina broke the curse.

How did David survive after the heart crushing?

Split my heart. We have been of one heart. I believe.

At your Service.

Neal sent the potion to New York, and was split apart (without Emma’s magic) for a moment

Operation Cobra’s back on!


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