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Episode Number: 224

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Episode Name: A Curious Thing

Written by: Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz

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Breaking/Broken hearts

Giving my heart…

Pure of heart

Glinda a bit like the Wizard of Oz? Going to someone powerful to get something (Help? Information?)?

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Onto the subject of Cora. I think I might be in the minority here, but I actually do kinda of feel bad for her. I’ve been discussing back and forth with some others, and just don’t think people really understand the severity of Cora’s personal life. I know that giving her child away perhaps wasn’t the best thing to do, but I’ve been thinking, and really what kind of life would Zelena had had if Cora kept her? Cora herself seemed to be just barely making it, she even asked Johnathon to at least give her enough money to take care of the child. I believe that Cora would have kept Zelena under normal circumstances, otherwise why ask for financial support so that she can properly care for her.

Ultimately what I’m trying to say is that a lot of hatred for past Cora is unwarranted. Sure hate older Cora because she was just an evil woman who couldn’t feel because she had no heart, but young Cora was just a young girl looking for a way out of a horrible life, and made some bad decisions along the way, and I can’t really hate her for that.

OH! And also, I have a theory about the time travel Zelena plans to do, which may or may not happen. So Zelena is under the belief that Regina just had everything handed to her, that her sister just lived this amazing life, but we all know that isn’t true. If Zelena goes back in time, is it possible that she will witness the events that have unfolded over the span of Regina’s life and come to realize that Regina did not have it nearly as easy as she once had thought, and dare I say become more sympathetic toward her sister? Just a thought, we shall see how this all plays out

Read more of Gabriel’s comments on the blog post at http://onceuponatimepodcast.com/222

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Hi Jeff and Colleen,

First off, I think I speak for all your listeners in saying – thank you both for your great podcast.


What a great episode. We had resolution on many questions, Henry’s memory, the whereabouts of the book, who sent the note and potion to Hook, who cast the Dark Curse, and what can stop Zelena. We also met Glinda, and learned the importance of Zelena’s emerald pendant. Talk about a full episode, but it never felt forced or rushed.

But truly this episode was about Snow and Charming’s love. From the snowbell flower moment, to Charming’s sacrifice, to Snow pleading with Regina to take and split her heart. Snow pleading to Regina was so similar to when she was a little girl and was pleading at her mother’s bedside for her not to die. Yup, this episode has some heart felt moments.

So we see Moe’s Game of Thorns flower truck, Zelena with a red rose, Charming and Snow with snowbell flowers, and Henry placing a red rose on his dad’s headstone. I’m open to any thoughts as to why the use of flowers in this episode?

The “purveyor of the strongest light magic” can stop Zelena. Well, I love Emma, but me thinks this job will fall to….Regina. She now has a family and true love. I believe that once she gets her heart (which I believe will now be red), she will be powerful enough to stop Zelena.

So Regina’s comment to Robin about “wait till I have my heart.” Is that a foreshadow. Maybe that’s why the last hour of the finale will be later in the evening (bow chicka wow wow).



Hello guys hope you’ve had a lovely week! This episode and I have a love hate relationship I loved it yet hated the end (and still loved the end bc angst)

Rumple was perfect this episode

You failed you failed failed failed failed failed failed failed did I mention you failed?

Outlaw queen:

I love and adore outlaw queen and the fact that they were acting like teenagers. And I do love their scenes in the lost year bc he does not back down. She is snarky at him and he snarks right back. Plus the face he makes when Snow takes his side is priceless.

Some people say it’s happening too fast that Regina is getting everything too easy but I trust A&E are doing this for a reason. Regina didn’t think she was capable of love, of a soulmate, of being happy. I really think that for now we’re going to be seeing a happy Regina in regards to her love life. She needs to feel what it’s like to have that love and be cherished in that way. I think the drama for them is next season.

The couples on this show have a clear path

Snowing- angst then happiness
Captain Swan – slowest slow burn to ever slow burn then happiness (I predict is coming in the finale)
Rumbelle – angst angst angst angst happiness angst angst angst (poor bbs)
Outlaw Queen- happiness then angst (then prob happiness again)

Why? Because Regina is going to have to fight for her love now that she knows she can have love. That it is possible.

Snowing (I apologize for any cursing that might occur I do love snowing)

First in the past:

While that scene broke my heart and made me cry and the end result was extremely cheesy but adorable and I loved it and I love Regina’s role in all that.. Let’s look at the plan itself.

First I’m kind of po’ed that they hadn’t thought of Emma until they needed her, like oh look you do have another kid right. The plan itself was actually kind of stupid. Cursing the land again? How where you going to get Emma if you were cursed? Don’t you recall that you couldn’t actually leave Storybrooke and this time Regina would be cursed too so she wouldn’t be able to leave either? I love all 3 of you but I have a feeling not one of you was thinking straight.

I don’t think they were putting up an act honestly I think it just proves that Snow was waiting for him to mess up. She’s never given him a chance or anything along those lines.

A friends tags on the GIFSET of the scene in the ep with the scene of him telling them he ASSUMED it was from them say it all.

Snow’s look is so condescending I want to punch a wall. There is a part of me that tries to remember Emma is her daughter and they are going to be wary of anyone who so much as looks at her add to the fact that yes Hook messed up and I want to tell myself to calm down. but ************** she’s never given him a chance#and she was all aboard the Neal train even though that ****** was the reason for all of Emma’s trust issues#so that’s never sat well with me#fast forward to now I feel like she’s just been waiting for him to mess up#she jumped at this chance#and it makes me mad okay#because snow freaking white sees the good in everyone and everything#but for some reason#she refuses to open her eyes when it comes to this man#she’s so quick to disregard him#to think the worst#and it really rubs me the wrong way#makes me wants to ********** punch a wall#and sit Snow (and Charming) down#and knock a little damn sense into them#and I say all of this with love#because I truly do like both of them

You can sort of understand Charming and Emma bc they are the same they are punch first then punch again then ask questions and Charming came in at the end of their convo. He’s an overprotective father but still this man is his friend and they didn’t even let him explain himself

What stood out to me the most is Jennifer Morrison’s expressions

Right when everyone starts yelling at him about the message and he defends himself; Jennifer Morrison portrayed this moment astoundingly because she made sure viewers could see Emma’s perplexity through her expressions. You could see that she feels terrible because she realizes she was too harsh with him and now everyone’s pointing fingers at him. She’s thinking about her words and the intensity of them, and realizing she didn’t mean it.

In the next cut to her face you could really see the way Morrison subtly plays Emma’s guilt — she says it all with her eyes. Emma does trust him. She’s just angry, scared, and she acted on impulse (just as Killian did with Henry). They’re kindred, they understand each other, and they know the other’s intentions incredibly well. She sees the honesty in his defense because she’s lived it. He found her, saved her, and she knows that he’s telling the truth — regardless of who sent the message he did exactly what they told him too: he brought her home. She knows that’s a selfless act no one else has done for her. She’s both frustrated and apologetic. Again, she knows this man’s heart and where he’s coming from, but a disappointment from him is the worst because he’s her person. Even before Walsh, Killian’s the first man she’s trusted in a long time, thus one little thing sets her back because of how much he truly means to her. There’s a noted saying that states it’s often easier to get mad at those we’re closest to because we know they’ll always be there. Even with her walls up high, she knows he’s there — a lot of times it’s her fears, years of loneliness, and traumatic past that speak for her instead of her heart. Point being, she sees that she’s hurt him and she’s not okay with that. And come next week, these two will be back to normal.

Neal Cassidy everybody, I’ve been hard on him from time to time but damn moments like this remind me why I loved him (and how he honestly was the only one thinking with his brain in the past)

…Till I got a message…
…We didn’t send you any message…
…For getting Emma the message to come back…
…I came back to save YOU…
Hook didn’t even realize that Neal was thanking him for doing what he knew he would and could do…which was to find Emma and bring her back. Yes, Neal doesn’t remember in these scenes when he’s thanking him, but before the curse, he knew that this would ultimately save his family. Hook thinks he’s just thanking him for helping Emma, not realizing that Neal was the one that sent the message. Neal KNEW when he was sending the potion,that Hook would save her because of his love for Emma. It’s almost like Neal is trusting the love of his life to be with Killian. He knows they’re true love. Why else would he send it to Hook?

In the first episode we saw him Neal got a message saying that the curse was broken that he could go get Emma, but he didn’t. Here you have Neal sending a message to Killian telling him to go find Emma because he knows that this man can fnid her and save her. He is not trying to find the Charmings or anyone else, it’s Killian Jones, because this is true love and even Neal has an idea that this is it and he’s the only one who can find Emma. Do what he couldn’t do because unlike him, Killian can find her. The first pigeon told him the curse was broken, the other one was sent to tell Killian about the new curse so he could save Emma. Neal did great here because he gave Emma her best chance by sending her her true love after her,

Captain swan

This “fight” between Captain Swan is so good for them because it’ll once and for all prove that Killian’s actions are always in favor of Emma’s happiness. And even though telling her would’ve been the right thing, she’ll understand why he was as conflicted and frightened as he was — kissing him this time will be about trusting him with her mind, body, and soul. She still trusts him, she’s merely upset, and when she reflects on things she’ll see his side with the realization that he’s trying to protect her the way she was trying to protect Henry. He wasn’t giving her the full story because he believed it was best. She’ll see that she’s not only his true love but that both her and Henry’s happiness are his number one priority.

Scene I: ”We have to wait for Hook”. All that needs to be said about this is that Killian’s family — surprise surprise and it’s adorable that Emma’s the one who says it because he’s her partner.

Scene II: Hook and Henry. While making the decision to assist Henry wasn’t the wisest thing Killian’s done, he acted on impulse and it was still done through pure intentions. He wanted to protect him and momentarily didn’t know any other way but getting him out of Storybrooke — especially since he’s the witch’s first target.

Scene III: Truth Time. Yay. Emma calling Hook Killian again is a gorgeous thing because it’s now something she’s used to, and if you notice, she does say Hook, too. It’s when she’s serious that she uses his real name — it’s a way of changing the tone between them and that’s remarkably telling of how far they’ve come. Additionally when Emma says she can’t trust him, it’s impulsive and momentarily. We’ve all said and done things while upset that we didn’t actually mean. Emma’s well aware of the fact that he’s done everything in the best way he knew how to. By saying she no longer trusts him, she made certain that she already did and if she did once, it won’t be long until she forgives his mistake.

Fundamentally, what this week’s episode did was demonstrate just how alike Killian and Emma are — even more than we’ve thought before. They’re both selfless people who consider things somewhat selfishly —I hope this makes sense— but their intentions don’t come from a malicious place but rather a place of love. And at times, they may think they’re doing the best thing for someone else/themselves, but it’s not always the case. It’s completely normal to have people knock some sense into you. It’s what love does. When one person’s wrong, the other says it. Just like Killian would tell Emma that going to New York wasn’t the best option, she was doing the same by telling him he needed to share the information. The issues they face before their happy ending are entirely natural — they’re learning how to trust one another with even the most difficult situations. Emma’s fears and walls make complete sense, one little thing and she’s going to freak out because she wants to trust him more than anything. If he didn’t mean a great deal to her, she wouldn’t care like this. But he’s her person, she’s going to be even more frightened when something comes from him because her feelings for him are undeniable at this point and they’re constantly growing.

Lastly, the most interesting part of Killian revealing the curse was that he turned it back around to Emma. He didn’t talk about him or his pain or the fact that Zelena did it because of how much he loves her. He substantiated his love for her by uplifting her — making sure she knows that the threat was merely because she’s the most powerful and through that he illuminated his selfless love for her once more. He proved that her happiness is most significant.

Plus Killian’s choices as stupid as they were high parallel season 1 when Emma herself kidnapped Henry and wanted to take him out of Storybrooke. They are both experiencing the moment of doubt (the hero always faces a moment of doubt before coming out on top)

Everything else with the exception of Zelena and Killian’s curse has been resolved so now the focus is going to be on both of those two..

A thing to remember is that CaptainSwan is Adam and Eddy’s baby.. They built them from scratch from their fave fairy tales and they are the couple they have been the most careful with. They give them the promotion both Colin and Jen adore this ship and adore working together. Remember A&E wanted the rights for season 1 but couldn’t get them till season 2 hence why he showed up in season 2.

They recreated Captain Hook with hints of Han Solo and Dreaded Pirate Roberts and gave him the greatest redemption arc on this show (being the first “baddie” to apologize). They’ve been at this since the doctor back in season 2, it was made evident in episodes like Tallahassee and in the name of the brother not to mention the season 2 finale. Then there was Neverland where it was the forefront along with saving Henry, they’ve gotten the failed TLK and shown us that Killian Jones is the only character to put Emma first. This couple is important to them and that means they wanted to do it right.

Xoxo Maii



Hi Jeff and Colleen,
Oh, that WICKED witch! Having our Hook hog-tied and thrown into the trunk of that “pimp mobile” like a sack of potatoes. What a ________!!! (rhymes with “witch)
I cannot wait until someone smashes her emerald pendant and tosses a bucket of well water on her.

And poor Hook cannot seem to get a break as far as getting credit for trying to protect Henry and do the right thing, not from Emma or anyone else for that matter.
But I must say that he does a great job of arching that eyebrow of his to emphasize his point just as an old fav of mine, Mr. Spock, (Leonard Nimoy for those of you too young to get the reference!) used to do to great advantage in Star Trek.

And I had to reach for my box of tissues again during the scene where Charming gives up his heart to enact the curse. Josh and Ginny did an amazing job.

Lastly, I have to admit that you had me laughing during your previous podcast where you expressed your dismay at the fact that some people watching ONCE did not get the Liberace reference because they were too young. I can fully sympathize in that, yes, I can remember TV being in black and white with “rabbit ears” when I was a kid watching programs like the original Mickey Mouse Club with Annette Funicello and Disney’s Zorro, Then how thrilled I was when my family got our first color TV and watching one of my favorites, Disney’s Wonderful World of Color. So, Jeff and Colleen…..I feel your pain! LOL!!
Take care,



Digging deeper in the grime,
finding gold one podcast at a time.
Hello Jeff and Colleen, here are the Things I learned on the episode A Curious Thing.

#1. Aurora and Philip could
potentially have a flying baby.

#2. Haggis-Dazs has found it’s true

#3. Footwear is the most powerful
magic after true love.

#4. It would be wise for Henry to
never bring a pet over Regina’s

#5. Wicked Witches and Time
Traveling Holy Wars should be
a book on the New York Time
Best Sellers list.

#6. Lana’s body double is getting
more screen time than she is.

#7. You don’t need 15 years of
medical training to become a
cardiac surgeon when you have

#8. Pine cones can be used as

#9. Only amateurs use a cheap
cloaking spell when making

#10. When you’re at the edge of the
Dark Forest trying to stop your
imminent doom, don’t forget
to stop and smell the roses.

Now for some Observations and Burning Questions.


Snow told Aurora and Philip, “If we don’t, we give into fear”. In The Phantom Menace, Yoda says, “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” I guess fear also leads to be turned into a flying monkey. Maybe next time they won’t trust a Wicked Witch and will warn them ahead of time.

Henry mentions he wants to play his Gameboy. This seems really strange since the Gameboy name was discontinued in 2005 and replaced with the Nintendo DS. Henry recently had been living in New York so it’s safe to say he had the newest technology. Maybe he bought it off Ebay? I would have thought the writers would have caught something like this. I know it’s silly but to a gamer, it just sounded ridiculous and outdated.

The wanted sign for Snow actually applies now, at least the murder part anyhow. I can’t believe she went through with killing Charming! I understood the sacrifice but I couldn’t get over how they rushed to that conclusion so fast!

image (3)

Glinda told Snow, “Now you hold not one pure heart but two. I sense powerful magic there.” Since we know Snow is not magical, this answers the question, “Will their baby have magic just like Emma?”.

Seeing Regina’s heartbroken reaction over Charming and Snow’s conversation about him giving up his heart was devastating. I has to shout out, “Please, throw a fireball or something Regina! Your tearing my heart out here.”

image (10)

We heard that Zelena made her choice when she gave into her Dark Magic. This sounds a lot like Anakin Skywalker choice to give into the Dark Side.

Cap man looks exactly like Carl Fredricksen from the Pixar movie Up. Once is wife Elie passes away, his real adventure may begin. Maybe he will reveal that he is the author of the book.

image (2)

The killing of the flying monkeys made no sense to me but I have found a way to deal with it. The way I see it is, instead of asking whatever happened to so-and-so all the time, I’m just going to throw them into the flying monkey massacre category. So in this episode we saw the death of Anton, Ashley & Sean, Nicholas, Ava & Michael Tillman, King George, Sidney Glass, Mulan, Aurora & Philip, and Nova. Yes it’s sad, but at least we now know what happened and can move on, rest in peace my friends 🙁

I love how “crossbow” Granny just sits in the background knitting a blanket, not saying a word at the round table. The look she gives could be interpreted, “I’m doing MY part”.

image (8)

When you think about Henry’s potential stepdads, they are all very well known. You’ve got The Wizard of Oz, Robin Hood and Captain Hook. What kid wouldn’t think that was awesome!

We were told that we would see another death before the season is over and I hope you guys are right in predicting it might be Charming. I don’t think we can take another major death again. Even the death teases are getting tiresome at this point.

Did anyone check out the bear in Rumpel’s castle? It was to the left of the door Robin shot with an arrow. I’m thinking it’s one of the three bears. Rumple could have easily pulled off the part of Goldilocks.


Zelena was born with great power but how or why?

What was Gold doing with all those tools in the back of his trunk?

image (12)

Why didn’t Snow, David and Regina look for Ariel to send a message to Emma? Was there no sea shell around to call her with?

Who banished Glinda?

There is a magic door in a forest that leads to a world filled with snow. Could this be Narnia?

– Brad


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