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Intro: Ahoy Mateys!

Episode Name: There’s No Place Like Home

Episode Number: 230

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in the terms of the musical episode.. Colin was in a band called the enemies so that’s another one =)

Plus Jane Epenson worked on BTVS which has the best musical ep of all time so it would be done right


does anyone else think that Neal might come back now that Prince Neal’s name has been revealed?

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Okay so just three things really bugged me about this episode. I really don’t like that they brought back Robin’s wife. I totally get that Regina will go through some kind of trial because love isn’t easy but this just makes it feel really awkward. It’s almost like they were running out of ideas so they decided to do this. Also I don’t like how they changed the past. I thought that the pilot was so unique and it just hooked me the first time I watched it but now it just feels wrong. And finally, Frozen. This is what mainly is making me upset. Frozen hasn’t been out for a whole year yet; yet they are using it? I feel like the show has “jumped the shark” This is my favorite show of all time and I just hope they are careful. On a happier note, Prince Neal. No words. Just perfection.


What if the new realm we visit in season four is Camelot and Snow and Charming name their son Arthur and he becomes King Arthur?

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Okay so my email was getting long so I knew I had to put my thoughts on that final CS scene elsewhere
J- The Hero, and the No Longer Lost Girl and the Price.
Reminder of Season 3 Promo posters

Believe that a pirate can be a hero
Believe that a lost girl can find her way home
Those 2 where culminated in that scene, he’s her hero, he’s a hero and most importantly he’s her home and she is his. Those lost souls the abandoned lost boy and the lost girl neither had a good life but now they’ve found a home in each other.
She thanks him for coming back to NY and then she asks him how he did it and he tells her how he outran the curse (I’m one hell of a captain) I was all for her finding out and when it happened I literally texted Lexi IT’S HAPPENING and I’m so glad they did the reveal after Emma realized what home to her was.
Killian: They are if you’ve got something of value to trade
Emma: and what was that?
Killian: Why the Jolly Roger of course
Emma: You traded your ship for me?
Killian: Aye
This scene is so meaningful and my favorite in the entire 2 hrs of the finale. Because Killian Jones is not one to admit it when he does things right (remember back in good form?) and this time he admits it knowing he can’t deny anything anymore. It wasn’t just his life it was his home it’s where the last memories of Milah and Liam are.. and he traded it all for her. And the look on her face, this is a person who’s not used to people putting her first and there’s this infuriating man who not only puts her first but he doesn’t run away from her when she pushes him away and he always comes back to her. He traded his home so that he could bring her home. That’s the moment her walls completely fall down at his feet. It’s such a beautiful moment and I’m still not over it.
The kiss in Neverland focuses on Killian’s expressions bc this is the moment he realizes he’s falling for her but in this kiss the camera focuses on Emma’s face. This is the moment she realizes she’s found her home.
The reason there aren’t enough words to describe this kiss is because of how immaculate it truly is. It was about coming home to each other and accepting that no matter what life throws at them they’ve got someone to perpetually lean on, to grow with, and to challenge themselves with.
In the beginning of the season we saw Captain Jones stealing the Jolly Roger because of the lost of the most important person in his life (Liam) and now we saw him trading the Jolly Roger to get back to the most important person in his life (Emma)
When we met, I wasn’t just unloved and unloving. I was an enemy of love. Love had only brought me pain. My walls were up, but you brought them down. You brought me home.
This is so beautiful because it fits both of them so well because they were both enemies of love. Emma because of the pain Neal had left her in and Killian because of losing Milah and later Emma (Love brings nothing but wasted years and endless torment – The Jolly Roger).. Love had only brought them pain whether it was by losing who they loved or be being betrayed by them. Both of their walls were up in the sky and yet both of them brought them down. Killian brought down Emma’s walls just like Emma brought down Hook’s. From the first moment they met, they felt the connection and here it was made real. There was no running away and it was beautiful.
Plus their smiles, their smiles say it all.. When was the last time we saw either of them that happy? I don’t quite remember.. But the joy in their faces is there and they are both smiling as they pull away and yet they go back to kissing because now that the line has been crossed they don’t want to stop. For two people (mostly Emma) not big on PDA they are making out in front of Granny’s and yet they don’t care bc they have each other and that’s all they need.
Both of them were lost and found a home with each other, because there’s no place like home… *I’m not crying, you’re crying* ok yes I still cry every time I see this scene and I might have cried writing this..they’ve come such a long way and for someone who’s loved them since before they met (I thought they were going to be a crackship and started shipping them since before the crocodile aired) this is quite the pay off..
Hope you guys are having a lovely week!
Evil Panda

Hello Jeff and Colleen first of all, I wanted to say that I love your podcast and your inputs on each episode and secondly, I would like to apologize in advance for this long email. So you could summarize it if you want. Lol. I loved the episode and the surprise ending (assuming that person in the surprise ending is who the majority of the fans think she is) but hated the not so surprising ending with Regina.

I have two things that I wanted to get both of your opinions on. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been Team Regina since season 1, but was I the only one that was wondering why Hook was giving Emma credit for everything that happened before the finale?
I mean if you think about it, Regina and Rumpel did most of the heavy lifting. Regina was the one who saved Henry in Neverland, saved the town from Pans Curse, broke Zelenas/Snowings Curse, and stopped her.
And Rumpel was the one who killed both Pan and Zelena. All Emma really did was bring Henry back into town.
Have Regina and Rumpel become the Iron Man and Hulk to Emma’s Captain America?
Lol. Also, did you catch the part where Snow mentioned Cora and Daniel during her scene with Regina? It sounded like Snow might’ve known about Cora killing Daniel, but I thought that Snow technically didn’t even know truth about what happened to Daniel until Regina tells her later in the timeline in An Apple Red as Blood?

Email points:


I’m one of the odd ones that is excited about the season 4 being Frozen, but i do not think it will be frozen as we know it. Frozen was very loosely based on a fairy tale titled the Ice Queen and I think they will likely use more from that. That way they can use the name recognition from Frozen to draw in new viewers and still have a morally grey “Elsa” without making Disney’s Elsa evil. I’m sure they will have a lot of Disney Frozen jokes (like they did with Ariel) but i think/hope that’s about as far as they go with it.
Love the show,



I haven’t emailed yet this season, but I have been listening. I liked this season so much better than last season in Neverland. However, I was so disappointed with the ending. I knew changing the fate of the woman in the jail was a bad idea, but I never expected that it would be Maid Marion. I was so happy for Regina. Finally found her happy ending and a new love of her life. Then for it to end that way. I just wanted to scream. I already hate Marion on about the same level that Coleen hated Tamara in the Neverland season. I just want her gone. Also, from the scenes in the jail and forest, she did not seems as if she was a character that I liked very well. I don’t know what it was about her, but I just did not like her.

At the end when Regina confronted Emma and said lets just hope that’s all you brought back, my first thought was that she was implying that Emma needs to hope that by bringing Marion back and causing her to lose Robin, that this does not bring back the Evil Queen. So that statement may have had a double meaning.

As to what/who Emma did bring back, I was trying to think of Evil sorceresses/witches/etc who would be associated with ice. It was mentioned that when Glinda was banished north and they went through the door, it looked like a Narnia reference. Wonder if this is the queen from that land.

I tried to think of fairy tale lands. We have done enchanted forest, neverland, and oz. I don’t think we will have Wonderland and Agraba since they did that in the Once Upon a Time in Wonderland series. So Narnia seems to be a good land to go to. I don’t know if they will go the Frozen angel as this is a relatively new show and not everyone will be familiar with that story. I think they will stick more to the tried and true stories that are older and most people will have knowledge of.

Cant wait for next season,



Well I just looked it up and I guess we are going to get Frozen for season 4. Will be a new experience for me and my friends that watch this as none of us have seen Frozen.

Coleen, we need a hiatus update-since you have seen Frozen, give us a quick podcast rundown of the story. Just an idea.



Hellooo guys! How are you? The joy of this finale (and the fact that I had my last wk of school for the rest of my life..no more credits left to do, college is over! finally..)

This was my favorite ep of the finale it was gorgeous and it was perfect and I literally could not breathe after it and I think I’ve watched it more times than I can count (prob more than is healthy oh well).. and seriously my voice was this high pitch mess for like half an hr after it ended and I thought it was hilarious (well my bff lexi thought it was hilarious bc I was sending her voice recordings in whatsapp) bc I literally couldn’t form words and I just kept rocking back and forth.

I loved killian’s inclusion in the scenes.. “My Princess” I died I won’t lie.

“My princess” — this wasn’t a necessary statement that’d served the plot as he could’ve said something along the lines of Princess Leia or someone I know. But the importance of saying my princess shows that she’s just that to Killian. Since the moment they’ve met he’s been captivated by every part of her being, the orphan, the pirate, the badass, the savior, and even the inner princess she’s never felt she was. He’s seen it all, welcomed and adored it all. And to him, this very moment was his way of not showing possession but illuminating the utmost pride he has in merely knowing her.

Captain Charming

I loved this scene so much and I need them to touch back on this conversation later.
“I’d go to the ends of the world for her, or time” and Charming giving him his blessing unknowingly and Killian’s “I hope you remember that”

At the end of the day, Killian’s the only man Charming’s ever formed a bond with — the only man he’s gotten to know outside of the dwarves and townspeople. The conversations that they’ve shared are things he hasn’t had with anyone else, and the significance behind the reasoning is that Killian’s essentially Emma’s true love. And while no one will ever be good enough for his baby girl, Killian’s the only man whose heart he knows. Even though he didn’t know in the moment, what man wouldn’t appreciate another for declaring that he’d go to the ends of the world and time for a woman he loves. It also served to demonstrate that no matter where or how the two men meet, they’re bound to form a friendship because of how similar they are.

The rescue scene was perfect because it reminded us that while Emma can save herself, Killian will always come back for her.

Their reactions were perfect like Swan what are you doing, you’re making me look bad in front of my mate.

Snow gets “burned” at the stake

All of Emma’s life, every battle, hardship, moment she needed a shoulder to cry on, no one was there. Not until now.

Emma is about to watch her own Mother burn at the stake, right in front of her eyes. When Killian figures out what is about to happen, he immediately grabs her and pulls her in close to him. Not slow, not cautiously, but instinctively, protectively and quick. She’s about to experience the hardest, heart wrenching moment in her life, and all he can do is hold her. It’s protective, it’s his instinct. He loves her so much, and when he sees what’s about to happen, he holds her as tight as he can, not to let her know things are gonna be okay, but to let her know she is NOT going through this one alone, that he is right there, right beside her, holding her. His heart is breaking for her, but he’s not gonna let her fall. When she breaks, he will be right there to hold her together. It’s just truly a very beautiful moment. I cry.

and then later in the woods the scene continues to be beautiful

How beautiful is it that Killian didn’t even think twice before opening up his old wounds to comfort her and make sure she doesn’t give into darkness? A man who brushed off the death of his brother, when she asked him to open up about it and talk to her. These two literally kill me and Colin/Jen were so beautiful with their expressions.

There is so much sincerity with the way Killian is comforting her and there is so much gratitude in Emma’s eyes towards Killian for just being there and trying…even know they both know nothing would make her feel better.

When Snow didn’t recognize her Killian went to her and wiped her tears and it was a truly beautiful moment

Emma seeing Snowing falling in love
“It’s okay Swan not everyone gets the chance to watch their parents fall in love”

This moment right here is so important. This is the moment that Emma Swan, a woman who has been abandoned and betrayed countless time in her life, realizes how much she cares for Killian Jones. She’s just witnessed her parents falling in love and that raw, undeniable emotion has awoken her senses. You can see in the way that she looks at him, shyly glancing at him to gauge his reaction to the scene unfolding in front of them. She has just realized that the man standing next to her has never once let her down. From the moment they met they had a connection and since then he’s unfailingly been by her side – supporting her, encouraging her, believing in her when she didn’t even believe in herself. He’s made his feelings known to her on several occasions but never until now did she fully accept that those feelings were mutual. This man quite literally crossed through realms and time to be with her and that scares the hell out of her – you can see in her eyes that she’s terrified to open herself up to someone else for fear of being hurt yet again. But also there, behind the fear, is hope. Because for the first time in a very long time she just knows that she has someone – someone who would do everything and more for her; someone who would never let her down; someone who, if she allowed him to, would be her home. And for Emma Swan, a woman who has been searching tirelessly for a place to call home from the moment she was brought into this world, that is everything. Her eyes are completely full of awe and adoration in this shot, all directed at him, as she finally accepts that she is in love with Killian Jones: the man, the pirate, the hero.
We are told that true love is powerful enough to transcend realms and break any curse. But for Emma Swan, the power of her parents’ true love is able to show her that she, herself, is capable of love and how happy it could make her. And I think that’s beautiful.

Using a quote from a review from “http://mgcircles.com/post/85548221326/once-upon-a-time-3×21-snow-drifts-and-3×22-theres” to describe this scene

When it comes to Jennifer Morrison’s portrayal of Emma, there are not enough words to describe the amount of emotions she’s able to inflict upon the viewers through her realistically passionate depictions. By her portrayal Morrison’s made Emma the kind of character that no matter the occasion, whether happy or sad, when she cries, we cry. Morrison’s delivery of the lines above were masterful – the childlike innocence and loneliness she projected through the expressions that justified her words broke her free from the chains in her past as she chose to fight for the people she loves most. And what also made the scene profoundly gorgeous, was the wondrously poignant smile she wore when Emma notices Killian’s pride in her. This was the moment where Emma truly saw just how proud he is of exactly who she is, and it’s the moment where she begins to see herself as he does. O’Donoghue has always brought forth Killian’s utmost sincerity to life remarkably as his portrayal has allowed the audience to feel Killian’s unwavering love and support for Emma.

Her magic came back because she finally accepted who she was and it was beautiful and the proud and joyous look on Killian’s face when he tells her to look down and see the wand is priceless.

I don’t know why Neal because honestly Snowing didn’t know him at all, they shared at most 2 scenes and it’s a bit weird to name your son after your daughter’s ex boyfriend is kinda weird and creepy, I would have preferred Graham or something else but it was still better than the alternative.

Although I am laughing at the fact that if Emma is Leia and Killian is Han does that make Neal, Luke…because he is technically her brother now?

Outlaw Queen

Guys this is actually a good thing! I’ve been saying this since OQ got together it was too fast too easy I knew the angst was coming. Every other couple has had to face obstacles, Rumbelle, Snowing, Captain Swan has had troubles since they met back in early season 2 it was obvious they would get angst too.. “True love isn’t easy but it must be fought for” “the course of true love never did run smooth”. This is giving them both a chance to prove their love can withstand the obstacles and it will be beautiful.

Emma saved an innocent woman from a probably horrible death.. She didn’t save her bc she’s the savior but bc she’s her parents daughter she’s a good person who would never leave an innocent to die. I have faith in Regina, she’s going to realize that Emma did the right thing and hell she didn’t throw a fireball at her or anything! Progress!

This is the same as MM/David/Kathryn.. Robin is the one that will need to make a choice and we’ll get development on his part. We’ll get to see if Regina’s redemption is true or just a smoke screen. Regina had MURDERED Marian, her boyfriend’s first wife…That was going to come up eventually and I don’t think OQ could get through that.

Robin going to her when he saw her was a normal reaction, he thought she was dead for 30 years, Roland saw his mother again their reaction was perfectly understandable .. And they spent the entire season
The scene with the charmings is so beautiful bc one year later (technically 2 bc of lost yr) and she’s finally calling them mom and dad and I was just like blown away by the emotions…

Once she was home, with her son, with her parents, with her family, Emma was still missing Hook in the dinner, that she looked back and saw, someone is missing.
You never know it’s home until you miss it, and she felt his absence, more than once during the different episodes, and in this one, she felt his absence next to her, she missed him.
He’s her home.

Emma meta

I’m not much of a rumbelle fan both their vows destroyed me, and they fit each of their couples so well.. these are OUATs endgame couples. It was such a beautiful moment and the score by Mark Isham was breathtaking (Called True Love’s Theme)

Sometimes the best book has the dustiest jacket and sometimes the best tea cup is chipped..

As always lovely hearing you guys!

Love, Maii


Ahoy Jeff, Colleen, and Lady
The season finale was great.
It’s great to see that Emma finally feels she has a home – what a long journey to get to this point. Regina has also been on a long journey, and appears (up until the last 5 minutes of the show) had everything she wanted, family and love. But of course, we need drama, so why not throw a monkey wrench into Regina’s happy ending by bringing Robin’s wife into the story! Poor Regina. I really can’t see Regina slipping back into her old evil ways. So it will be interesting to see how this plays out.
Emma appears happy now, as she has a home, a family, is in the book, and has her man (Hook). It was nice to see her smiling at the end. It doesn’t seem she gets to do that much.
I was thinking about season three overall, and I still believe the #1 biggest moment/reveal had to be the scene where Malcolm transforms into his younger self and is revealed to be Peter Pan, as poor little Rumple watches on. Wow, that was heart wrenching and a huge surprise. My favorite Regina quip of the season: “and what, you’ll win her over with your rainbow kisses and unicorn stickers”. Classic Regina, and I couldn’t image anyone else delivering that line other than Lana.
Season four is looking to be really “cool”.
Summer’s almost here, so put your toes in the sand, kick back, and enjoy some cocktails, or pirate rum, with good friends.


Hello Jeff & Colleen,

I believe Adam and Eddie used their own version of “follow the lady” mis-direction on us in these final two episodes. I was totally focused on trying to figure out who the mystery woman Emma saved could be. I just assumed she was going to be vital in the story of whoever was going to be the next big bad to face our Storybrooke characters next season. So I never really paid much attention to the significance of the urn Hook picked up. In fact, even after viewing the episode a second time, I did not see that urn get pulled off the table and into the portal. When we got the shot of it laying in the dirt in the barn and popping open to release the liquid inside, I was definitely surprised that the apparent villain had nothing to do with the mystery lady. And even more so when I realized who the new character would be since I would never have guessed they would go with so recent a Disney character as Elsa. But it makes perfect sense for them to do so when they can capitalize on the current popularity of Frozen and possibly pull in more viewers & higher ratings for ONCE.

I had to laugh when you called the liquid blue character the “blue terminator” in your podcast because, frankly, that is exactly what it looked like to me as well. I assume that the CGI artists were trying to go for a look of water on the point of freezing, but I don’t think they quite succeeded.

After the episode aired, I finally watched Frozen. Hate to say it but I was underwhelmed by the movie’s music, the way the lead female characters were drawn and the fact there is no memorable evil villain. I could go on, but that’s for a different podcast. My main point is, in the movie, Elsa is not an evil character, just a sad, misunderstood girl who shuts herself off from her sister and the world. So, if Eddie and Adam are setting her up to be the next “big bad” to set foot in Storybrooke, are they going to put a different spin on her character to take her to the dark side as they did with Peter Pan? I would say from the way she ripped off those blue gloves and flicked out her hand with a spurt of ice she is none too happy so Storybrooke is in for a long cold & icy winter!

Note to Jeff: Not that I am pushing for a musical episode, but “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer” did a one to great effect.

Even though you said you were disappointed at the ending, Jeff, happy endings make for boring story-lines so they have to write conflicts and road-blocks for our characters in order to keep things exciting and us tuning in every week.

Finally, I really want to THANK YOU, Jeff and Colleen, for all of your efforts to put out such an enjoyable and entertaining podcast. Now-a-days, everyone leads very hectic lives so for you to make the time and the work to put out a twice-weekly podcast for us ONCE fans is VERY much appreciated!!! Your podcast adds so much to my enjoyment of the show. I do so look forward to hearing not only you, Jeff and Colleen, but also fans like Brad and Mye, who always have such thoughtful and humorous comments to add. THANK YOU! HAVE A WONDERFUL SUMMER!! And I am sure we will all be waiting in great anticipation for the next season of ONCE. (That’s such a long time for me to wait for my “Hook fix”!!!)

Your Captain/Swan-shipping podcast fan,

P.S. My first-mate, Max, sends his regards to Lady!


Hello Jeff and Colleen, this is a bittersweet moment as we say goodbye to season 3. Here are the things I learned in the episode There’s No Place Like Home.

#1. It’s all about the tumblers baby!

#2. The caterers who were hired to
cook the mutton for the ball,
need to be fired.

#3. A man should never be deprived
of a dashing rescue.

#4. Don’t upset Snow while she’s
carrying small or sharp objects.

#5. The Blue Fairy is fluent in bug.

#6. Someone needs to make Marian
quietly disappear. Maybe Ashley
Boyd can help her out with that.

#7. It takes a hell of a captain to out
run a curse.

#8. Hitting a person in the head with
a log is the quickest way to end
a disagreement.

#9. Snow has been cursed,
poisoned, stabbed and set on
fire by Regina.

#10. Elsa doesn’t look like she’s in
Storybrooke to build a


Emma stated in Snow Drifts that she didn’t see herself in the book, only fairytales. It was awesome to see that by the end of There’s No Place Like Home, she actually found her place in the book, in more ways than one.

image (17)

Hook has been in Storybrooke since season 2, yet he has no idea who Ruby is when confronted by her in the Enchanted Forest. He should’ve slipped up like Emma did when she saw Belle and Regina.

Regina says you better hope to hell you didn’t bring anything “else” back. Just a coincidence of words?

Speaking of Elsa, I believe that she will be a villain but not because she wants to be. She was trapped in Rumple’s vault which is where he kept the magic that was too dark and unpredictable. I don’t know about her being too dark but definitely unpredictable and misunderstood. If she lived a life of concealing her powers and hiding her feelings, then this may be the first time she is free. Now in the future, with no family, who can she trust? She may appear to be a villain, who is actually trying to protect herself. I’m looking forward to seeing how Frozen is woven in. I think it’s the perfect storyline for Once Upon A Time.

The wand that Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother had was the one taken by Robin in Lacey. It has also been
in many other scenes including Gold’s dream, when he used it to turn Henry into porcelain. However, it was not the wand given to Emma by Rumpel. This was actually the black fairy’s wand.

image (6)

image (5)

A lot of people think that having Marian in the jail cell was inconsistent with the story. They incorrectly believe that Marian died because of her sickness. What actually happened was, while Marian was pregnant, Robin stole a wand from Rumpel’s castle to heal her (This would be the wand from the episode, The Price of Gold) She delivers Rolan but somehow dies years later, which Robin says is his fault.

If you downloaded the episodes from Itunes, the opening card for Snow Drifts and There’s No Place Like Home both show Zelena’s time portal but the live version had a Swan title in between both episodes.

image (18)

When I first saw Gold and Belle’s wedding I was so distracted by him lying to Belle that I looked right past the wedding and didn’t appreciate it at all. I was frustrated with him and thought the wedding was just a show. It wasn’t until I went back and watched it a second time that I realized their wedding vows were being visualized by each couple. The way Rumple and Belle looked at each other made me realize he really meant the words he said and may even be ashamed of what he has done. The vows, the beautiful music and happy couples would have been a perfect place to end the season but the show needed a “hook” to lead into season 4.

We all know that Michael Socha will be in season 4. My thoughts are that he may first appear in flashbacks to Robin’s backstory that bring him into the present.

I really liked Dave from Michigan’s theory on your Kansas podcast about how Emma would change something in the past and it would effect the future, such as Henry never being born or Graham still being alive. Rumpel called it the ripple effect. This is where a small change at one point can result in large differences in a later state. It was weird that after all the things they changed, everything was exactly the same when they got back. So in essence, there really was no ripple effect at all. It’s the one part of Back To The Future I really wish they had included because there were so many different ways they could’ve went with it.

I can’t see Robin leaving Marian but I also can’t see him just leaving Regina. Maybe we’ll finally get that love triangle we were cheated out of with Hook and Neal.

I thought the baby being named Neal was very appropriate. Neal saved the town and the baby’s life. This was a great way to honor him and make sure his ultimate sacrifice would never be forgotten.


The fate of Maid Marian

#1. What if Zelena was somehow able to stay alive and was transported into Marian’s body. Seeing as how Regina ruined her plans, she may have went for the next best thing, sweet revenge.

#2. Neal told Emma that there are no
coincidences. Everything happens by design, and there’s nothing we can do about it because forces greater than us conspire to make it happen. Regina and Robin are soulmates and were supposed to be together before he met Marian. So whether it was fate or destiny, something caused Marian to lose her life so that Regina and Robin could be together. Now that the past has been changed, the forces that be, must put things back the way they are meant to happen. A flying monkey, a porcelain statue or being turned into a bug, all would suffice.


Why did Robin need a second chance? Was this something that Marian will have a hard time forgiving him over?

We are led to believe that Regina killed Marian but wouldn’t Robin know that? How did Marian actually die and was Robin really to blame?

– Brad

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