Darkness on the Edge of Town Analysis – Main Show – 264


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Darkness on the Edge of Town Analysis

Main Show

Episode Number: 264

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From listener Ken in the Steveston area,

He gives us a short weather report from Vancouver “Weather has been awesome here this winter ….. unusually warm (50 – 65 F daytime) ….. mowed the lawn twice already … cherry blossoms are out as well as crocuses and beginning of daffodils. Only snow we got was a couple of days in November.”

From Giennie

Hello Jeff and Colleen!

First I would like to say that I am a long time listener and fan of your podcast and I can’t WAIT till you are back on so I can listen.. your shows are are one of my favorites to listen to. 🙂 Thank you so much for doing them 🙂

The reason why I am writing is that some friends of mine and I have launched a CS T-shirt charity campaign and we are doing our best to get the word out to help raise not only money for this charity but also awareness of something that is prevelant in our time but never really focused on as it should be…suicide awareness.

We have designed a beautiful CS T-Shirt to sell as a T-shirt, tank or hoodie to help raise money for them:

The charity SOSAD(Save Our Sons And Daughters) is an Ireland-registered suicide prevention charity and that Colin O’Donoghue supports and all the proceeds from this campaign go directly to them


This group has 6 locations, including Colin’s hometown of Drogheda.
The charity’s five main goals are to raise awareness of suicide in Ireland, break the taboo surrounding suicide, provide support and direction to those feeling suicidal, provide support and direction to those approached by someone feeling suicidal, and to provide support and direction for those bereaved by suicide.
It’s a great cause to support. The need to help those who can’t help themselves has become more prevalent everyday around the world.

Our campaign will end on March 21st.

Sincerely Giennie D

CS Tshirt revised

The charity helped by this effort is an Ireland suicide prevention charity called SOSAD (Save Our Sons and Daughters) supported by Colin O’Donoghue.
The charity raises awareness of suicide in Ireland and provides support for those persons affected by suicide.



The Storybrooke Town line – heals limping, as well as puts back on your tie.

What’s with Chernabog’s belt? Is it the source of it’s power/protection?

On our Facebook page, Carla noticed “It appears to be a crest of some kind….So possibly a cursed royal?”

Mother Superior’s name is Ruel Ghorm – we have proof!


Yen Sid is the landlord of the Sorcerer’s house?


On our Facebook page, Nancy (from the DIS Unplugged podcast) “I’m betting that the Yensid was purely for the fan theorists! Loving the details in hometown info. Who are Peter and Emilia Lurie from Michigan?”

Facebook posts:

From Rebecca

Thank you for alerting me that there was a book of 101 Dalmatians. I’m reading now. Cruella’s hubby is indeed in it, and Cruella mentions that she made him change his last name to hers. Love it!

From Aubrey

I think there is a small small chance that the author is Henry in the future writing down everyone’s stories because he knows them all and sends the book back in time or something to himself, so that he can believe and help Emma believe. But that probably is way off.

Email points:


Nice to see Snow doubting people, it’s refreshing for her character, *instead of* giving them a second chance.

The Chernabog was after Emma because of her potential for evil, interesting, most be tying to the theme of what really makes a villain and what is good and evil. Interesting how Snow and Charming threatened Ursula and Cruella! I really want to know what happened in the enchanted forest!


I just have to say, as a big disney and fantasia fan, the reveal that the dark curse came from Bald Mountain was one of my favorite reveals so far in the show, and Chernabog was awesome!! Also Victoria Smurfit is killing it as Cruella… Spot on!! (see what i did there?) Awesome episode, 8.5/10 clucks


Hi Colleen and Jeff, (ladies first sir J),

Great to have you back for the season return…like a comfy blanket on long cold day!

Here are some of my thoughts. I loved this return! They answered some questions and gave us some fun new stuff. Oh…Colleen, the old curse (Regina’s) was that you lose memories when you cross the line, this new curse is that you can’t come back once you leave, (Ingrid’s curse), but you do remember who you are, I remember you asking in the last podcast…

Hero’s going dark, villains trying to be good…sounds cool to me! Very OUAT to flip the script so I think it will be very interesting…seeing Regina be the moral compass over the Charming’s was great! This is some secret for them to break character, it will cause mistrust with Emma and help turn her to the dark side I think. I have a straaaange feeling that Lilly is somehow involved in all this-but I don’t know how. I can’t wait!

Cruella is the best! How great was her green breath power??? Just like the movie with her green cigarette smoke…thought that was brilliant! Love her one-liners, but Regina asking “how a plate of uncooked calamari got the dark ones cell phone” was priceless!

A couple things did make me go hmmmm…WHY DID THEY LET THEM KEEP THE SCROLL? You do want your boyfriend back right? Kind of convenient and we need some scroll rules for sure. Ladies, always be sure to check for sneaky black smoke that releases evil devil dogs that seek the heart of potential darkness!! J Blue is still very evasive. She knows more and I think she will end up as being someone very important when this whole show ends. Why didn’t they ask her what’s going on in the hat? No one was curious? Hook is so upset about sucking the apprentice in there, but never asked about him?

Last. I hope that all 3 of these villainesses don’t end up dying this season. I would like to see some true redemption. Does Rumpel ever have a consequence? Ugh…I hope he doesn’t get the dagger back…I want Regina to have control over the dagger-she is the only trust worthy one there right now, how ironic!

Can’t wait to see how this all starts playing out…looking like a great 4B!! Big Love to both of you and all the Oncer’s listening-ttya next week! Trace

From Brad

Hi guys, it’s great to have the show back and to hear the podcast again. I hope life is treating you well and that you both are having a cluckidy cluck cluck day! Now, unto the things I learned this week on the episode, Darkness on the Edge of Town.

#1. Halitosis and Cruella go great

#2. Henry will never win the
perfect attendance award for
his school.

#3. Make sure you stock up on
Ramen when the Dark One
comes to visit.

#4. Why go through the annoying
hassle of using your hands to
remove pictures off the wall,
when you can just burn them

#5. There is a good possibility that
Snow consumed alcoholic
beverages while on the job as

#6. De Vil’s driving instructor must
have accepted bribes.

#7. The “E” word should not be
thrown around flippantly.

#8. Getting the smell of fish out of
your dress is one of the many
hardships of being a fairy tale

#9. There is no redemption for a
dwarf named Evil-y.

#10. Anton has finally made a
name for himself outside of

– Brad


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