Time on Neverland, Is Hook a Tattle-Tale? Dream Catcher and Storybrooke Pest Control 3X04 Nasty Habits – Main Show


Teaser: We will be talking about;
Bae’s drawing,
What powers the concept of aging on Neverland,
Grinding slabs,
I put on my Grumpy hat,
We ask the question – Is Hook a tattle-tale?
A Dream Catcher,
Getting rid of pests in Storybrooke and more


Marilyn Manson’s voice cast as the voice of the shadow

Jamie Dornan cast as Christian Grey in the upcoming film, Fifty Shades of Grey, or as we like to call it “Fifty Shades of Graham”.


Nasty Habits viewer number were the lowest numbers for any OUAT episode at 7.05 Million Viewers. The lowest before that was Tiny at 7.08 Million Viewers.


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Our Points:

Felix seems to be the “welcomer” to Neverland, why?

How long has Pan been searching for the heart of the Truest Believer? Were there others that he thought was and never made it past the “tests”? Who were they?

Time in Neverland. Is there some kind of Age Freezing statue/item? Fountain of youth? Is that item fueled/powered by belief? What if the power has grown weak (Like magic grew weak in Storybrooke as Emma broke the curse in different increments (Stayed in the town, accepted the job as Deputy, became Sherriff, etc)) because belief wasn’t as strong as is used to be? Is it belief or youthful imagination?

Why didn’t Neal tie up Felix after he knocked him out?

What was Bae drawing?


Dyland Schmid is a fantastic actor!

Amanda on our Facebook pointed out how great of an actor he and Robbie Kay are. We agree!

Dylan Schmid Extra: Check out a Classic OUAT Fan Podcast episode when Dylan left a voicemail for our podcast. So awesome! http://www.onceuponatimepodcast.com/029-fam-ouat-part-a-main-show-dylan-schmid-vm-glow-with-the-show-mulan-aurora-ouat-at-comic-con-lee-arenberg-bio-pt-1/

In Fairy Tale Land, Rumpel doesn’t trust Bae to return if he let him out of the hovel, and
Bae doesn’t trust Rumpel that he has changed and won’t kill Henry, etc.

“Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust” in other words

Belief – We seen a lot about that

Trust – we are seeing more of that

Pixie Dust – the missing piece

Think of a wonderful thought. Any merry little thought.

Rumpel used a Morter and Pestle to crush something (Berries? I hope they were Dream Shade) to apply the War Paint.

Metate – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metate Grinding slab

Did you notice Regina’s big smile as Tink talked about Greg’s demise? I would imagine she felt it was the Karmic payback for shocking her.


Neil called Rumpel “Papa”, who was the last person (other than Bae) to call him that?




August: “Well, then… I guess all the lying can stop… Papa.”

Charming’s “I’m still pretty hot” was proving to the group of his worth and that the poison wasn’t killing him.


Some question his keeping the Dream Shade wound from Snow, but he wants to keep the focus of the group from him and no finding and rescuing Henry.

How can Bae be dropped onto Neverland, met DaddyDarkOne, outsmarted Pan, rescued Henry, tricked and froze Daddy Dark One, rescued Henry again – and the Neverland 5 still haven’t found Henry.

The have;
1. A Magical savior,
2. A Pirate that once lived on Neverland (he a Neverland botanist for sure),
3. An an Evil Queen that can magify a map and get led to where a Lost Boys camp was –

And yet they still can’t find Henry.

The P and S on Bae’s cave wall was a representation of when Hook carved it on the Jolly Roger to show the Port and Starboard ends of the boat. Many contacted us on this. We were testing you. 🙂

Neglected/Unwanted/Lost boys (Why no girls?) that heard Pan’s Flute lived in homes (with families, I assume).

Choosing – Pan goading Rumpel to as Bae if he wanted to stay with the Lost Boys or return with Rumpel. At the risk of possibly being abandoned by his son, he took the cheaters way out (Thus forfeiting the game).

Colleen dagger/knife theory. Two daggers in play?

“Real family reunion” Pan, Rumpel and Bae?

Rumpel said Pan betrayed him.
Regina said Snow betrayed her.

Bae and Neal predicted correctly-
Bae told Rumpel that he just needed one clear shot and he would rescue Henry, and he did.
Rumpel told Bae that without his (Rumpel’s) power in the forest, Pan would capture he and Henry. He did.

Hook said that the key to being a Pirate is secrecy. How will this come into play as the story progresses?


Email points:

From Holly

Hey Jeff and Colleen,

WOW, what another fantastic episode. Lot of drama and some great scenes happened in this episode. Pan is still very manipulative and we now know that he and Rumple grew up together.  

Something tells me that there’s a backstory there and I’m interested to find out what happened to cause the rift between Pan and Rumple. I’m wondering if some of those manipulating tactics of Pan’s rubbed off on Rumple with the way he does/did his deals. I’m wondering now if the prophecy with the boy will be your undoing is not Henry but Pan himself.

Did not know that Squid ink can freeze someone in there place. The scenes in Neal’s hideout were interesting, Emma finally stating her emotions about Neal. Hook telling David that he should tell Snow what’s going on with him sooner rather than later.I’m really starting to agree with Hook on that one. Cause something tells me, if David doesn’t tell Snow pretty soon that Hook’s probably going too. I really thought that Snow was going to find out what happened to David in this episode, but that did not happen. The scenes between Neal and Rumple after Pan tells Neal about the prophecy were great. Can’t say that I don’t blame Neal, about not wanting to believe that what his father’s telling him is the honest to goodness truth. Rumple’s warning to Neal that if he and Henry leave without him that he’s not protected turned out to be true. I wonder how soon Neal’s going to find Hook, Tink, Emma, Regina, Snow and David. Well, I’ll wrap it up here. Looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts on this episode.

Big Love to everyone.



From Katie from Florida

Hi Jeff and Colleen,
I have multiple comments regarding the episode, Nasty Habits.
· I thought of this when I was listening to your first thoughts for this episode. When you mentioned Charming cutting Tink off when she was talking about the poison, you mentioned that it might make people go crazy. It reminded me of LOST and people going crazy when the black smoke got them- Danielle’s crew and Claire for example.
· The Pied Pipers music calling the lost boys reminded me of two things:
· Hocus Pocus when they sang to get the children to come to them
· Charmed- The ice cream truck song drew the demon children to it and they got sucked in.
· The drawings on the walls in Bae’s home in Neverland reminded me of LOST and The Vampire Diaries. In the Vampire Diaries, you see the drawings and the names of the Original family of vampires.

· Rumple told Neal that Peter went to Neverland, but when Wendy told Neal that the place the shadow took her was called Neverland, he acted like he had not heard about it before. However, it probably wasn’t that long between when Peter went to The Enchanted Forest and met Neal and when he fell though through portal. Wouldn’t he have remembered Rumpel mentioning it or Peter and said something about it to Wendy. I wonder if he recognized Peter when he got to Neverland as a boy.
· All the LOST boys except for Felix and Peter danced around the fire. I get why Peter didn’t dance since he was playing the pipe but why didn’t Felix dance?
· I am kind of mad at Charming for not telling at least Snow that he’s infected. Both Snow and Emma are going to be angry when they find out he kept the truth from them. I wonder if Hook will mention something to Emma about it. As angry as Emma got about not being able to tell Neal about how she felt, I have feeling that she would be just as angry or angrier that she didn’t get to tell Charming her feelings about everything if he died suddenly and then find out that he was hiding the truth. I really do not know how Emma would react. Her walls are starting to come down but I feel that if Charming died her walls are just going to go back up again. Snow would also take it hard.
· I hope we see some Charming/Emma Scenes soon
· Regina’s quotes from the episode:
· Now, where did you get that in bail-bonds person school?
· Yes, because preteen Baelfire probably made lots of pasta.
· Am I supposed to be impressed that he made a nightlight?
From Florida

From Aleana

This episode was bit boring but here what I like about the episode is Emma breakdown about Nealfire and Snow not knowing how to comfort her and I love the Snow and Charming scenes because I like seeing couples on shows stick together and work out their problems and you can believe Snow tells Charming she won’t let anything happen to him so when he do tell her I think she going to found a way to save him My theory is that I think Henry is faking hearing the music because for one he was dancing off key and he didn’t hear it the first time it will be great if Henry is playing Peter Pan I do found it a bit funny that Nealfire can save Henry and lose him all in one swoop and the others characters struggle with even founding Peter Pan camp when both Tinkerbell and Hook both lived in Neverland I wish Nealfire would have faith in Rumple he really trying to be the man that Belle sees and Nealfire want him to be I still believe that Peter Pan and Rumple are brothers I hope they don’t killed off Snow or Charming because even though I’m a Regina fan I also watch because of Snow and Charming.
Love Your Podcast forward to listening


From Brad

Hello Jeff and Colleen
Here are the things I learned from the episode Nasty Habits

#1. Tamara’s watch read 12:15.
#2. Only kings should live in castles.
#3. If you’re going to grow up, don’t grow up stupid.
#4. Killing a giant squid looks kind of easy. 
#5. Neal may have learned culinary skills while living in a cave. 
#6. It’s possible to visit Neverland in your dreams.
#7. There are a surprisingly amount of unloved and lost boys in Hamelin.
#8. Don’t coat the tip.
#9. Pan is immortal.
#10. Henry is not a very good dancer. 

“Look who’s all grown up and become the dark one. Good for you!”

P.S. My wife’s thought on Henry was that he was pretending to hear Pan’s flute. I hope he actually heard it though because I think it makes an interesting twist. 
One last thought,  if dreams can come true in Neverland, could Henry imagine a version of his father? Since dreams are not coming true at this time it would give Henry the motivation he needs to stop hoping his father is alive or that anyone is coming after him. 


Facebook page thoughts. Facebook.com/ouatpodcast

From Cindy

Cindy from our Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.com/ouatpodcast) added these incredible thoughts: “Drawn on Bae’s cave walls was P & S. These were the letters Hook carved on the Jolly Rodger when he was teaching Baelfire to sail. Port & Starboard. Also, we’re the people he drew, the Darlings? What building was that? His home…Also, I liked that Baelfire loved to draw, like his mother. He was drawing a picture when Rumple entered to give him that knife, and how that tied into his cave drawings… I thought it was interesting that when Rumple cast that sleeping curse over all the lost boys, Rumples spell didn’t effect Peter, thus the need for squid ink. Poor Henry, Pan caught him when he was VERY vulnerable, just being woken from the sleeping spell. Remember, Rumple warned Neal it’s dangerous to wake him before the spell has worn off… If, in the beginning, children only came to Peter’s Neverland in their dreams, would that make Peter The Dream Catcher? Reminding me of ( I think, Tallahassee?) Neal once gave Emma a map so they could find a “home”. Now, Neal seems to have given her a new map leading to “home”. But where might that map lead? Enchanted Forest? Storybrook? Wendy? Tallahassee? New York? Tink took a watch from Tamara’s body. Why a watch? Was it Neal’s watch? It didn’t look like a woman’s watch. Maybe it was my imagination, but I saw lots of little tidbits from Neal and Emma’s past together in this episode.”

I asked what was Bae drawing in the beginning of the episode, and I got some very cool answers;

Amanda thought it may have been a ship.
Keren thought it might have been Henry
Brad thought it might be a drawing for “the book” he was starting

Then Giulia added a very cool link that Robert Tweeted last week


Twitter thoughts. Twitter.com/ouatpodcast

@ktodd1116 on Twitter reminded us that “Did you know the show Survivor was based on #LordoftheFlies?” Amazing! I had forgotten that. Thanks for letting us know!

Blog comments. Onceuponatimepodcast.com

Along with the connection to the Native American war paint, Nonnie added”
Instead of NATIVE AMERICAN I thought Highlander / Scottish Warrior. In the highland culture they painted them selves with paint when they went to war. I WAS thinking of BRAVE HEART when I saw RUMPLE paint his face. I think this was an homage by Robert Carlyle. He would be aware of that custom.”


Voicemail points:

Tyler (Undoing = remove Dark One power) and Brad (Parents affects on children and real emotional feelings from a show about Fairy Tales)

Comedy bit:

Storybrooke Pest Control featuring Monica Moon

You can learn more about Monica here:

Good pirates always tweet while they listen to the podcasts;
I’m listening to @ouatpodcast #MainShow, when I can’t hear Pan’s flute (and even when I can)
I’m listening to @ouatpodcast #FirstThoughts cause just watching the show isn’t enough
I’m listening to @ouatpodcast instead of doing my homework. Shh don’t tell anyone.
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  1. Amanda Damiao

    I just listend to the podcast… very good as usual !!! 🙂 I was thinking about the prophecy and it reminded of the HARRY POTTER one, which was misinterpreted in many ways ! Maybe it is what happening to this one … Rumple for the first moment the heard it thought about it at his end what if is the opposite ! as you said the undoing of the Dark One only , cuz I searched for the word UNDOING and besides meaning: the ruin of sometinhg; it also means REVERSE or ANNULING something ! What do you think? there’s hope after all !!


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