Jesse Hutch (Peter) Audio Update. Is Rumpel the Apprentice or the Master? Who’s hat is that? Who is Elsa’s real Mother? 4X01 A Tale of Two Sisters – Main Show – #242


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Main Show

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Episode Name: A Tale of Two Sisters

Episode Number: 242

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Civitas – The civitas is not just the collective body of all the citizens, it is the contract binding them all together, because of which each is a civis.

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What if Hans found the letter Elsa and Anna mother wrote about original Snow Queen?

My theories is we will found out who originally own the sorceress’s hat but we will also found out it will now belong to Henry because he has the heart of truest believer

Dan from Boston

Welcome back Jeff and Colleen!! Good to hear you two at it “Once” again!!

Loved the opening episode, and I had a few thoughts to share with you.

(1) Funny, Jeff, that you thought Grumpy was Han Solo from a line of dialogue. I thought of him for a different reason. . . . . both characters were at some point “frozen” (ice, and carbonite!!).

(2) Yeah, you’re right, “pimp w/o a limp” dropping the needle, instead of spinning straw into gold, he’s now spinning records!! BTW, Colleen, my kids thought of Mary Poppins as well with the snapping of the fingers! Had a question about that scene, was that the first time on the show that a music theme was directly lifted from the animated movie? I don’t remember hearing “You can fly” when Henry and Pan flew, or “When you wish upon a star” before “Blue” descends to grant a wish.

(3) Also from the Rum/Belle scene, Mr. Gold was as smooth as a certain Star Wars character, “Well what have we HERE?? I’m Lando Calrissian, administrator of this facility, and who might YOU be?” 🙂 He even had on the blue to match Lando’s cape. All he needed was a little splash of Colt 45. . . . . “Works every time. .. .!!!” Certainly a far cry from Salacious Crumb from last season, eh Jeff?

(4) Finally, the wizard’s hat is definitely from Sorcerer’s Apprentice!! Between the gold pale it came from, to the stars/galaxies, right down to the background music that was played, “dum dum. . . . . .dum dee dee dum.. . . . dum dum….. . .dum dee dee dum. . . .dumm”. The only Star Wars question I have is this, is Gold “the master, or the apprentice” of that hat? (Funny thought, Gold as Mickey Mouse!!).

That’s all for now! Can’t wait to go though this new season with you two! If the first half of it is Frozen themed, does this mean we’ll have a Christmas/”holiday” special (oooo, yet ANOTHER S.W. theme, HOLIDAY SPECIAL???). We’ll see!

Peace to you Jeff and Colleen!
Dan from Boston


Even though it felt like you both never left because of the continuation of Disney Once Again, it’s still great to have the return of the Once Upon A Time Fan podcast. This first episode was excellent and with a new season begins the things I learned in A Tale of Two Sisters.

1). The Storybrooke Beautification Society is the group who gets stuck cleaning up all the messes.

2). David’s amnesia seems to resurface only when Regina’s character is in question.

3). No beer is worth having Sleepy as your designated driver.

4). When you have a sister, you’re never alone.

5). Sydney cannot escape being held captive no matter what realm he is in. Genie to Mirror to Prison to Mirror

6). Rumpel may have taught “The Fonz” his cool moves.

7). Streaming movies is now available in Storybrooke.

8). Never make an enemy with a man who has 12 angry brothers.

9). The laughing gargoyle has been vandalized.

10). The town needs a new radio station……………hmmmmmm



I had sympathy for Regina in this episode and wasn’t disappointed like I have been in the past. I understand that Robin was doing the honorable thing and that she was desperate to get her true love back. This is the real trial and although she speaks of going back in time and killing Marian, seeing herself through the mirror, sentencing an innocent woman to death while being called a monster, seemed to have had an effect on her. She told Emma that’s the person I was, not who I am. We all get to a point where we say things in the heat of the moment but then change our minds once we’ve reflected on it.

I also agreed with her decision to find the books author. First of all, because we have ALL been asking the question, “who wrote the book”, since the beginning and secondly, why should villains always be written to never have a happy ending? If Regina is right, the book may be keeping her from happiness no matter how much she tries to change. It keeps throwing situations at her to get her back on the villain path. So I’m all in for her quest to find the author and I don’t feel this is coming from a villainess standpoint but if there is maliciousness behind her actions, I feel this experience will change her for the better. Also when villains do get their “evil” happy endings, they’re never actually happy, think Welcome to Storybrooke. Giving them what they want, may actually reveal to themselves it’s not what they need. If the author of the book could see how much Regina has changed, maybe he can undo the force that’s keeping her from a real happy ending.


Anna has the same sentiment every Oncer has after a new secret is revealed, “We have one answer and more questions, that’s a start”.


Yen Sin’s hat is drawn with a design of a moon and stars in Disney films. The hat that Rumpel found had real stars and a solar system on it. The hat was also stored in a bucket that looked just like what the brooms were using in Fantasia. If it turns out to be Merlin instead, I feel this would be a real missed opportunity to use a character none of us were expecting ever to see.


The book having power and being immutable makes perfect sense. It explains how nothing was changed in present day except for the books additions in the finale. Somehow everything went back exactly the way it is was even after Hook and Emma made so many changes. It bothered me at first but this explanation reveals that the book was guiding the events to follow one path.


Rumple is now tempted with the hat after he vowed to Bae at his graveside to be a better man.
It’s almost as if something is guiding him to these temptations, maybe Regina was right about the books power.



I had the same thought as you Jeff while watching this episode. I also believe that Elsa may have been adopted and that her powers come from a woman with similar abilities, maybe a queen perhaps? Their parents said, “Anna and Elsa must know the truth, it is the only thing that will save them”. This indicates that both Elsa and Anna are in some type of danger. Whatever their parents went to Mist Haven for it appears they found information that puts their children at risk. If this other “Ice Queen” is somehow related to Elsa, she may come back to reclaim her. Another thought is, what if this queen gains power by draining ones who posses her similar ability?
Just like what Rumpelstiltskin did to the Seer. Who knows, maybe Rumple wanted her power and that’s why she was in the urn. So many possibilities!


My theory and hope is that Sorcerer Master Yen Sid wrote the book. Only a powerful sorcerer could make a book that doesn’t change even when the timeline has been altered. It makes sense that the person who wrote the book would be someone that was modeled after such a influential storyteller as Walt Disney. If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t even know half of the beloved characters that we do today. Sure the stories were around already but Walt brought them to life and filled our hearts with precious memories. Merlin has been done before so please give us something fresh and new!


Could Rumple be playing the part of the apprentice and if so, will he need Yen Sid to clean up his mess?

How did Marion really die and will fate try and reclaim her life?If it wasn’t for Regina, Marshmallow would have crushed her.

Were Anna and Elsa’s parents coming back from seeing Yen Sid when their ship sank and did he happen to tell them about how their children were in danger?

Was the inanimate stone troll in Storybrooke Pabbie? Who do we know that has that kind of magic?

When Marshmallow goes to “water the flowers”, is the snow leftover yellow or white?

That’s it for now, have a great podcast!

– Brad

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