OUAT – A look into Queen Regina’s Diary & Henry’s Story Book

This is what Queen Regina’s Diary Looked like.

The Writing in Queen’s Diary

Henry and his fairytale Storybook

The writting inside of it, could it be that it was Queen Regina who wrote Henry’s book so when she enacted the curse she would be able to have to book to remember?

Or was it someone else who wrote the book?

From the OUAT Fan Podcast Deputy Desk:

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9 thoughts on “OUAT – A look into Queen Regina’s Diary & Henry’s Story Book

  1. Manny

    The page before this one in Henry’s Book (on the floor of Emma’s VW) is the page with the Flying Monkeys.
    The Flying Monkeys have been shown to us twice, if not more, I only remember twice off the top of my head…… #1, When Emma crashed into the welcome sign and #2 right after MM reads the Book to John Doe (David) in the hospital and then goes home and reads the Book on her bed. I finally found a screen cap clear enough to read what it says……. I’ll post it back on the page with our screen cap of that page so you can compare the two.

  2. Manny

    @JEFF!!…….You know what? There’s a much better shot of that page Jeff, from ep.3 “Snow Falls” @ 11:58. If you can put that up, I’ll put what it reads below it!

  3. David

    And compare the handwriting in the queen’s diary with the handwriting on the door of Emma’s apartment in Boston!

    Looks the same to me!

    1. Manny

      Yeah!, Have to agree there… here’s what I could get off the door!:

      Day 302.5 Foyer 192.19 Ingress
      section 304.1 Opening 265.7 Door
      302.6 Entrance cast a spell 1030
      865.8 Fascinate 650.6 Captivate
      Spellbind cast a spell Beguile intr????
      ?????? Transport ?????? ?????
      ?????? Mezmorize Entranced ????
      ?????? 535.25 Overjoyed ?????

      Emma’s door is covered from top to bottom…. But, I could only get this much,…. and this is only half way down from the top…
      Yeah!, looks like a spell to me!!…. And this is her door in “Boston”! Whoa!

      1. rea

        ten years for find the last line of the door of Emma. Is the word entrance in the roget’s thesaurus edit in 1972 i don’t remember the name of who publish this edition. is in a yellow color like a old page with a font of p22 cezanne pro… for like a handwriting.

  4. obisgirl

    Hmm, interesting theory Jeff. but if the Evil Queen doesn’t want the curse broken, why would she bother to write the book? I still think Rumps wrote the book.

    1. Manny

      Agreed about the handwriting looking very similar from the Queen’s Diary to the Dark Curse spell writing, to the writing on Emma’s door in Boston……. but, Henry’s Book is in a different style of writing…. and yes! I believe Rumple’ wrote and illustrated it there in Storybrooke. There’s no way the EQ/Regina would ever want that Book written.
      One more quick “odd” observance…….”?” Why is Henry, all of a sudden, freaking out about Regina getting her hands on the Book NOW?? She’s had it before, read it, questioned him about the 3 missing pages and appearently has givin it back to him?. Hmm!, Did I miss something?

  5. Eric Morenz

    Queen Regina did have a diary that looks like Henry’s book. The writing it’s self is similar to Henry’s StoryBrook but she also keep her memory about her journey in her past life as her being evil queen and took that her new land with out magic. She did wrote Henry’s Story Brook and i think she is magical being who wrote it so that is she is the one who wrote Henry’ Story brook and she is the will author.


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