OUAT – Regina’s FTL Castle vs Henry’s New Playground

From the OUAT Fan Podcast Deputy Desk:

During the town council meeting, Regina reveals that she is constructing a playground inspired by a drawing from Henry’s book. When we see the finished playground, it was similar to Regina’s castle in Fairy Tale Land.

Here is a side by side picture 

Did Mr. Gold find another access point (like the sunken mine) to the Evil Queen’s castle, and that’s why Regina built the “playground” in the middle of the forest? Is there a doorway in the playground somewhere that leads down to Regina’s castle? Or another heart vault room? Or another secret underground room that the strange skeleton keys open.

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5 thoughts on “OUAT – Regina’s FTL Castle vs Henry’s New Playground

  1. David

    Yes, there is at least one slide, a ladder for climbing, a platform to stand on, and a red tube to crawl around in.

    But how in heck could a kid use the orange tube eg. is there a spiral staircase or ladder inside it?

    But there’s no way a kid could slide down the pointy aluminum bits. 😎

  2. Mari

    Have to say, the playground does not look very child-friendly, to many sharp edges.

    And correct me if I am wrong, but the plans Emma had in her hand at the counsel meeting does not look anything like the playground…….I have a degree in Interior Design, I know how to read floor plans. Will have to watch the episode again just to be sure!

  3. Mari

    Okay, I looked at the plans again, and my bad, it does look the plans Emma had in her hand. . . . the little bit of it I could see.

    I still don’t think it is very child-safe though. In my oppinion, Henry’s castle was safer than Regina’s new playground.

    Oo oo…….. and I keep forgetting to say it, Colleen, I like Rumpelstiltskin as well. I think he is neither good nor bad. He likes to make a deal, that’s his thing, and he is just happy if he can get something out of it. I also hope that we will see what happened to his son.

  4. Liz Stein

    Hun it does look like a castle. I couldn’t really tell at first until I looked really close at it. When Regina torn down the place Henry loved to go she said that it was too dangerous for him. The play ground looks a little worse. It is kind of like in a dark area. I am curious to find out what she is really up to. I know Emma will get to the bottom of it ! Have you noticed in every episode Regina always tells Emma to stay away from Henry ? When they could only talk on walkie talkies I guess she really meant it this time.


    I do not know of any town counsel that would allow a mayor to spend that much money without their input. No way they vote unanimous on anything even if they are all in her pocket…. no one controls any town counsel I have ever seen.



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