OUAT – What is written above the Mayor Mill’s doorway?

From the OUAT Fan Podcast Deputy Desk:

Magister Is written above the door frame of the Mayor’s Office.

This word has more then one meaning:

“The magister officiorum (Latin literally for “Master of Offices),”

this could be reference to the Mayor’s office being the ‘master of Offices in Storybrooke.

another definition of Magister is:

“a title of the Middle Ages, given to a person in authority,”

Regina is a person of Authority in Storybrooke, she is after all the Mayor. However, are there any other words hiding amongst Mayors office, are they clues or just random words? Have you spotted anymore?

Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “OUAT – What is written above the Mayor Mill’s doorway?

  1. Liz Stein

    Well it could be a message that leads to a secret door and into the land of the Middle ages. The pic is kind of hard to see on here. There could be some wrightings on the floor. I really like that website. Awesome job guys .


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