OUAT-August/Pinocchio : What was his fate?

Emma had to just believe, if she believed in time to break the curse it would have prevented August from turning back into wood.

Emma was too late.

August known as ‘Pinocchio’ turned back into wood.

What is fate? Does bringing back magic to Storybrooke help him turn back into a real man?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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7 thoughts on “OUAT-August/Pinocchio : What was his fate?

  1. Loveisfree42

    My guess is that August will be turned into a man by the blue fairy or some other magical being since “Magic is coming.” 🙂

    1. Manny

      I’m thinking that’s exactly what happened. Didn’t he say to Emma in this scene, Emma: “How do I stop this?, AWB: “Break the Curse!”. So I would imagine the instant she kissed Henry, August was returned to flesh & blood. But, this also raises questions about everybody else as well!, doesn’t it? I mean Rumple’ refered to this Curse as the “Curse to end All Curses”, But, he meant that literally!. At first it came across as a euphemism for “The Baddest BadAss Curse of Them All!! so to speak, But, it turns out that he meant it literally…… The Curse that would end all other Curses if broken!
      So, if that were true, then All Curses are now broken! Ruby & Granny no longer suffer Wearwolfism…. Pinocchio no longer suffers returning to wood, Dr.Whale will no longer suffer from what he was cursed with….. and Rumple’ now has broken his Dark One’s Curse. But, to return magic to Storybrooke would mean to return those Curses, with their magic!. Rumple’ didn’t have magic before becoming the Dark One. It was the Dark One’s magic that he possessed….. or that possessed him as it were. So would that not mean that Rumple’ has simply re-Cursed himself with the powers of the Dark One all over again? And in doing so through the well of Storybrooke has Re-Cursed everyone in Storybrooke with their original Curses as well?…… Hmmm! So now we have FairyTale Land all over again,…only now in Storybrooke!, right? In our world!….. where magic is unpredictable.

  2. Dwight

    I don’t think the writers can pass up the opportunity to get Colleen all choked up again by having gepetto rush in only to find his son a wooden puppet. But – with magic coming there is hope that they will restore him!

  3. Shannon Ellis

    Umm I just have a hard time believing that by the end of this whole show nobody wouldn’t get their happily ever after. Good will win and the evil will lose. I think at some point the connection between August/Pinn. and Marcus/Gepetto will show up again. Don’t know when or how, but I’d like to see them appear again.

  4. Manny

    I think the coming “magic”, so to speak, will reverse August’s present state of being back to flesh and blood.
    But, actually…. what could have been a more appropriate ending for a show that’s been following our time, day for day, up til now? Our season ended on Sunday, May 13, 2012, OUR time, and on Sunday May 13, 1984 in Storybrooke. If time has now frozen again in Stroybrooke, at 8:15, will we pick it up again on Sunday May 13, 2012? I don’t think so!….. I believe they will show us a “reset” in plot, but, not in time! I think we will pick up again in Fall, like where we came in on the pilot!…(Fall, hopefully in September like the Pilot should have) but, not in 1983, but, in 1984! All that has happened will remain, but, I think we will finally get a glimpse as to what actually was happenning to Storybrooke every Fall….. or what had been occurring in SB every Fall before Emma’s starting of time. Only Henry, apart from Regina and Gold, and….of course Jefferson, was the only resident of SB to witness what actually took place every Fall in Storybrooke. Come Episode one of Season two, I believe we will find ourselves thrust forward in time to Fall, yet we will be picking up the story right where it left off. Emma, Henry, Regina and Gold, among a few others, will remember what had just happened but, I’m betting the rest of the town has forgotten AGAIN!… and will be going about their everyday business, suddenly! as though nothing had happened. David and MM will be wandering what they are doing standing in the middle of the street, and so on and so forth…..
    But if Storybrooke becomes a magical town….. what will be the rules of this Magic? We don’t really know what that stuff was that Gold threw down the well!! Left over Dark Curse? Left over True Love ingredient? because, it wasn’t a potion! Remember!, Magic can not create love, True Love or make someone love you…. How many times did they beat that into our heads? And why would the clock freeze if it wasn’t part of the old Curse? IDK? Did Rumple’ create two different versions of the Dark Curse, both with Emma as the Savior in anticipation of what did take place? and now it’s the same old Curse but, now with different rules?? Will Regina or anybody else have powers or just Rumple?
    I think it would be more interesting if all regain they’re powers in Storybrooke…… where Magic in this world is unstable and unpredictalbe!

  5. anna

    The writers said season 2 will pick up from the where it ended in may showing how people deal with the fact two memories of two lives inside their head…so a looot of family reunions though we don’t know when or how (meaning as human or puppet) August will reunite with his father.I don’t doubt that August is alive cause the writers said right before the finale that his story wouldn’t have been over;) About the purple cloud…don’t worry it won’t delete memories or freeze time or bring back in time the town….it’s only going to bring back magic!


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