OUAT-August’s Secret To Henry; In How to Get Emma to Believe

August found Henry at Granny’s upset over Mary being suspected of Kathryn’s disappearance and possible murder. This is the conversation they had.

Henry: “She didn’t do it, why can’t people see that?”

August: “because, most people just see what’s right in front of them. I don’t think you can find the answers you want in the bottom of that mug.”

Henry: “Then Where?”

August: “That book in your bag. You know I’m a writer so I’m partial to finding my answers in the literary form.”

“Henry:  “it’s just a book”

august:  “is it?”

Henry: “Yeah”

August: “I think we both know that it’s not the case.”

Henry: what do you know about it

August: I know it’s A book of stories.

Henry: aren’t all books?

August: Story’s that really happen.

Henry: “You think my book is real?”

August: “As real as I am”

Henry: “How do you know?”

A: “Let’s just say that, I’m a believer. And I want to help others see the light, that my friend is why I’m here.

Henry: “but I already believe”

August:  “I’m not here for you buddy, I’m here for Emma”

Henry: “So you want to get her to believe, why don’t you just tell her?”

August:  “There are some people like you and me , we can go on faith,. But others like Emma they need proof. “

Henry: “last time I tried to look for proof I got trapped in a sinkhole”

August: “there are less dangerous places to look”

*August points to Henry’s book*

This made Henry realize that the only way he could get Emma to believe a little bit more was to find proof.

This where, he found the skeleton key ring he stole from Regina.

See other blog post for more about the Key Ring

Henry also tricked Emma into using the key that opened Mary’s apartment door.

He made her believe, like August said she needed proof to believe.

This is also something else that was being said by Emma to Mary.  She needed proof in order to believe that Mary did not kill Kathryn despite the proof was the heart that was in Mary’s jewelry box.

Emma needs proof in order for her to believe, all Henry has to do, Is keep on showing her instead of telling her, eventually she will believe on her own.

How do you think Henry or August could make Emma believe that everything in his storybook is true?

Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “OUAT-August’s Secret To Henry; In How to Get Emma to Believe

  1. Arnie Perlstein

    The writers of OUAT are winking so broadly and repeatedly at Jane Austen’s novels (including Pride & Prejudice, but most of all, Emma) that their eyes are in danger of popping out of their heads! 😉

    Just think of August as the show’s writers, and Emma Swan as standing for the clueless viewers, and listen when August keeps saying the answers to all the mysteries are hidden in plain sight, visible to the reader (viewer) who knows how to decipher the literary code–and the primary source of that literary code is Jane Austen’s greatest and most mysterious novel/fairy tale, Emma.

    Again, I direct you to my several blog posts on this point, beginning with this one, which has had 2,383 hits during the past month, and keeps getting lots of hits even now:


    @JaneAustenCode on Twitter

  2. Kat Slay

    It seems that finding significant “objects” in the stories are the key, not necessarily persuading the “characters” in the stories to remember who they are. Certain physical objects seem to remain, while other pieces of Fairy Tale world ( memories, personal identities, dreams, hopes, ambitions ) have faded away.

    The keys were a specific object detailed in the story. I’m sure Geppetto’s parents are drawn in the book also. I bring the puppets up, because Mr. Gold sure seems to have a lot of familiar trinkets in his pawn shop. Trinkets that came straight from Fairytale world, like for instance…oh…Geppetto’s puppet parents?

    Maybe finding the objects that correlate to the stories is the key to Emma having her “proof” and to breaking the curse.

  3. Melinda

    I agree with the post of Kat. Emma might need to go to Mr. Gold’s shop to do some snooping around. After watching last night’s episode, I like probably many others fell for Emma “getting” it but I knew that was too easy. But when she seen Henry and the Mad Hatter’s daughter, I think her believe is starting to come. She seen proof in the book and right before her eyes. No matter how “mad” Jefferson was to her in reality he was telling her the truth.


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