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OUAT – Jared Gilmore and his friend Mushu

Jared Gilmore helps out a young pony named Mushu who he has known since the pony was born. Mushu has a disease that might require him to be put down if he doesnt get help.

Check out this video that Jared did to help Mushu

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OUAT – Snow and Henry: For Love and Family

Here are two views from two characters in the Charming family.

Snow White and Henry Mills did the exact same thing. It was for love the people they love.

Snow did it for James. Henry did it for Emma.

The end result.

We know what happens to Snow White. What are your thoughts on Henry?.

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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OUAT-August’s Secret To Henry; In How to Get Emma to Believe

August found Henry at Granny’s upset over Mary being suspected of Kathryn’s disappearance and possible murder. This is the conversation they had.

Henry: “She didn’t do it, why can’t people see that?”

August: “because, most people just see what’s right in front of them. I don’t think you can find the answers you want in the bottom of that mug.”

Henry: “Then Where?”

August: “That book in your bag. You know I’m a writer so I’m partial to finding my answers in the literary form.”

“Henry:  “it’s just a book”

august:  “is it?”

Henry: “Yeah”

August: “I think we both know that it’s not the case.”

Henry: what do you know about it

August: I know it’s A book of stories.

Henry: aren’t all books?

August: Story’s that really happen.

Henry: “You think my book is real?”

August: “As real as I am”

Henry: “How do you know?”

A: “Let’s just say that, I’m a believer. And I want to help others see the light, that my friend is why I’m here.

Henry: “but I already believe”

August:  “I’m not here for you buddy, I’m here for Emma”

Henry: “So you want to get her to believe, why don’t you just tell her?”

August:  “There are some people like you and me , we can go on faith,. But others like Emma they need proof. “

Henry: “last time I tried to look for proof I got trapped in a sinkhole”

August: “there are less dangerous places to look”

*August points to Henry’s book*

This made Henry realize that the only way he could get Emma to believe a little bit more was to find proof.

This where, he found the skeleton key ring he stole from Regina.

See other blog post for more about the Key Ring

Henry also tricked Emma into using the key that opened Mary’s apartment door.

He made her believe, like August said she needed proof to believe.

This is also something else that was being said by Emma to Mary.  She needed proof in order to believe that Mary did not kill Kathryn despite the proof was the heart that was in Mary’s jewelry box.

Emma needs proof in order for her to believe, all Henry has to do, Is keep on showing her instead of telling her, eventually she will believe on her own.

How do you think Henry or August could make Emma believe that everything in his storybook is true?

Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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OUAT – Regina’s Set of Master Keys

We saw in Episode 11 (Fruit of the Poisonous Tree), Emma uncovered a set of mysterious keys in Regina’s office. Check this previous blog post about it  – http://www.onceuponatimepodcast.com/ouat-what-do-these-strange-keys-from-reginas-office-unlock/

We also learned that it’s possible that one of those keys opens the Snake Box.

In Episode 13 (What Happened to Frederick), we see Regina using one of the keys to enter into David and Kathryn’s house. Check this previous blog post about it  – http://www.onceuponatimepodcast.com/ouat-so-we-see-other-things-skeleton-keys-open/

In this episode (Heart of Darkness), we see Henry has stolen the keys from Regina’s office and confirmed to Emma (and the viewers) that these keys can open any door in Storybrooke.

Henry forces Emma to try the keys to see if it works. After a couple unsuccessful attempts, a key with an apple insignia finally opens the door. Apple refering to Snow White/Mary Margaret.

Towards the end of the episode, Mary Margaret finds a key under her bed in the jail cell. The key had a skull insignia. Maybe referring to a dungeon?

Does each key in the set have an insignia that pertains to different characters in Storybrook? What could Mr. Gold, Granny, Red or Jiminy’s key symbols be?

Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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OUAT – Henry’s New Hiding Place

Henry’s storybook is the key to entire story – so keeping it safe is of the utmost importance. So we can’t blame Henry  for continously finding a hiding place for his book.

We learned that he can’t hide it under his bed or with Emma, since Regina would look for it in those places. So Henry had to get creative.

First, he hid it under the play castle. The play castle was demolished and the book was taken by the stranger.

When the book was “found” (after August tinkered with it), Henry had to find a new hiding place.

His new hiding place? A locked drawer in the sheriff’s office.

Well. here’s to wishing that this all important book never gets lost again! 🙂

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