OUAT – First Thoughts “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter”

Lots of Indiana Jones connections;
Graham and Emma searching for a “treasure” in the tomb, just like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (that really wasn’t the last… anyways).
Evil Queen says, “All I have to do is squeeze,” when she was clutching the Huntsman heart. Indiana Jones said the same thing to Elsa.
Evil Queen did a Mola Ram on The Huntsman.

Oh yeah, Regina Mills. Maybe is the Miller’s daughter from Rumpelstiltskin? Hmm?

Lost connections;
Wolf red and black eye. Locke’s eyes were white and black in Claire’s dream.
The reveals of the Fairy Tale lives are very Lost like. Just sayin’

Evil Queen and Rumpelstiltskin had black and red in their clothing choices alot.

Those stairs that Regina took must have been really long, because based on the tunnel from the collapsed Mine tunnel down to the forest floor (where Snow White’s casket was) was a looooong way down. I hope she brought some water.

We find another connecting point to the Fairy Tale world (How many more will we find?), although I was a bit upset that it was the same looking crypt in Storybrooke that connected to the same looking crypt in Fairy Tale land. I’m happy that the first was a random elevator shaft.

Jeff’s ramblings:

Lots of CG backgrounds and creatures used. Thanks George Lucas for the inspiration.

That’s it for now. Loved the episode. Stay tuned for the podcast.

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22 thoughts on “OUAT – First Thoughts “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter”

  1. DAVe

    How is Regina able to rationalize the heart collection? I would guess that the cat is out of the bag and she knows exactly what is going on or she just happened to stumble upon a magical heart collection in a hidden room under her father’s grave that must have some scientific reason but it’s too cool to ask any questions.

    P.S. you keep asking if I’m a spammer and I check that I am not. I am lying. I am a spammer. #winning.

  2. decarus

    I think Regina is completely nuts. I mean she is the evil queen. She is a pretty much a murdering psychopath who collects people’s hearts in little boxes under her father’s grave who she also murdered. There is nothing rational going on there i think. Though she is very high functioning meaning she is hiding it well and has been able to act fairly normal most of the time. Though Henry noticed which is why he went looking for Emma.

    1. Bob

      You know it is interesting that Henry noticed…how? Why is he able to “see through the curse”? And is it any coincidence that Graham was enlightened when he kissed Henry’s blood mother Emma? Do Emma and Henry have a power that they are not yet fully aware of? Will Henry actually end up breaking the curse?

      1. decarus

        Well Emma being the savior, it makes sense to me, that them kissing caused the Sheriff to remember. I think that Henry noticed that the evil queen is crazy because he lives wit her. Who knows what he’s seen over the years. He may even have noticed that she was having a relationship with the Sheriff.

  3. Bob

    Interesting that in the last two episodes, the producers have gone out of their way to demonstrate that the stakes are high – life and death – in both Fairlyland (James’ death) and Storybrooke (Graham).

    In most dramas with a bad guy (cop,sci fi, etc) the bad guy does something really bad at the beginning to 1)make the audience hate him (or her), 2)to have some anxiety when the hero battles him because he is now a demonstrably dangerous foe, and 3) to desire/enjoy the bad guy’s eventual demise. Consider that checked off! We now know Regina is to be feared as much as the Evil Queen.

  4. Bob

    On curse topics. I hope we have not seen the last of the wolf. I had a theory that Regina was aware of the curse (confirmed) but not able to manipulate magic within it (maybe wrong since heart-crushing is kinda magical), and that Rumple was aware of the curse and subtly nudging and manipulating it with magic like a surfer on a wave, but not in charge of the curse. I thought the wolf’s spirit was really in charge since he corralled Emma back to Storybrooke….but I think that less now. Still, the wolf is a compellingly mysterious character already to me and I hope his/her story is not over….

    1. Ashley

      Yep totally agree highly doubt we’ve seen the last of the Wolf. Or Graham and yes I mean Graham not just the huntsman. As to why,I think that is a)’any curse can be broken.'(I believe that includes spells or what ever Regina/E.Q. did to Graham’s heart.) B) Emma is holding Graham the same exact way Snow does Charming in the pilot.C) They ended it there for a reason. Cliffhanging much? and D) Even if we don’t see him right away we will somewhere, how or when. Because the writers love to bring characters back in interesting and/or mind twisting ways.

  5. David

    Ashley writes that the writers love to bring characters back in interesting and/or mind twisting ways.

    Maybe we’ll learn the sheriff has a twin brother. 😎

    Or, as Emma is in many ways a Christ figure,


    (just as Buffy, Harry Potter, and Aslan are Christ figures) maybe Emma will
    eventually learn about the Deeper Magic:

    “It means,” said Aslan, “that though the Witch knew the Deep Magic, there
    is a magic deeper still which she did not know. Her knowledge only goes
    back to the dawn of time. But if she could have looked a little further
    back, into the stillness and darkness before Time dawned, she would have
    read there a different incantation. She would have known that when a
    willing victim who had committed no treachery was killed in a traitor’s
    stead, the Table would crack and Death itself would start working backwards.”

    1. Ashley

      😀 maybe and YES that’s for quoting The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe David. The chronicles is one of my fave book series ever.

  6. decarus

    I really think the Sheriff has to be dead and not coming back. He can still be in the flashbacks in the fairy tale world, but otherwise i think he is just dead.

    Also i still don’t believe that the fairy tale world is under the real world. I don’t get that idea. I think that it is just that there are similar places in both of the worlds and i don’t think that the Evil Queen went down into that tunnel and went into the fairy tale world. I think that tunnel and the room of hearts is in the real world. I think when the curse happened that places transferred like the troll bridge or the heart room or the caves.

    I may be wrong about that, but as of now i don’t think that the Evil Queen can go back and forth between worlds. I just think that some places and some objects have been transferred to this world.

    1. obisgirl

      I just think that some places and some objects have been transferred to this world.

      I think that sounds right. We saw in “that still voice” the fairy tale land is very, VERY deep underneath the real world. It would make more sense that some objects were transferred to the real world. I mean, look at the stuff in Mr. Gold’s pawn shop.

  7. Bob

    If Lost is any guide or precedent here, then dead is dead. That is, characters cannot come back. We can see them in flashbacks, be possessed by a smoke monster, maybe even an alternate reality or two…but it was important to the producers of Lost that the audience believe the character is in real jeopardy when threatened, so they never brought a character back to life.

    I agree the tomb of hearts seemed to me to be more of the real world. Like it was part of her luggage that she took with her when she left Fairyland.

    1. decarus

      Yes, part of her baggage when the evil queen came to the real world. Sort of like Snows’ ring or Emma’s mobile.

      And i agree about dead being dead. When characters come back it takes away from the danger of a show and this episode really showed us the danger of the situation. I think dead needs to be dead. And honestly i am not so sad to see the Sheriff go. It means that Emma can try to become Sheriff now and really become part of the town. It also will give her more authority against the evil queen. There is a lot to like about him being gone.

  8. Bob

    Wait – how could nobody have mentioned Rumple “doin’ a bit o’ gardening” in the woods? With a shovel? Way out in the woods? And he walks with a cane?? Can’t wait to see what the heck he was up to!

      1. Bob

        That’s a great question! If Fairyland exists below the surface, and if the town is “criscrossed with old mining shafts” then maybe he was searching for – or making his own – connection to Fairyland

        1. Ashley

          Exactly! I was thinking the same thing. It’s either that or maybe he’s looking for something more specific. 0 0 *rewatches promo for tenth time*

  9. decarus

    It was almost funny to see Rumpel out in the woods. I mean i was like what in the world is he doing out there. And the Sheriff is so out of it that he didn’t even think it was strange and the Sheriff didn’t tell anyone he saw him out there either. Maybe we will get more next episode.

  10. Nerië

    The First time I saw Regina’s name I thought ‘ha, it’s funny’ cause regina means queen and I remembered the word Milo, which means apple in greek…I don’t know if the writers did it to confuse us with “Miller” or it is a name with both meanings…or just the “Miller” meaning…
    I noticed the Indiana Jones connection too…and I don’t know if it was just me, but the Queen’s castle looks like the superman’s fortress of solitude…
    and the first wolf is not the same on this episode, the one on Pilot has both eyes of the same color…maybe there are more wolves? And that heart vault on FTL is bigger than that in SB, If the Queen could take it with her, I think she took just the essential… IDK


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