OUAT – People leaving Storybrooke and effects (or not) on them

Okay, let’s go through who has left Storybrooke;

Mr. Gold left Storybrooke to go procure Henry for Regina. We still don’t know if anything bad happened to him because of that, yet.
Ruby to go “find romance” in and around Boston, but Granny’s heart attack (Hmm, I wonder if Regina had anything to do with it, or was it just the Dark curse causing it?) brought Ruby back to Storybrooke.
*Update* Henry left, too. He took the bus to visit Emma. (Maid Maleen reminded me. Thanks.) To our knowledge, nothing bad happened, just the opposite it appears.

Who has tried to leave;

Emma with Ava and Nicholas Zimmer. Her car just died. No crash, no going off the side of the road.

Ashley. The car (she borrowed from Ruby) went off the side of the road:

and she was missing from the car:

She left (or was removed) the car somehow and was down a sloped side of the road out of site from the road.

Then, we see Emma drive Ashley back into town to have her baby.

Katherine. She was driving her car out of Storybrooke to go to Boston, and went over the side of the road (this time):

I’m writing another blog post about the roads in and out of Storybrooke and specifics about the effects of leaving using those roads. Thanks for reading this and leaving your comment.

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8 thoughts on “OUAT – People leaving Storybrooke and effects (or not) on them

  1. Maid Maleen

    You forgot to mention that Henry left too On a BUS to go and get Emma. By the way has anyone ever seen a bus stop there in Storybrooke or a bus for that matter? Where the heck did Henry get that bus? I have wondered that for a long time.

  2. David

    We’ve seen the school bus (Storybrooke Elementary School).

    I think those who did not come from the Fairy Tale world are free to come to Storybrooke (eg. Emma, WAB, truckers delivering food and other supplies) and leave anytime they want.

    Perhaps most people couldn’t find the highway leading into Storybooke even if they wanted to, because it is “cloaked” by the EQ’s curse. But somehow the curse does not affect Mr. Gold, WAB, Henry, and truckers bringing food and other supplies in.

  3. David

    Whoops! Emma and Mr. Gold are the only two (so far) who were from the Fairy Tale world and yet can leave Storybrooke if they choose. eg. Gold travelled to Phoenix to get baby Henry for Regina.

  4. Liz Stein

    Wait the little girl that was in the cell Regina kidnapped is she still in it ? Again I was not able to see it. If someone has time could they please fill me in a sort story of the episode ? Thanks !

  5. Manny

    And, You forgot Emma ….by herself… Was not allowed to leave! and hit the Welcome to Storybrooke sign……(Pilot)

    And No! Emma has not left Storybrooke yet!….& has now FAILED twice! So until she does, I believe she can not!!

    So far, only Henry has proven he can….. Mr. Gold is just an assumption, but I have to imagine that he can come and go as he pleases, as he AND Regina are both immune from the Dark Curse and even though Gold now has an “associate” we would have to assume this associate is a fairytale character and is unable to leave anyway! Leaving Mr. Gold the only one to go and get Henry and bring him to Storybrooke….. IF he didn’t have him delivered!!

  6. Bryan chesson

    Henry is not of Fairy Tale Land and was not even born at the time of the curse.
    Emma (and probably Booth/Pinocchio) are of Fairy Tale Land but not affected by the curse.
    Rumplestiltskin was VERY POWERFUL retains his memories of FTL and clearly can resist the curse’s constraints.
    The FTL people are probably not physically constrained from leaving but have a very strong compulsion to stay,
    The FTL people’s interaction with real world people – deliveries, police, etc. – are probably sort of “dream like” and leave little impression on them.

    1. Manny

      Henry is tied to FairyTale Land through Emma, as he is half fairytale character/half human rendering him immune to the Curse through his human side. Emma escaped the Curse through the enchanted wardrobe and “wasn’t” effected by the Curse with false memories, But, is now trapped by the Curse in Storybrooke because she is a full blooded fairytale character who has now entered within the bounderies of the Dark Curse… Storybrooke.
      Rumple/Mr.Gold and EQ/Regina are obviously immune to the Curse because one created it and the other cast it…of course they would be immune…. However, I used to believe that the two of them could come & go at will, BUT!, Kitsis & Horowitz clarified at Paley that Henry is the only one that can leave Storybrooke. Suggesting, finally, that Mr.Gold had the three week old Henry sent to Storybrooke from a Phoenix jail where an 18 year old Emma was incarcerated in 2001. Three crashed vehicles and one stalled vehicle would suggest more than just a strong compulsion to stay, also suggesting that all four incidences occurring at the same location being more than just coincidence…. And untill Regina or Mr.Gold display any magical powers, apart from those belonging to the Dark Curse, IN Storybrooke, we would have to assume they don’t have any….. Squeezing a heart to dust while down in FairyTale Land doesn’t count for “IN Storybrooke”….. I don’t even think it counts for magic in FairyTale Land…. The Wrath of ANY woman is certainly capable of doing that…LOL!


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