OUAT – Heart Vault Comparisons

We saw the Heart vault in the Fairy Tale world:

but here is the Storybrooke version of it:

I thought is was the same one at first (like we saw a shaft connecting the two worlds in “That Still Small Voice”), but this looks like she transferred the hearts to a Storybrooke replica of the Heart Vault.

We will be talking about what we think this Heart Vault is all about in the next Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast.

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4 thoughts on “OUAT – Heart Vault Comparisons

  1. David

    The Evil Queen has room for 108 heart vaults 9 X 12 = 108!

    You need to look at two different screen caps to determine this.

    Plus at least 12 larger vaults [containing bodies?]



    in Storybrooke, you can read some of circles:


    G + L I V or maybe it’s G * L I V

    LIV would be 54 in Romans numerals



    XC = 90 in Roman numerals

  2. Hill

    I agree. I think she took the vault with her from Fairy Tale Land somehow. It’s not far enough down to still actually be in Fairy Tale Land. BTW, that’s like the creepiest thing ever, the heart vault. And I’m sooooo bummed that she is so completely evil and killed our Hottie Sheriff. I suppose they had to show just how evil she really is somehow, just too bad it was by destroying such a great character. I hope to see him more in flashbacks though…
    (And what about that reed whistle that the Huntsman made for Snow – will we see MMB use it sometime and if so, who will come to her aid? Maybe the red-eyed wolf?) So much to think about…

  3. decarus

    Thanks for the screencaps. Yeah the two vaults don’t look the same even though they are similar so they must be transferred. I don’t think the bottom of the mine is the fairy tale world either though. I think that has also just been transferred.


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