OUAT – Wolf comparison Screencaps and theories

So, here is the Wolf that blocked Emma from leaving Storybrooke:

and here are screencaps of the wolf in “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter”. This is from Sheriff Graham’s dream:

on the Storybrooke main street:

So, it appears that the two main wolves we have seen are two different wolves. Let’s say for the sake of conversation that the wolf in the Pilot episode is a real wolf (no matter what Mr. Gold said), but who (or what is the second wolf we (or Graham, actually) saw in Storybrooke? Let’s go strictly by color schemes in clothing. Suspect #1:

Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold

Suspect #2:

The Evil Queen/Regina

Suspect #3:

Red Riding Hood/Ruby

We’ll keep an eye on this, for sure. #rubywatch

Who else? What do you think? Who/What is the second wolf?

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2 thoughts on “OUAT – Wolf comparison Screencaps and theories

  1. David

    In episode 7, Henry told Graham: “You were raised by wolves. That’s why
    you keep seeing one. It’s your friend. Your guide. It’s trying to help

  2. David

    I think the wolf in episode 1 that Emma saw is the _same_ wolf that Graham
    saw. The wolf wanted Emma to stay in Storybrooke. The Evil Queen did not, so
    that would rule her out.

    Perhaps this wolf is part of the “Deeper Magic” that the Evil Queen knows
    nothing about (eg. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) and has the
    ability to materialize to whomever it wants. If so, the wolf could have
    always been a wolf in the Fairy Tale world, or a human who can take the
    form of a wolf.



    Coyote Blue by Christopher Moore is a contemporary comic novel about a
    Native American trickster who can shift between human and coyote forms.


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