OUAT – Help needed! Gathering the Troops for Season 2

As Season 2 nears, it’s time to put out the call for some help.

I need bloggers, writers (That could create blog posts), Social Media promotion and marketing gurus, video screenshot creators and analyzers, podcasters, interviewers (with audio or video recording equipment), photographers, photoshop gurus, OUAT researchers, OUAT Newsgatherers, OUAT Fan podcast segment producers, OUAT quiz and fun game compiler/creators, creative people, out of the box thinkers, WordPress gurus, Forum gurus, tech gurus that can help research issues with UStream, people that could cover events at Conventions, etc.

I’ve done what I could do to get here (and I’m grateful), but to get to the next level I need more people with different skills. Keep in mind, if you can’t do these things, but know OUAT who can, let me know.

There are many OUAT podcasts (and there will be more, including Adam and Eddie hosting one, too), so I am needing people that are committed to our podcast. I can train people, but I’m hoping that I can find people who are already doing these things and are willing to help us out.

I can’t pay you, but if you want to get your name out there, being involved with a #3 (As of today) OUAT audio podcast isn’t a bad way to get noticed. Just sayin’

Thanks in advance

4 thoughts on “OUAT – Help needed! Gathering the Troops for Season 2

  1. Mandy

    I can do social media things or research and I am a creative person. Also, I am totally committed to your podcast. You guys were the first and only OUAT podcast I have or will listen to. Sounds like it will be a fun and exciting season!

  2. Sarah

    I can help write blogs and stuff. Would love to help and am 100% with your podcast! 🙂 Also still doing lots of on-location photography!

  3. loveisfree42

    I can research! And write! And to be honest I can probably analyze a bag of pretzels (no really) but I have no idea how to video screenshot stuff though I could maybe find someone to help me with that. And I could totally compile quizzes and such 🙂

  4. Shannon

    Hi, I’m interested in volunteering. I sent you an email via the feedback email address with my information. I couldn’t find any other, so apologies if that wasn’t the best place to send it. Thanks!


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