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OUAT – Help needed! Gathering the Troops for Season 2

As Season 2 nears, it’s time to put out the call for some help.

I need bloggers, writers (That could create blog posts), Social Media promotion and marketing gurus, video screenshot creators and analyzers, podcasters, interviewers (with audio or video recording equipment), photographers, photoshop gurus, OUAT researchers, OUAT Newsgatherers, OUAT Fan podcast segment producers, OUAT quiz and fun game compiler/creators, creative people, out of the box thinkers, WordPress gurus, Forum gurus, tech gurus that can help research issues with UStream, people that could cover events at Conventions, etc.

I’ve done what I could do to get here (and I’m grateful), but to get to the next level I need more people with different skills. Keep in mind, if you can’t do these things, but know OUAT who can, let me know.

There are many OUAT podcasts (and there will be more, including Adam and Eddie hosting one, too), so I am needing people that are committed to our podcast. I can train people, but I’m hoping that I can find people who are already doing these things and are willing to help us out.

I can’t pay you, but if you want to get your name out there, being involved with a #3 (As of today) OUAT audio podcast isn’t a bad way to get noticed. Just sayin’

Thanks in advance

OUAT – Comic Con 2012 Info

The Convention that used to be more geeky is now less geeky, and more main street. Costumed enthusiasts that used to look like obscure Anime characters now look like Twilight, Dr. Who and yes, even Once Upon a Time characters. The little Con is now a BIG Con.

If you are lucky enough to attend (unfortunately, we are not (this year)), here is a great traveler’s guide to surviving it all.


If you cannot attend, there are a number of ways to stay informed;

On Twitter
– Hashtags –

– Handles –

On Facebook
Comic Con Facebook page

Flickr Page with Comic Con tag

San Diego Comic Con Flickr Page


Main Comic Con site

G4 TV’s site

Once Upon a Time at Comic Con

We spent some time discussing all the Once Upon a Time stars that would be attending Comic Con. If you only focus on the OUAT panel, you will miss others that are attending, BE SURE to listen to this episode of the Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast to not miss any OUAT cast that will be at Comic Con:


Here is a Google News search link for Once Upon a Time Comic Con 2012:


Keep checking as Comic Con progresses for all the info coming out of the event.

Note: We will have exclusives coming from Comic Con 2012, so also check out blog.onceuponatimepodcast.com

OUAT – We are New and Noteworthy on Itunes. Thanks.

I am speechless.

When I started creating audio and podcast in the mid 2000’s, I never thought I would reach this level. I have learned by watching others, listening to what worked for them and trying just about everything under the sun. I have started many podcasts that no one (or very few people) cared about would be very true, but the days leading up to starting this podcast was different. I slowly stepped back into the podcasting by posting Once Upon a Time blog posts, and when they begin to get traffic like a magnet, I waited to see how long the show would last. I said, “Okay if it makes it past 3, I will consider it”. It did, and then I asked the most important decision of my life – I asked my wife to co-host. She is my best friend, my wife and the best co-host anyone could have. She said yes and I furiously put together all the steps I had learned from Dave Jackson (http://schoolofpodcasting.com/), Cliff Ravenscraft (http://podcastanswerman.com/), and others along the way. Things just began to fall into place. We got our first email feedback, our first voicemail feedback, the likes began to grow on our FB fan page, the traffic to the website went through the roof and now this incredibly humbling achievement. This means alot to me. I want to say a few things;

Thank you, and
We are just getting started. We will do our best to bring you the best ONce Upon a Time Fan podcast and blog we can do, and
We appreciate each and every one of you. The listeners, subscribers, rate and reviewers, FB and Twitter friends, feedbackers, we can not do this without you all and any success we share with you all. Thanks so much again. We are so humbled and so excited to move forward with all of you.