OUAT – Moncton Street Reference Guide

To make it easier to talk about certain parts of Moncton Street in Steveston, I’ve broken it into parts, and here they are;

All points coming out from intersection of Moncton and Second Street. Businesses are listed as Steveston (Storybrooke). If ( ) is blank, no changes are made for OUAT filming.

Moncton Street 1A;
Nikkia Fishing Marine (Storybrooke Free Public Library)
Moncton Dental (Storybrooke Dental)
Steveston Coffee Co. (Storybrooke Coffee Co.)
alleyway – Lumber Paint and Hardware
Crafts ‘N More (Jolene’s Arts and Crafts)
Rod’s Building Supplies
Third Ave
Steveston Hotel

Moncton Street 1B;
Steveston Marine & Hardware (Storybrooke Hardware)
Sara’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream
Juvelisto Jewelry Boutique
Mr. Gold Pawnbroker
Dave’s Fish and Chips
Kisamos Greek Taverna
Steveston Fish Shoppe
Vacant Store
Gentlemen’s Chair Barber
Steveston Pizza
Third Ave

Moncton Street 2A;
Marine Garage
Moncton Cafe (New store that might be a spoiler at this point)
Vancant Store leased by OUAT Production Crew (Previously Worthington Haberdashery – Storybrooke Animal Shelter – Now 8/14 “Any Given Sundae”)
Cannery Cafe (Granny’s Cafe)
Pacific Net and Twine, Ltd (Atlantic Twine and Net)
Park – that was used as the front yard of Mary Margaret’s Apt. where she hung the birdhouse and David came to help her. Also this is where the Tinkerbell wind sculpture was from the Pilot.
Steveston Museum/Tourism (Storybrooke Post Office)
First Ave
Budget Appliance (Bravura Appliance)

Moncton Street 2B;
Pieces Gifts (Purbeck Shoes)
Splash Toy Store (Neighbor’s Five and Dime)
Nikaido Gifts (Standard Clocks)
Serenity Boutique (Modern Fashions)
Stairway to (Archie Hopper’s Office)
Romania Country Bread Note: Sign is now always –> (Storybrooke Country Bread)
Hats (Harmony Dental Studio (Formally Redden Nets))
Royal Bank of Canada
First Ave
George’s Taverna

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