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Twinterview Jane Espenson 020613

Twinterview = Twitter + Interview




Thanks so much to Jane for answering us. 🙂

033 FAM OUAT Part A (Main Show) OUAT News, Call-in from a Vancouver Native OUAT Fan, SW Comedy.

OUAT News, Call-in from a Vancouver Native OUAT Fan, SW Comedy

Thank you all who joined us, listened and chatted it up in our new Ustream chatroom! We appreciate all of you!

Supposed Extras on the Once Upon a Time Blu Ray

From the acclaimed writers of LOST, Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis, comes the complete first season of ABC-TV’s enchanting hit, “Once Upon A Time,’ to stunning high-definition Blu-rayTM and DVD on August 28, 2012. The year’s #1 co-viewed drama on broadcast television, “Once Upon A Time: The Complete First Season,” includes all 22 adventure-filled episodes of the first season and allows fans to delve deeper than ever before into the mystery and magic of the epic new series with immersive, never-before-seen bonus material that will continue to keep audiences of all ages spellbound — including conversations with the cast on their childhood memories of Snow White, deleted scenes, audio commentaries, an exploration of the genesis of this innovative and inspiring series and “The Fairest Bloopers of Them All.”
“Once Upon A Time” the Evil Queen cast an evil spell on an enchanted forest filled with fairytale characters. The curse trapped these characters in a place where all their happy endings were stolen – our world. Now the Evil Queen is acting as town mayor, and all of the inhabitants of the fairytale world of Storybrooke can’t seem to remember any details of their past lives. As the truth starts to unfold, the battle between good and evil begins.
The enchanted TV series features a stellar ensemble cast including Ginnifer Goodwin (“Big Love”;), Jennifer Morrison (“House M.D.”;), Lana Parrilla (“Medium”;), Josh Dallas (“Thor”;), Jared S. Gilmore (“Mad Men”;), Robert Carlyle (“28 Weeks Later” and Raphael Sbarge (“Dexter”;).
Once Upon A Time: The Complete First Season” exciting DVD bonus materials include:

 “FAIRY TALES IN THE MODERN WORLD” – this exciting feature allows viewers to explore the genesis story of “Once Upon A Time,” as they learn about the creative approach of adapting a world of fairy tales into the wholly original world of the show.
“BUILDING CHARACTER” – From start-to-finish, following the creation, conceptualization, casting, clothing and filming of the beloved character, Belle, played by Emilie de Ravin, from the ground up.
“WELCOME TO STORYBROOKE” – Ginnifer Goodwin takes audiences on a tour of Storybrooke, Maine, both the town on the show and its real inspiration – a small town outside Vancouver.
“THE STORY I REMEMBER… SNOW WHITE” – The show’s actors share their childhood memories of the beloved fairy tale Snow White, illustrated to original storybook graphics.
“THE FAIREST BLOOPERS OF THEM ALL” – often hilarious outtakes fans won’t want to miss.
DELETED SCENES – Nine Deleted Scenes
AUDIO COMMENTARIES – Five insightful episode commentaries including Co-Creator /Executive Producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz; writer Jane Epenson; and cast members including Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas, Robert Carlyle, Lana Parilla and Jennifer Morrison.
In addition to all DVD bonus features, the Blu-ray release also includes:
“ONCE UPON A TIME: ORIGINS” – Viewers enter into this interactive archive and uncover the rich and diverse historical origins of the world’s favorite fairy tale characters from “Once Upon A Time.” Josh Dallas guides fans to discover how each of these European based tales has evolved over centuries of retellings into the stories known and loved today.

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New Filming Location

Osoyoos Area
Very desert looking area. Agrabah, perhaps?
6 – 7 hour drive from Steveston


Capt. Hook has been cast as Colin O’Donoghue

O’Donoghue has appeared in Showtime’s The Tudors and was in last year’s horror film The Rite.

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Mystery man guest star cast

Michael Raymond-James from True Blood and Walking Dead

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It’ll be a bit of a OUAT a palooza at Dragon Con this year!

As of 8/8, these members of the OUAT cast and crew said to attend are;
Tony Amendola (Geppetto/Marco)
Lee Arenberg (Dreamy/Grumpy/Leroy)
Raphael Sbarge (Jiminy Cricket/Archie Hopper)
And writer/producer most awesome,
Jane Espenson


Amy Acker

Fans looking for answers about Person of Interest’s cliffhanger finale at the CBS drama’s Comic-Con panel did not squeeze much out of creator Jonathan Nolan and showrunner Greg Plageman — but the duo were confident about bringing back a recent guest.

“We had a great experience with Amy Acker and we have big plans for her,” said Nolan, when asked if she would be reappearing in the sophomore season.

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Gianocarlo Esposito

Giancarlo Esposito sounded much more upbeat then his”Breaking Bad” character, Gustavo “Gus” Fring, discussing his Emmy nomination on Thursday morning.
“I’m over the moon and definitely honored,” Esposito said from Wilmington, N.C., where he’s filming “Revolution,” a new NBC drama that will air this fall. “I screamed, I cried. This is the culmination of a long career in television and film, and I’m so glad to be in this incredible group of actors.”

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David Harbour, Richard Schiff and Jeremy Shamos to Join Al Pacino in Glengarry Glen Ross

Glengarry Glen Ross will begin previews at the Schoenfeld Theatre on October 16 and open on November 11, directed by Daniel Sullivan.

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Ginnifer Goodwin

Ginny’s Audition trick

While others like to socialise with the competition to help calm their nerves, Goodwin likes to put her earphones on and ignore everyone around her.

The Walk The Line star tells The Hollywood Reporter, “I’m terrified… I don’t want to affect anyone and… I don’t want anyone affecting me and so I seriously become a hermit inside myself. I don’t know who I’m sitting in rooms with.”

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“There will be a lot more butt kicking,” she told AccessHollywood.com of her character Snow/Mary Margaret, who along with the rest of the residents of Storybrooke, remembered their fairytale pasts in the Season 1 finale.”

“There will be fight training involved,” she added. “We will be going back [on Sunday], so this week we will be getting things underway.”

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Ginnifer Goodwin may be better known as Snow White in her ABC show “Once Upon a Time,” but she was rocking a seriously red look for press at San Diego Comic-Con this year. Perhaps it’s just a small indication of how Snow — aka Mary Margaret — will be adjusting how she “represents herself.”

Now that the curse has been broken in the television show’s Storybrooke hometown, fans will see a lot of growth from every character, as they learn their own magic abilities during Season 2. However, “Magic operates differently in this world, so we don’t necessarily know what the effects of using magic will be,” Goodwin said.

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Kristen Bauer Van Straten is making an Anti-Poaching Documentary

month, Kristin Bauer van Straten, better known as True Blood‘s Pam, will leave for Kenya, where she’ll spend four weeks filming a documentary about the effort to stop elephant ivory and rhino horn poaching — a cause dear to her South African husband’s family. His grandfather was a professor of physiology who helped treat, relocate, and save wildlife. Just as the experts need help to keep elephants and rhinos from going extinct, Bauer van Straten needs help to fund her film project.

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Kickstarter info


Jennifer Morrison

(Mulan) “She’s lovely,” Jennifer Morrison, who plays Emma Swann, told Access at Comic-Con of Jamie, who she’s worked with before in film. “I’ve heard the most amazing things about Sarah… Really just heard over and over again that she’s just extraordinary, so I’m really excited to meet her.”

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Amy Acker in Joss Whedon’s remake of Much Ado About Nothing

Amy Acker plays Beatrice


Ginnifer Goodwin’s Name Game

(Cover) – EN Movies – Ginnifer Goodwin was one of several stars to have a code name on the set of He’s Not That Into You.
The actress appeared in the 2009 rom-com which also featured Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Connolly. She admits that special measures had to be brought in on set to distinguish between them.
“We had to have a code for the three Jennifers on set, oh yes! I went by GG as these are my initials. Jennifer Aniston was Jen and Jennifer Connolly was Jennifer,” the actress explained to Australian radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O. “We have the same issue in Once Upon a Time too as we have Jennifer Morrison. I think I have a thing for J names!”
The 34-year-old actress managed to make the tough transition from movies into TV.
She has had success with her role in Once Upon a Time that is now filming a second season. Ginnifer says although many actors find it a hard decision to make, for her it was an easy one.
“No it wasn’t once I looked at the script. I hadn’t been planning to go back into TV. I read some movie scripts and I hated all of them to be honest,” Ginnifer admitted. “The state of the movie industry is that unless you’re in some major comic book movie you’re kind of screwed. Then I read through some TV script pilots and I realised that that’s where all the great script writers have gone, they have gone into TV.”

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Friends of the Magic 2012 meetup

We hosted the Snow White Scary Adventure ride and Super Quiz, gave away prizes and

Our new Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast buttons!

We met new friends and said hello to old friends, too.

We want to thank Paul and Tarrie Barrie for helping cross the threshhold of Meetup newbies to one down.

We met and spoke to Margaret Kerry (Tinkerbelletalks.com) and Bob Gurr.

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OUAT – Storybrooke Animal Shelter previous tenant questions

So, we know that the Storybrooke Animal Shelter has been the focus of lots of activity in Season 1, but it was something very different in the show previously:


We chronicled the shop change on our Storybrooke/Steveston shop list: http://www.onceuponatimepodcast.com/ouat-moncton-streetstorybrooke-store-list/

I thought the Haberdashery was where we would be introduced to The Mad Hatter there initially, but it seems the story changed (via the shop change) through the filming of the series. I wonder where the story was going before the introduction of the Animal Shelter? Any hints, @janeespenson ? 🙂

OUAT – Top 10 Reasons that ABC’s Once Upon a Time works

The little fairy tale drama that could. Early on, there were so many that felt it would never make it past Season 1, but it did, and here are some of the reasons it worked;

1. It’s like Lost, but different. There are the Lost lovers (like me) that see the old friend of the strange place that people can’t leave and/or stay gone for too long. The flashbacks, the mythology, etc. There are Lost not-lovers, too, and this show is different enough that they don’t noticed the obvious shout outs to Lost.

2. Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis learned alot from working on Lost. It is one think to create a TV show, but it’s another to create a TV show that can have a huge story arc, but also change it up completely along the way (Lost did that Season to Season with new locations and people the survivors came in contact with, flashsideways, falshforwards, falshallarounds (j/k), etc). As we have heard from Regina, “Magic is unpredictable in this world,” and that’s all we need to take this rollercoaster ride to new places in new ways. To further prove it, Jane Espenson told us, “We’re picking up right where we left off, but where we left off was in the middle of a veer in a different direction. Season 2 will be different than season 1 (Source: http://www.hypable.com/2012/06/05/once-upon-a-time-producer-jane-espenson-talks-season-2-time-jump-the-little-mermaid/“)”. We are in for quite a ride, I’m sure.

3. Creators drawing more creatives. On their own, Adam and Eddie know their way around a great story, but they wanted to share the fun and brought in an Avengers-like super group of writers (and some assist in other roles in the production, too) to destroy boring, Reality TV. As we already know, Jane Espenson has the Midas touch with stories, but Andrew Chambliss (Writer for Dollhouse, Vampire Diaries and Heroes), David Goodman (Writer for The Event, Fringe, Angel), Ian B. Goldberg (Writer for Flash Forward and Sarah Conner Chronicles) and others make up the merry band of wordsmiths. We can continue with the costume genius of Eduard Castro, the knitting together of the emotional musical soul by Mark Isham’s brilliant score, Laura Jones (and others) spot on Visual Effects, and on and on. As you look through these creative magicians body of work, it’s not wonder that OUAT is amazing.

If you don’t own Mark Isham’s fantastic soundtrack, yet, use our Affiliate link to order it now:

4. Amazing actors. No one player wins a game, and no one actor makes a show great. Every actor has a place in the tapestry of the unfolding story. One of many draws is the allurement of actors drawing fans in from other projects (Lost, Big Love, Stargate Universe, etc, etc) to see what their favorite star is doing now and stay along for the ride. I could go on and on about the stellar cast, but I do want to point one thing out that Lost taught us. If a character is a ‘throw-away,’ character (They just cry all the time, she just whines all the time, etc), just wait til the next twist and you will be surprised at what they become.

5. We need this right now. With the financial crisis that has pulled all connecting countries down for a heart-breaking tailspin, we need to be reminded that hope, dreams and wishes are still alive. We are so far from Walt Disney’s simpler time when “Cinderella” came out that we needed a reminder that the magic and belief isn’t gone or out of style. A changed life isn’t just for a sister held back from the ball, hope and wishes still come true. In a way, OUAT has magically parted the jadedness of 2012 and reminded us that there is more to life than what the news tells us. We needed this reminder, now. I think that’s one of the main reasons this show works.

If haven’t already ordered the OUAT Season 1 Blu Ray set, use our Affiliate link now:

We also have our Affiliate link for OUAT Season 1 DVDs:

6. Fairy Tales and the mirror of the Human Journey. Just as I said earlier, the Lost portions that show through in Once Upon a Time, there is more to it. Fairy Tales, myths and other stories in our society are mirrors we look into to see the power and consequence of choices, derive inspiration from and more. The more we step back from stories, we see themes and motifs that people like Joseph Campbell (and others) point out and there are emotional chord that strike as we watch (or hear) them. Emma’s Call to Adventure, The Refusal, Supernatural Aid (Mentors like Henry and August), etc. Even if you don’t want to look that deep, there are plenty of moments that you say, “That’s me,” or react emotionally to a certain situation (The not-so fairy tale romance of David and Marry Margaret in Storybrooke). There are plenty of levels in Once Upon a Time to engage the watcher, and it engages me.

7. Return to communal fandom. I haven’t seen this Lost-like, watch and discuss, pour over screenshots, etc since Lost (Maybe Fringe). Lost changed things, and Once Upon a Time is the heir apparent to the Lost-ish fandom throne, imho.

8. The Open ended-ness of the story. We have discuss that the OUAT is an “out of the box” story, but the cast and characters can grow larger, or we can focus on characters already introduced. I’m keeping a close eye on what Jefferson’ hat will bring. Very interesting characters coming in and out of the magical hat doors. Can’t wait.

9. Good and Evil. As good as the do-gooders are, there are the do-badders, too. What is refreshing is the more we take the OUAT journey, we see that a “bad” character does have good in them (and vice versa). People (like good characters) are 3 dimensional. The struggle of good overtaking bad, and bad overtaking good is a primal struggle that we connect with.

10. Social Media is magical again. Whether you are a blogger, podcaster, Tumblr person, Twitter junky, etc, Social Media is a part of OUAT like Henry’s book. We are so lucky and fortunate this show came along at this time when we can Tweet questions and “Atta boy (or girl)” to our favorite cast members, and sometimes that tweet back. Live podcasts and blogs give fans more opportunities to gather together to discuss and build clost #Oncer relationships. As magical as the show is, the magic does spread out to RSS feeds, Twitter timelines, and more.

What do you think?

I love this show, alot. So much, that my wife and I host the Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast at http://onceuponatimepodcast.com join the family on Oncers with us, won’t you (Yes, even during the hiatus)?

OUAT – Rumpelstiltskin and his interesting Axe and Crossbow.

As we learned from Rumpel himself, he has a large estate, and if you notice in his large sitting/dining/gold spinning room he has a very interesting axe and crossbow on one of his “pedestals”:

We know the amazing Jane Espenson has penned many scripts for many shows I could fanboy faint about, but one show in particular she wrote for included the Scythe/Axe and Crossbow that were used by a famous Vampire Slayer (Confirmed by a number of listeners who emailed the podcast).

I’m thinking the implements of Vampire destruction were included as a tip of the hat to one of Jane’s awesome accomplishments.