OUAT – Rumpelstiltskin’s mysterious lantern

So, we saw this one interesting looking lantern hanging on the pier that Snow White went to go visit Rumpelstiltskin:

Now, where have we seen that lantern before? Oh, right. In Desperate Souls:

Now, I’m almost certain I’ve seen the lantern in Mr. Gold’s shop somewhere, but my darn work schedule won’t allow me to pour over every episode, so my certain will go unverified – for now.

One thought on “OUAT – Rumpelstiltskin’s mysterious lantern

  1. David

    There’s a continuity error in Desperate Souls…..Rumple’s boy is holding the lantern in his left hand, quick cut to Rumple on ground, then quick cut back to boy, and now he’s holding the lantern in his right hand!


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