OUAT – Proof that Rumpelstiltskin can appear out of thin air.

What his trick very closely. No Rumpel in the boat.

Still no Rumpel in the boat.

Then, *poof* Rumpel is in the boat!

8 thoughts on “OUAT – Proof that Rumpelstiltskin can appear out of thin air.

  1. Maid Maleen

    the second time I watched the episode I realized that he appeared out of no where. Thanks for posting the photos.

  2. Manny

    I think as long as he was in FairyTale Land he could do what ever he wanted and everytime he appeared…. wasn’t it out of thin air?…just like this time??
    Out of thin air he appears and “blows” the Fairy God mother away..
    Out of thin air he appears behind King George inside his castle…
    Out of thin air he appears on the porch, behind James #2’s mother at the farm..
    Out of thin air he appears behind and kills one of Hordor’s men trying to take his son… I’m led to believe that while in Fairytale Land, he can do as the Dark One did, because he was NOW… the Dark One.

    I think we’re missing….. that the boat used was owned by Snow White, and is now hanging from Mr.Gold’s ceiling…. Rumple has already shown an interest in it’s “Exquisite Craftsmanship”….. and Snow has already drank the “magic potion”
    Is this what Dwarfs traded Rumple to get Snow’s memory back??? And if not… well, we can assume that Snow makes at least one more deal with Rumple for the boat……. just sayin 😉

  3. Manny

    And that’s IF Snow didn’t borrow the boat from “Red”…. Snow did say it wasn’t for sale…. and she was there to make a deal? And if it was her boat, why would she not want to trade it? Maybe Snow can’t swim? 😉 …. Remember she was being tortured, tormented and anguished by “LOVE”…. and I just wish I could get him out!… of…… my…..miiiiiiiind!…….. but, no!…. you can’t have my boat! LOL! Logic would assume!…. “it’s not her boat”…. So who does the boat belong to…”?” And what did they trade it to Rumple for?? I say it still got traded for the return of Snow’s memory……… And this is how insane my thinking works…. all day long!

  4. David

    The second screencap (above) reminds me of a scene in a movie, book, or something. Lamplight? Narnia?

    Don’t Pay the Ferryman– song by Chris De Burgh

    “Whatever you do
    Don’t pay the ferryman
    Don’t even fix a price
    Don’t pay the ferryman
    Until he gets you to the other side”

    1. Manny

      Actually, it does matter…… and raises another question as well!
      If Rumple only had the ability to cloak himself, then he would have to do all of his traveling on foot….cloaked! And to get to all the places this busy little guy had to get to, in the time he had to get to them…..FAST!…… he would have to run – sprint! even! lol! cloaked!! LOL! (all you would see is little footprints and wisk of dust zoom passed) LOL! “There goes Rumple!,Go Rump, GO!” Maybe that’s why he limps? After all that running, Ol’ Rump had to get a Hip Replacement!? Ha!
      But!,…….. If Rumple’ could time travel and just appear out of thin air like the Dark One did…..Then that would make his job possible and a lot easier, right?…………………… So, with that said…… Why did the Dark One ride a horse!……”?” lol! 8^}P


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