OUAT – So, Mary and David are texting, now? Who else might be?

In the recent OUAT episode we see Mary hold up a cellphone:

She mentioned to David that she got his text, so David has a cellphone and it using it to text. I wonder when Henry will get his own phone? So, we see tech advances are moving forward much faster now in Storybrooke. We see a payphone in Granny’s, but we jump over the glory of the pager straight to cellphones that have texting capabilities.

Things are changing in Storybrooke.

6 thoughts on “OUAT – So, Mary and David are texting, now? Who else might be?

  1. obisgirl

    the model of the cellphone is very old though, it almost looks like my first cellphone. not quite as advanced, or aesthetically pretty to look at compared to the phones we have today.

  2. Manny

    WOW!, All of a sudden David and MM are texting each other??… Now that time has restarted in Storybrooke, we seem to be moving at “Lightspeed”……. So!, I guess we just skipped right over that whole “Beeper – Pager” era?….. Then the annoying Nextel Direct Connect / “Can You Hear Me Now?” era?. We’re really movin’ people!! lol…. next is a 50″ flat screen and free “WiFi” at Granny’s Internet Cafe!! LOL!

  3. Ashley

    Oh I know there’s a ‘cracks’ in the curse and things are seeping though both from the real world and well let’s hope memories and other things from the fairy tale one start showing up as well. 😀 well besides catchphases. XD

      1. Ashley

        the best show. even though I have bones to pick about certain things. Things are starting to slowly get better, even though there’s major and small set backs. Regina can’t keep everything in check and one by one the spinning plates are gonna come crashing down on her head..or the other shoe that we’re waiting to drop. *crosses fingers* It’s comeing I know it is.


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