Why is the mysterious stranger interested in Henry’s book?

From the OUAT Fan Podcast Deputy Desk:

In the previous episode, we found out that the mysterious stranger was a writer. He revealed that his mystery box contained a typewriter and he came to Storybrooke for inspiration.

In this episode, we find out that he has Henry’s book. What does he want to do with the book? Did he write the book? Will Henry ever get his book back?

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13 thoughts on “Why is the mysterious stranger interested in Henry’s book?

  1. Kaulana

    I think that he’s a Grimm brother, and since Emma’s arrival is changing the original storyline, he’s in town to rewrite the end of the book. I hope he returns it to Henry when he’s done =)

    1. Ken

      I was thinking the same thing. Sort of a followup to the Grimm brothers’ role in the fantasy mini-series ‘The 10th Kingdom’, where they weren’t making up fairy tales but writing a book of history from the fairy realms.

  2. Raeann

    For now I agree with something Jeff said on the podcast. I think The Stranger (whose true name can be found in the cast listing for Skin Deep, but I won’t spoil πŸ˜‰ ) will somehow end up “saving” Emma. Since he’s a writer, my theory is that he will somehow write the ending of the book. Maybe write how the curse will be broken by Emma (or otherwise). Or perhaps rewrite something entirely. Of course that only has bearing if the book is the “narrator.”

  3. David

    This reminds me a little of the song “The Strange Case of Frank Cash and the Morning Paper” by T-Bone Burnett, from his 1987 album, The Talking Animals.

    T-Bone Burnett tells the story of Frank, and near the end of the song Frank Cash says:

    “Your honour and ladies and gentlemen of the jury. All this has been happening to me because of this guy named T-Bone Burnett. He’s been making all this up and I just want to say I don’t believe in him. In fact I don’t even think he exists and not only that BUT THIS SONG IS OVER.”


  4. Liz Stein

    Does any one know yet what charater Emma is suppose to be in the Middle Ages ? I like Emma she is my favorite. I like it how they put it into the time now and back then. Keep up with the show guys !

    1. Tyler

      Not going to lie, Emma has already been seen in Fairy Tale World, as a baby, and thats all she will have until she breaks the curse, and I think at that point she will just continue as herself…. Further, we won’t see Henry in Fairy Tale world until the spell is broken because he was born at least 18 years after the spell was cast

  5. Liz Stein

    I don’t know maybe the write is suppose to die. and if he writes the end he will live. i remember when Henry and Emma were out by Emma’s police car and he came by. Emma asked Henry I thought no body comes into the story anymore or something like that. and Henry said that they don’t. That part kind of confuessed me. Sometimes I do not understand the show could some please explain what is exxcatly happening ? Also I missed a few episodes. Thank you !

  6. Manny

    If the Stranger is an author or a narrator or one of the Grimms, and he’s here to write anything…… I have to assume he’s here to write what has happened in Storybrooke so far, and beyond. “Once Upon A Time” vol. II., As he cannot rewrite history….. and Henry’s Book is not only already written, but, all in that book has already taken place!…… up to the point of the baby Emma being placed into the Enchanted Wardrobe (remember the last pages). Then the Dark Curse hits…. All in FairyTale Land crossover, ending FairyTale Land’s existance and creating Storybrooke. Remember, the Evil Queen’s idea is to leave (w/everybody) FairyTale Land because she is no longer in control, as Snow & Prince Charming are now King and Queen of not only King George’s kingdom, but, obviously now of hers(EQ’s kingdom – which was Snow’s anyway!) as per Snow’s statement “She’s not a Queen anymore!,…. She’s nothing more than an Evil Witch!” then PC;” No, no, no. Don’t stoop to her level. There’s no need. You’re wasting your time. You’ve already lost!”. The EQ has lost it all! and the Dark Curse will enable her to create her own kingdom where she is in control and everybodies unhappiness IS her “happiness”….. as long as time never restarts!….. She’s been living her dream for the last 28years of our time!…..Until Emma arrived. If the Stranger is here to author or narrate, it has to be from the time of the “crossover” (last week of September or first week of October 1983) and beyond, as everything up til now, in Storybrooke, is new and yet to be documented……… and that’s IF………. he’s a narrator, author or one of the Grimms. All we know is that he’s a writer……

  7. Raeann

    Manny – I totally agree. I like the idea of him writing what has happened so far, but what he actually knows or what he perceives to have happened will be interesting to see as well. He’s definitely going to be of serious interest to Sheriff Emma and I can’t wait to see how the writers of the show develop that relationship (not in the ‘shipping sense, just fyi).

    Also, as a side note, I mentioned earlier that Stranger’s true name was in the cast listing for Skin Deep, but it is actually in What Happened to Frederick? for those interested πŸ™‚

  8. Manny

    And!……….LOL! If he wrote Henry’s book, what would he need it for?, He wrote it, he knows what it says… from beginning to end!
    Which still leads me to believe that Mr Gold wrote the Book and that this Stranger needs it for reference in order to write the sequel. And if this is true… well, he’s going to have to talk to Henry about the last three missing pages and we know if he talks to Henry, Henry’s not giving up anything until he knows who this Stranger is! and why he’s there…….and that’s for sure!!

  9. Manny

    Here’s a thought…

    One of three people found Henry’s Book at the playground. Regina, Mr.Gold or the Stranger.
    Regina met Mr.Gold that night for an exchange of “something”. We’re being told it was a realestate deal between her and Gold, but, we never really saw them together!….. IF, Regina found the Book, or if it was brought to her attention from one of the construction guys who may have unearthed it, Why would she trade it or sell it to Mr.Gold? Remember, She’s read that entire Book, well, all short of the last three pages. She has to know that Mr.Gold wrote it! He’s the only other FairyTale Character still aware of ALL that took place in FairyTale Land. Did she make a deal for the last three pages? or at least the information written on those pages?? and did Mr.Gold pay Regina for it’s return because he knows why the Stranger is here and that at some point the Stranger would need that Book for reference?……..”OR”
    Mr.Gold dug it up and gave it to the Stranger…. and the realestate deal was real.
    …………………….”OR” lol!
    The Stranger followed Henry around waiting for a chance to get at the Book!?and watched him burry it under the castle? Yeah, Why WAS he in front of Regina’s home? And he knew that Henry had misplaced it because he caught Henry at Granny’s trying to rewrite it on napkins…..hmm!

    I’ll take door number #3, Monty!

  10. Chris

    Could ‘The Stranger’ be Henry from the future? If so, then he knew where the book was hidden. If so, it explains his ability to enter Storybrooke.


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