OUAT – Songs used in Once Upon a Time

Besides Mark Isham’s fantastic Once Upon a Time score:

some other songs have been used in the show, like;

During Emma’s Bail Bond “chase” in the OUAT Pilot we hear The Black Keys “Howling For You”

Howlin’ For You by The Black Keys on Grooveshark

During Storybrooke’s awakening sequence at the beginning of “The Thing You Love The Most,” we hear Cat Steven’s “Don’t Be Shy”

Don’t Be Shy by Cat Stevens on Grooveshark

During Mary Margaret’s blind date with Dr. Whale in “Snow Falls” we hear “Red River Valley” a Country and Western classic that has been recorded a gazillion times (It is also played as ambient music in Disney Frontierland areas, and it was in (one of my all time fav Western movies) Tombstone)). I couldn’t find the exact version used in the episode, so I just picked one.

Red River Valley by Wilf Carter/Slim Whitman on Grooveshark

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4 thoughts on “OUAT – Songs used in Once Upon a Time

  1. obisgirl

    To be honest, I prefer to listen to the music created specifically for the show, like Isham’s score. I really, really, truly hope all of the music Isham creates for Once gets put onto a CD at some point. because it really is, beautiful stuff. I also hope each character gets his/her own score or track, like what Wendy & Lisa did for Heroes.

    1. admin Post author

      There are some cuts from the “Once Upon a Time” Orchestra on Itunes, but the aren’t the Mark Isham version. They are close, but not exactly the same. Around Thanksgiving, Mark Isham was releasing a free OUAT Suite mp3, but I haven’t seen the full soundtrack on sale as yet.

  2. Manny

    Hey Jeff
    Very cool idea with the music…. I hope you continue to sample ABC’s choice of music they use on the show. The Cat Steven’s track sent me to YouTube for a search ’cause I hadn’t heard that in quite some time…… thanks!


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