FAM 003 OUAT Granny, Rumpel, Lucifer, Ben and more

We discuss;
Is Ruth (James’ Mom in FTL), Granny in Storybrooke? Listen to the theory sent in via email. Including a very strong connection to where Emma’s blanket came from.
The importance of Granny to the scope of the story.
The fun of theory following.
Regina Mills and the Evil Queen and the connection to Ruth and Rumpelstiltskin.
Gareth from http://onceuponatimefans.co.uk discusses his theory about Rumpelstiltskin and a connection to Lost’s Sawyer’s “Long Con”.
A great resource for Lost names, info, etc is Lostpedia. NOTE: I mis-spoke and connected The Man from Talahassee to Sawyer. My bad. Although, during a poker game Sawyer tells Jack that he’d been to Tallahassee (Ep: 2×17, Lockdown), but Locke’s father turned out to be “The Man from Talahassee,” not Sawyer. Sorry about that.

For instance, here is the page about the Lost episode “The Man from Talahasee” and Sawyer’s “Long Con”:
Rumpelstiltskin theory (Based on what we know and just the clip at the end of The Heart is a Lonely Hunter) about how he learned about the price you must pay by wanting magical power (Maybe to bring his son back to life?). Is Rumpelstiltskin a bit like Lucifer? or like Ben Linus from Lost?

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3 thoughts on “FAM 003 OUAT Granny, Rumpel, Lucifer, Ben and more

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  2. decarus

    Sawyer’s father killed his mother, not his step father. Sawyer’s father was a good man, but they were conned by Locke’s father, the original Sawyer, and lost all their money and so his father went crazy when he found out what had happened and shot his wife, Sawyer’s mother, and then shot himself.

    Also the island in LOST was not purgatory. It was real. They went well out of their way in the last episode to make it clear that the island was a real place and that their experiences on the island were real. And some people died on the island and some died long after, but that they were real defining moments in their lives. It is only the flash sideways in the last season that was a purgatory like place and even then it was not purgatory exactly but a place where they could find each other.

    1. admin Post author

      I was way off on the whole Sawyer/Man from Talahassee thing. :shrug: Live and learn. 🙂

      “Also the island in LOST was not purgatory. It was real.” Well, okay, but to me what I see happening on the island, was these characters that had things they needed to get beyond, work our, resolve, etc, and the island gave them an opportunity to do that. My comment about the island being purgatory was more in a thematic way. Yes, there was a real island, but the activities going on with the people was purgatorial (is that a word?) in nature. That’s what I meant.


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